“All troops forward! Help the heir!”

Ian had no intention of having a fair fight with the Bone Dragon He was willing to bring in as many allies as possible, especially if his opponent was nothing but a skeleton but able to control several hundred monsters.


Ian’s violent attack was not something the dragon had expected. That’s how much power an infinite amount of mana had. Not even Fran Page had that kind of power.

(You little….!)

The Bone Dragon’s anger elevated. It had thought Ian could be destroyed if it had tried. The Dragon couldn’t believe it hadn’t been able to avoid a conflict with Ian.

(Atar Haka) The Bone Dragon’s pride wouldn’t allow itself to lose. Hundreds of balls of fire blossomed around the Bone Dragon. It was a type of power using language that Atar Haka was also capable of using.

(I will destroy you completely!)

All the balls of fire were aimed at one direction. There was only one target, and that was Ian Page. Even Ian wouldn’t be able to summon a shield that could withstand these flames.

“Ice Block”

Ian still chose this as his shield. However, it was different from the original protection spell. This didn’t passively protect Ian until his magic ran out. Instead, there were a lot more ice shields than flames floating in the air. That was not all.

(What the…)

The hundreds of flames disappeared in a puff. It hadn’t even been able to spread from where they were formed. The Bone Dragon was at a loss for words.


Now was his chance. Ian didn’t have time to rest. In a split second, he transported to the back bone of the Dragon. It was a spell of conversion that he had been preparing for a long time, and that was to breathe in the magic.

“Erase Magic.”

Ian had realized something while he had been fighting the dragon, and it was that they had a thick layer of skin no matter their class. It simply meant their bones and skin had a resistant force.


Dark purple mana formed and spread all over the dragon’s body, It was the moment the Bone Dragon’s resistant force was losing its powers.


“I made this spell especially for you.”

Erase Magic was a spell of the 8th Class and used for breaking down resistance forces of one’s opponent. How was Ian able to use this spell, you may ask? It was simple. It was a new spell, nice and fresh. Simply put, it was a way to get rid of the dragon’s bloodline a little more efficiently.

“It won’t last long though.”

While the Dragon was under shock, the enormous amount of ice created from the seawater tied up the Bone Dragon. The ice had frozen to the Dragon, but it wouldn’t last long under the Bone Dragon’s strength.

“It’s enough.”

Erase Magic lasted for about 10 seconds. Ian was planning on ending this within that time frame.

“Extinction Undead.”

It was magic that had progressed from the ‘Turn Undead spell’

A bright, clear light of grey surrounded the entire body of the dragon. Normally, this spell wouldn’t have worked, but this time, things were different.


A scream escaped the dragon’s mouth, a clear sign of pain.

(What… What are you.. what have you done?!)

The dragon wasn’t asking because it was curious. This was simply a last cry. It couldn’t admit that it had lost to the magic of some petty human. This human wasn’t even the First Magician. He wasn’t even capable of using the Language Force Spell properly. Or at least, that’s what the dragon had thought.

“I told you,” Ian whispered “I’m not dying today.”

(You… You braaat….!)

But that was the end. The dragon’s enormous body formed of bone exploded into pieces in every direction. The bone pieces fell into the ocean and on the island like hail.

“Whew..” Ian let out a sigh as he watched and calmed himself.

“Huh?” Then, a strange object grabbed the attention of Ian and the artisans on the island. It looked like a core, even a ‘heart’ that had fallen out from inside the dragon.


The object fell to the island. It was a bigger and sturdier object than they thought. Even though it had fallen from quite high up in the air, it hadn’t made a scratch where it had fallen. It was quite different from human intestines.


The artisans gathered around the spot the object had fallen. They hadn’t hid, nor gone into hiding in the first place and had been observing the whole fight. They didn’t have fear of death anyways, so they would have been happy to have died from the fight in any way.

“This… This can’t be.”

The one who showed most interest was the jeweler Dennis, who was cynical about everything and always kept quiet, but for some reason, his voice was shaking.


It was a heart that was different from other creatures’. It was a magic stone with magical powers of its own, perfect in every way with infinite potential as an Artifact ingredient.

“…a heart?”

The Dragon Heart. And so it was – the heart of the dragon, right in the middle of the island.



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