It would be a tedious task having to spend it all. At least, that’s what he was trying to imply.

“I was thinking of placing you at an honorable position as well.” The empire said thoughtfully.

“I have no need for that either, your Majesty.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well….” Ian started, his eyes shining brightly. “Is there a position below yours that is higher than being the Master of the Ivory Tower? It will be quite a headache introducing myself wherever I go, with all the titles I have.”

The king laughed out heartily.

“I did not think of that way. True – what need would you have for an honorary title when you are already known as the Master of the Ivory Tower who knows how to fly dragons?”

When the king was talking to Ian, he treated him as an equal, while showing respect when he was addressing the Master of the Ivory Tower.

“You flatter me, my Lord.”

“I am only describing it how it is.” The king remarked, taking a sip of his tea that was placed on the table next to him. After a few moments of silence, the king spoke up again.

“I’m always thankful to you, Ian,” he said gratefully. “You’ve saved this nation multiple times already.”

“I only did what was needed.” Ian replied.

“I’m always grateful for your pretentious replies as well.”  The king said truthfully.

“He still has a long ways to go, but the Crown Prince is finally getting to his senses and fulfilling his duties. It’s all thanks to you. It’s the biggest blessing of our nation’s history that you were born as a citizen of this empire. At least, that’s what I think.”

“No, my Lord. This nation is blessed to have you as their king, because of the way you govern the nation. As for the Crown Prince, it’s all thanks to your teachings–”

“I thank you for your pretentious answers, but I do think you’re being excessive.”

“… and of course, I take some credit as well.” Ian added, and the king laughed aloud. The conversations between them – the two most powerful beings in the country – were always friendly like this.

“It would still be wrong to not award you for what you’ve done. This is a simple matter. If you do well, I award you, and if you do wrong, I punish you. I really don’t want to break such simple rules, so tell me anything you want. Even if it’s a simple request.”

“If you say so, Your Majesty.” Ian spoke slowly. “I do have one request…”

There happened to be something that had been on Ian’s mind for a while.

“Do tell me.”

It was more for the purpose of asking for permission rather than a request.

“I would like to expand the property you have me in.” Ian said.

“Expand your property?” The king asked. “Do explain more.”

“The property was originally used for personal use by the royal family. There’s a lot of space that is not being used due to safety issues.”

The property had been built in form of a garden, but it was as good as a deserted house.

“I was wondering if I could use the property for other purposes, such as a personal laboratory, or an office for our organization.” Ian said. This wasn’t a lie at all. He simply left out another fact regarding how he was planning to use the property.

‘I just happened to need a place for the artisans to stay.’ Ian thought. His plan was to bring the artisans of the island to the city, and there were multiple reasons for doing so.

‘It would be much more convenient for me to fund their projects, and ask for their assistance at the same time.’ Ian thought. Of course, he had other ways to reach them, such as the teleporting portal, the pouch, and the Dwarf-Light, but it would be convenient to keep them at a close distance.

‘And on top of that, letting them stay on the island itself is an issue.’ The artisans had dispersed to different corners of the earth, looking for ways to die, and they were once again living in the Knocking Island, an isolated island located right in the middle of the ocean.

‘Living on the island would only cause them to yearn death all the more.’ Ian decided. The way he saw it, the artisans had to come out to the world. It would be better for them to heal from their past by making new friendships. Even if they did end up dying, at least they would spend the rest of their days happily. ‘Then I will be able to expect them to make more artifacts.’

“That’s not a difficult request for me at all.” The king answered breezily, breaking into Ian’s train of thought.

“I’ll just give you the entire property to call your own,” the king added.

“There’s really no need –“ Ian started.

“And that will be my command as an king, rather than a gift.”

Ian didn’t answer.

And this would be the start of a new chapter for Greenriverdium, the capital of Greenriver, due to Ian’s Garden, which would be a national treasure and the highlight throughout the history of the empire.




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