8th Class Mage EP. 48 – Rebuilding and Strengthening the City (3)


They were finally at the final stages of rebuilding the city. It was all thanks to the foreign workmen, the army, the knights, Ian, and the magic of the Ivory Tower.

“Master, where should I put these?” A workman asked.

“You can set those down at the forge over there.” Ian replied.

“What should I do about these seedlings?” asked another.

“Please leave all of them on the porch of the carpenter’s shop.”

“Is that all I need to do?”

“Yes, someone else will be responsible for them.”

The construction work for expanding the property was coming to a completion. Most of the extended property included a workshop and a personal room for each of the eight artisans. Two of the artisans had not arrived yet, and the engineer, Siram, had claimed he would use his own workshop, but Ian couldn’t exclude them from the list of artisans who would be living on the property.

“Then…. What about these books?” someone asked.

“Take that to the office –“ Ian started to reply automatically, but paused when he saw who had asked the question.

“Mother…” Ian said, “what are you doing out here?”

“Look over there.” Vanessa said, pointing in the direction of the princess, who was busy carrying things into their new office.

“Even her Highness is working hard!” she exclaimed.

“She’s a lot stronger than you think. She’s a mage, remember?”

“I know, but…” Vanessa paused and hoisted the box she was holding. She didn’t seem to want to quit working in the slightest.

“It’s going to be our office. We should work on it ourselves.”

“You should still take it easy, Mother.” Ian murmured, as if deciding he couldn’t change her mind. He decided to cast a few helpful spells on her that would improve her muscle strength.

“Huh?” Ian muttered when the spell didn’t work. Precisely speaking, someone had already cast the spells on his mother, and these were spells that were lower than 4 Class.

‘What’s going on?’ Ian wondered. He looked around and noticed Princess Haileyy staggering under the weight of the things she was carrying. Ian was certain it was she who had cast the strengthening spells on his mother.

‘Looks like she took matters in her own hands.’ Ian thought with a smile and looked around.

What simply used to be his private property was now too big for his own private use and was like a manor. During the recent months, Ian had planned three goals. There were other minor details, but they boiled down to the three.

‘And this will all be fulfilled once the manor is complete.’ Ian thought to himself. ‘First, I will strengthen the borders of the city and the kingdom, keeping it safe from disasters.’

Building defenses around the kingdom was the priority. Ian was mostly to blame for the recent accident. But that didn’t mean he should live alone in the mountains as an outcast. If he were living on his own, it wouldn’t have mattered. In his present life, however, he had a family and his own people to take care of.

The city and the kingdom were home to his family and the people, some of which was lost due to his existence. Therefore, it was crucial that he strengthened the defenses from disasters.

‘If I get help from the artisans…’

It would take a lot for him to get enough power to be able to defend disasters like the recent one or at least hold the defenses together as long as possible.

‘There are so many improvements that can be made.’

Some major improvements could be made on the weapons used by the Big Three of the kingdom’s army that referred to the Ivory Tower, the Knights, and the Kingdom’s military. That was not all. They not only had a variety of architecture and castle walls, but also the Moving Statues of Cleven.

‘It would have been better if it was possible to mass produce the Boom Sticks.’

There was a reason Ian had asked Siram the engineer whether it would be possible to have a mass production of the Boom Sticks, especially since it would have been helpful.

‘Oh well,’ Ian thought. ‘There’s nothing I can do about it.’

He could still make improvements based on what he had planned. At this rate, the kingdom wouldn’t simply be undergoing a huge improvement – it would be a revolution.

‘I should make changes to the systems in the Ivory Tower while I’m at it.’

He had already revealed the new Mana Respiratory System at the Ivory Tower.



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