1. Rebuilding and Strengthening the City (1)


“Here. Take this.”

There was not one, but two masterpieces that Shiram had left behind. The first one was a staff, so it didn’t seem to be something one could simply put on, like a robe or pair of earrings. It looked similar to the object Shiram had used to examine the dragon’s heart.

“Is that what you were using before…?”

“Oh. This is different. The first one had a ray of penetrating light that help see through.” Shiram said. He then took out the cylinder he had used before, activating the mouthpiece of the cylinder shaped object and the light directly shone on Ian’s body. They could see clearly through his flesh to his bones and intestines. It was literally a ‘penetrating’, see through light, just as he said.

“Of course, you could use this too.” Shiram said, gesturing to Ian.

For Ian, it wasn’t a tool or skill he needed. First of all, the see through abilities were common, and mages had their own see through abilities.

“Instead, this might be more interesting.”

A stream of blue light shot out from the cylinder straight at Ian again. Another strange view occurred, and even Ian seemed stunned.

“This is called the dwarf light.”

The name was quite fitting, as Ian shrank in size. Not just halfway, but Ian’s height now reached a grown man’s ankle, and he was the size of a fist.

“What the…”

As for Ian, it seemed as if the whole world had turned bigger. Of course, he soon realized what was going on. It was he himself who had become smaller.

“If you shine the white light with the crystal ball on the other end…”

Even with magic, there was no such thing as a shrinking spell. Of course, it wouldn’t be impossible for Ian to come up with a spell. It would just take a lot of his time and energy.

“…he grows back to normal.” The crystal ball on the other side shone on Ian, and he grew back to normal size, no less and no more than before. He was perfectly ‘back to normal’.

“It really is an interesting object like you said.” Ian murmured, and nodded before adding, “Although I have no idea where I would use it.”

“That depends on your imagination. As for myself, I was able to work on details in my projects. You wouldn’t need this for such reasons but I want you to consider. I can guarantee you there are no side effects to using this.”

It depended on one’s imagination. Ian fell deeply in thought. Then, he thought of an idea.

‘Hold on.’

He had to clarify something.

“So… here’s the next object…” Shiram was saying.

“Can I try using it now?” Ian asked.

“Huh?” Shiram answered, then nodded.

“I’m talking about the dwarf light.”

Shiram then nodded at Ian’s request.

‘Do I simply need to inject mana in?”

“It can be used like that, yes.”

It was a cylinder with two crystal balls on each end. Ian took the object in his hands. He looked at the artisans.

“Will you help me?”

“What are you trying to do?”

“I need to experiment with something.”

What was he trying to experiment? The artisans were hesitant. Just then, Cleven stepped up, excited.

“I’ll help you!” he exclaimed.

“What would you like me to do?” Cleven asked.

“Simple. First of all..”

Ian activated the Dwarf Light, aiming it at Cleven, whose memories were not perfectly intact. His body, which was already small in size, shrank to the size of a small mouse. His naïve, young looks added on to his small size, making him look quite cute. The new look was natural on him as well.

“Would you mind stepping in here for a moment?” Ian asked, motioning towards the mouth part of his pouch. Ian was asking him to get inside the pouch.

“No, not at all! I will!”

Cleven approached the pouch without the slightest bit of suspicion. In exact words, he was carried over on Ian’s hand.

“Whoa…!” Cleven exclaimed, peering inside the pouch. A spectacular sight awaited him, different from the world they were in now, and he saw a night sky full of stars. It was a view that couldn’t be described with words.

“Here I go!”

Cleven jumped off Ian’s hand, and his small body was sucked into Ian’s four-dimensional pouch. Ian then tied his pouch and tied it to his side before moving in different directions. He moved short distances using teleportation and the Blink Spell, as well as flying up and landing back on the ground.

“This should be enough…”

Some time had passed, and Ian took out his pouch again. He opened up his pouch and reached inside, as if he was taking something out.

“Sir Cleven, please climb on my hand if you can.” He murmured quietly into the pouch. He didn’t have to reach around in search of Cleven.

“I will get you out of there now.” Ian said, feeling something climb up on his hand. He pulled his hand out of the pouch and there was Cleven.

“How was it?”

“It was amazing!” Cleven responded excitedly. It seemed he had quite an interesting experience.

“Well, first of all,” he continued, “I was floating around, and there were other things in there too. They were too far away for me to see though. I could breathe in there just fine, too. Oh, and I could hear you just fine, Master Ian. I could see your hand, too.” Cleven testified, nonstop. It seemed the rules of physics worked differently inside Ian’s pouch. Ian had his guesses, but now, he was certain.

‘I can put anything in here now.’ Ian thought.

There was one problem, though. It was the width of the pouch. The size of the objects didn’t matter as long as he was able to put them in his bag. The problem was putting them in his bag. The mouth of the pouch was only the size of four fists.

‘So far, it was impossible for me to save objects if they were wider than the pouch itself.’

He had had no problem storing objects such as his cane, which was not wide, or his cloak, which he could fold into a smaller size, into his pouch. The problem was the objects that were bigger than the mouth of the pouch no matter how he stored it.

‘The dragon’s heart, for example.’ Ian thought.

It was impossible to store the large black sphere of the dragon’s heart. Or rather, it was impossible until a few minutes ago. Not anymore.

‘One can even breathe in this pouch. And it won’t even touch other objects.’

The pouch was the best way to teleport a large number of people quickly and easily.

‘And it will be easy for me to protect.’

The wand seemed to be much more useful than he realized, and he knew it could be used in so many other ways.

“Thank you for this.” Ian said thankfully.

“No problem.” Shiram answered.

Ian turned Cleven back to normal.

“I want to hear about your second work you have to give me.”

“Oh, now this, is a true masterpiece of mine.” Ian noticed Shiram’s voice was full of confidence.

“It’s called a boom stick.” Shiram said.

“A boom stick? What’s that?”

The ‘boom stick’ was in the form of a dented boomerang. It had a pipe stuck on front with a metal handgrip on the back.

“I named it that way.”

It didn’t have a crystal ball on the ends like the Dwarf Light. In fact, it wasn’t big enough to have crystal balls stuck on either end. After all, it was only as thick as the size of two fingers.

“First, stick this marble in…” A dark blue marble was handed over with the boom stick.

“Ah, not a marble,” Shiram said, correcting himself. “It’s a storage. A mana storage.”

“Is there such thing as a mana storage that is as small as this?”


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