“I haven’t released it out into the world yet. It may seem worthless, but its storage amount is at the third-class. It’s a storage that would be worth releasing ten years from now. It’s too early if I release it now.”

Ian couldn’t help feeling surprised. He remembered the enormous fourth-class storage of mana he had broke when he became an official mage. There was no way this small marble could store third-class mana.


This mage technology was so superior than that of the present. It was the perfect example of ‘black technology’.

“Keep watching. Stick the marble in here, and aim at your target with the end of the cylinder. And if you pull on this ring here, which is the trigger…”

Shiram gripped the ‘boom stick’, this piece of metal in shape of a boomerang, and positioned his finger over the trigger. He then aimed into midair where there was no one standing.


As soon as Shiram pulled the trigger, a spell was cast with a loud bang. Everyone wondered what spell it could be, before it became obvious that it was ‘magic missile’, which was a Class 1 spell, that had just been shot.

“I can shoot multiple bullets as well.” Shiram said proudly, and pulled the trigger several times, and the number of magic missiles shot out as many times as he had pulled the trigger. It was much stronger than any normal magic missile.

“What do you think?”

“If this is something that is activated by stored mana, can it be used by people who cannot summon mana?” Ian asked. “Like… ordinary humans.”

“Of course.” Shiram answered, handing the boom stick over to Ian.

It was an amazing masterpiece, but…

‘I wouldn’t need it that much.’ Ian thought.

Ian was an 8th class mage. He had an infinity amount of mana in store. He had no need for a magic missile shooting object. Of course, things would be different if this went to another owner.

“Is it possible for you to make a mass production of these?”

“A mass production?” Shiram asked, as if he hadn’t expected this question at all. Then, he understood.

“It’s possible,” he replied, “but I have no intention of doing so.”

“I understand.”

“You catch on very quickly.”

Ian hadn’t asked the reason this couldn’t be mass produced. He had understood immediately.

‘It’s too early for such a product like this.’

The weapon exceeded the mage technology of the present, and the boom stick was at its highest level. Such products were too early for their own good.

Ian was about to give up when Shiram started, “However– I am not sure whether there will be such skilled artisans of this generation other than myself and the ones here on this island. If you find an engineer of this generation, someone who is not gifted as we are, and they are able to figure out the physics of this object and make a copy… I will then permit a mass production through that person. That applies to the functions and strength of the weapon.”

This was unexpected. It was a permission that had many meanings.

“I understand,” Ian said, and nodded, although he was not sure whether it would be possible.

‘There’s bound to be a genius somewhere.’

The mage Ian. Oliver, the master of martial arts. Douglas the alchemist. They were all of this generation. There was no reason for a genius master of mage engineering to not exist.

“You have fulfilled all of the requirements, so I give you all rights to the dragon’s heart.” Ian said, and Shiram looked at the heart. The more one looked at it, the more they saw it was such a magnificent and amazing object.

“I shall make an object fitting for you, Young Master, just as I have for my other friends. I cannot make any promises. However..” Shiram trailed off.

“I will make the same promise I made to Sir Fran. I will make something interesting for you. Something that will be of help to you.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” Ian replied.


* * *

The scars that had been left in the city by the dragon soldiers were healed more quickly than anyone expected. It was all thanks to Ian Page, and the ‘magic’ and value of names.

“In comparison to the damage this has caused on the entire city, there has been minimal harm on the lives of the people. It’s quite a relief. This is because the king His Majesty has personally…”

Just like the report was being stated to the king and crown prince, few lives were lost – a lot less than expected. Ian’s magic had played a big role in this. After all, had he not the power to destroy thousands of dragon soldiers all at once, and cast the Barrier Spell on every citizen?

“I wouldn’t call that a relief.”

“I.. I.. My apologies, sir!” the servant begged.

Ian’s name alone was also quite influential. The capital is the heart of a nation. The walls protecting the heart of the land was demolished. Yet, there was no movement so far, either from the enemies or the rebels from within the kingdom.

“My lord, we just received a report that the delegation from the dukedom has just crossed the borders.”

“Already?” the king replied. “We received a letter from them only a few days ago.”

Rather than the tension of war, there had only been helping hands from other nations. There were not only workers, but resources being sent to rebuild the city. The reason was simple. Rather than the city itself, it was the name of Ian the mage who had solved the city’s problems immediately. No nation had the intention of starting a war with Ian Page around. This was their way of surviving.

“Hayden, would you like to greet the delegation?”

“My lord, please send the other princes. I would like to remain here in the city.”

“Do you have a specific reason?”

“I would like to help with Haileyy and Mrs. Page with their work.”

Princess Haileyy and Vanessa Page, who had been named as the “Page Foundation” were also playing a big role in restoring the city by having personal belongings returned. They were playing a big role in directly solving the people’s immediate problems. The crown prince also preferred to take matters into his own hands.

“Please send the other princes, Father.”

“You should take the roles of diplomacy seriously as well, my son.”

“I have decided… not to greed over too many things, Father.” The crown prince replied.

“What do you mean?”

“I am going to take things slowly.”

This was the policy of the crown prince, a policy he had made for himself.

“I am not as talented, yet. I have decided to admit that. It is right that I should become professional in every aspect as you, Father, but as of now, I would like to do my best in what I can, while I leave other jobs to those who can handle it well.”

The king’s eyes shone at his words. Was this really the crown prince? The crown prince, the first son, had always been the cause of worry. Hayden Greenriver, the crown prince?

‘Amazing.’ The king thought.

The crown prince admitted to his weaknesses. He wanted to leave roles to professionals. It wasn’t a bad policy at all. The king nodded, as long as he chose the right men for the roles… He smiled gracefully.

“If that is the case, go on. This right now, would be the best experience for you to take care of your people, as a true king should.”

“I will be off then, Father.”

Prince Hayden slipped out of the office. Oliver, who had been waiting on him outside the room, immediately followed, then kept a steady pace.

“Whoo!” the crown prince breathed out a sigh. He then murmured to Oliver.

“Leader! You should have seen him – you should have seen how my father looked at me with those eyes! I have never seen him looking at me in such a content way!”

“Congratulations, young prince.”

“Well… I have matured recently, haven’t I?”

“Well.. that, my lord – ”

“Hm? What’s that?”

“..Nothing, my lord.” Oliver replied and smiled slightly. It was enough proof that Hayden hadn’t matured enough to say that he had. But what did it matter? The important thing was that his master, the crown prince, was finally walking the path of a true king.

‘May you never lose that, young prince.’ Oliver thought, hoping with all his mind as he followed the prince.



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