Chapter 125.  Ivory Tower’s Council Meeting (2)


Princess Haileyy’s sentence was a 5 years of deferment, Kevin, the imperial palace’s sorcerer, who had faked her mana test results, received the same 5 years of deferment as Princess Haileyy’s supporting sorcerer, and the servant girls and several others all received not guilty verdicts as the circumstances were beyond their controls.

“Then the next item…”

Ian spoke with an exaggerated clapping of his hands.

“What about me?  A not guilty verdict would be difficult since I do not have the excuse of having been under circumstances that were beyond my control.  Furthermore, even if the offense arose during the investigation process on behalf of the kingdom, an offense is still an offense.”

“That, that is…..”

Deckard was caught off guard by the sudden question from Ian.  If Ian had not spoken up, it would have been a matter that would have been quietly swept under the rug.  No one had the guts to hand down punishment to that tower lord of the Ivory Tower.

“Sometimes, virtue can put a blanket over crimes.”

All the high sorcerers were flustered. Only the voice of Ronan vibrated throughout the assembly room.

“My lord, you were also under the circumstances that were beyond your control.  When you first discovered her, wasn’t it during the time when you did not know much?  The same thing can apply to the offense of unlawfully passing down sorcery.  Perhaps, it was the only decision that was viable to you in order to investigate the 5th prince.  It would have been preferred to have had the issue brought to our attention, but in the end, it has prevented the king’s assassination attempt by poison.”

Although it was a blind attempt, a ray of reason was brought forward.   Since a long time ago, that is, since he had shown his true self in the neutral city or Demirah, he switched to being a follower of Ian.

“My lord, was it not that there were many occasions in which you’ve saved the kingdom?  The virtues that have been accumulated are well beyond the price of your offense.  How then can we ask you to pay the price for your offense?  To hand down a sentence to such a hero just because of the sorcerers’ mere partisan struggles?  In fact, such a decision would only denigrate the reputation of the Ivory Tower.”

Even Ian felt too embarrassed to be subjected to hearing Ronan any further.  That’s how blind Ronan’s praise of Ian was.  Yet, it was definitely convincing as well.  It was as if Ronan was a seasoned, loyal politician.

“If there was anyone who needs to pay for the offense, it would be everyone inside the Ivory Tower, not you, my lord!  Have we not made everyone suffer by serving Herbert Leon, the arrogant one who had even practiced black magic, as our master?  If anyone needs to pay for a crime, it must be us, yes us!”

By now, even the other high sorcerers worked so hard to stop themselves from cracking out into laughter. They all remembered it so well.  When the first news of young Ian Page was reported to the Ivory Tower, wasn’t it Ronan who so strongly insisted on putting a leash on him?  Was it not the same Ronan? But now, he put a leash on himself.  He is even wagging his own tail like a dog.  To put it in to good terms, it was a display of perfect political maneuvering, but to put it in to bad terms, he is a bastard with no shame.

“….. I understand your opinion, Ronan.”

“Ahem!  Everyone must think logically.”

Ronan recited until the end, even with a warning. He looked over to Ian quickly. Was he expecting to be praised?


Ian nodded his head slightly.  If he didn’t do that, he would have been subjected to a continuous barrage of embarrassing praises.

‘Even in the former life it wasn’t like this, I don’t think.’

Of course, he had a similar personality, as he was the first to approach while Ivory Tower was being overtaken.  Even so, his behavior has become much more severe this time around.

‘I suppose, it was sort of too late in the former life.’

Ronan’s first priority was accomplishing high level of magic.  Although in the former life, his loyalty was high since Ian shared a new breathing technique and a lot of information, he was already in his old age.  That is, there were limitations as to the growth-speed that he could have achieved.  But, this life is a different story.  Ian showed him many things in his early years, and as a result, the growth and confidence were incredible.

‘You are at the brink of the 5th class?’

Presently, Ronan is a 4th class master. He will soon reach the level of the 5th class. Naturally, he was only left with one option, and that was to be completely loyal.

“Now, for the several charges that are brought up against the Tower lord, is there anyone who wishes to speak of them?  If you do, please feel free to speak out.”

Deckard put up the final check.  Of course, no one stepped forward.  No one considered stepping forward to begin with, and Ronan’s speech has already placed the final mark by this time.


As the silence pervaded the room, Deckard was not able to come to a conclusion with ease either.  He seemed to be weighing on what to do.  Ian also read what was going on.  It was his turn to finish the meeting once and for all.

“I understand.”

Ian stood up.  Then he returned to his seat, the ‘seat of the Ivory Tower Lord’, that is, the highest seat in the assembly room.

“As for the payment for my offense that rose from my carelessness, I will dedicate myself to the empire and the Ivory Tower and repay little by little.  Further, I will no longer plan or act on my own, and no matter what plans I pursue I will first seek guidance from you, the senior members, who are present here today.”

Ian’s voice was filled with due respect.  Of course even if he was to pursue something all by himself, there wouldn’t be any problems.  Especially since it was after he had already demonstrated the power that was equivalent to a god.  However, there will be limits to that kind of control.  Even if he had to take a longer route, it was important to earn their trust, so that no one would make attempts at stabbing him on the back.  That was the decision that Ian has made for his second life.

“By the way, I would need to seek your advice already.  I’d like to close the trial and move on to the next subject on the agenda.  Would you agree to continue?”


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