Chapter 126.  The King of the Gargoyles (1)


“What is going on?”

The unexpected visitor to the residency was indeed a Dragonian. They set out in search of the Gargoyles. Only, it wasn’t Evantus. It was his son Maliotus.

(I do not know the exact details either.  He fell into the garden and lost his consciousness.  Only when he wakes will I be able to launch some questions at him…..)  The Fairy Queen answered, shaking her head gently.  In her human form, she brought Maliotus into the house.

“He doesn’t look good.”

(I certainly agree.)

Maliotus, the young dragonian, had no part of his body unharmed.  He must have escaped after a very hard fought battle.  Who could have possibly done this to Maliotus?

(Where is Evantus, anyways…..)

She murmured as if she was unsettled.  They have already seen the sudden turning of Spartoi.  Furthermore, he even came to non-existence, after having been fused with the dragon’s body.  Even if they had often quarreled, have they not been acquaintances for a long time?

She has been under a constant weight of worries.  But now, even Evantus’ whereabouts are unknown.  It was no wonder that she would be feeling so anxious.

“This descendant of his is also a 5th class sorcerer, assessing based on our standards.  I would think there are only a handful of beings that can put a 5th class sorcerer in such a horrid condition.”

Maliotus was a 5th class sorcerer. An entity that can overpower such a being… How many such entities could there be in the world? There could only be Evantus, his father and Ian Page, himself if we were to look into the higher powers.

‘It would be limited to the Dragonian or the first sorcerer.’

As Ian fell into a deep concern. Maliotus opened his eyes.


As if the pain was unbearable, he moaned as soon as he opened his eyes.  But then he did not stop there. Immediately locating Ian, he murmured as if to be begging.  It appears that there were so many words on his mind that needed to be said.

(Please, save my….!  My father…. Cough!)

Maliotus was vomiting out the specialized blue blood. Yet, he did not stop speaking.

(The King of the Gargoyles has….!)

(…..What?  The King of the Gargoyles?)

The King of the Gargoyles. It was a new name to Ian.  However, the Fairy Queen seemed to have already known about the existence of the Gargoyle King.  Even her expression has frozen solid.  Based on what was being described, it appears to be the head of the Gargoyles that had disappeared.

(If it is him, they should have kept him sealed, I would think?)

(I do not know the specifics either….. Cough!  My father….. My father has clearly said that it was the King of the Gargoyles.  I was fortunate enough to make my escape…. But, my father was …..!)

Maliotus screamed as he spewed out blood. The father has sacrificed himself in order to save his son. Evantus’ image has come into his mind.

(Ian Page…..)

“I am listening.”

Maliotus slowly stretched out his arm while looking at Ian.

(Please, take this.  It is the eyes that my father has traded for his life.  He has instructed me to bring them to you at all cost.  If other descendants, the queen or the dragon soldiers were present, it would be easier to understand….. Cough!)

What Maliotus has given was a pair of ‘Gargoyle’s eyes’, that is, the purple stones.

(The bastards were at the top of the Dripstone Mountain Range….. They were hiding at the center of the highest peak.   The headcount was enormous.  Especially the so called king….. If I dare to speak, he was stronger than any being that I have ever faced so far.)

Ian also knew of the ‘Dripstone Mountain Range’.  Considering the entire empire’s territory, it was the northern continent, that is, a great mountain range located within the Coldwood Empire.  It was one of the five great mountain ranges in the continent.

(Please….. I beg you!  Please save my…..father.  If he has already perished, recover his corpse, but if he is still alive, please help save him!   If you would favor me in this regard, I will dedicate the remaining days of my life to you, please…..!  Cough!  Cough!)

It appeared as if Maliotus’ strength has reached the bottom.  Although it didn’t appear to be threatening his life, the ember of life can always be put out without any warning?  Before anything else could happen to him, it would be best to have him rest.

‘I’ve heard and received all that I need.’

After arriving at this thought, Ian began citing a spell. He wanted to put Maliotus to a much needed sleep.

“Please, rest for now.”

“Please, save my father…..”


The spell would not have any effect if it was a usual time. However, he has depleted all of his energy at this point. So, Ian was able to put him to sleep with ease.

“What exactly is this, so called, the King of the Gargoyles?  Also, what did he mean by having had it sealed?  Please do explain to me.  Your highness.  The more details the better it would be.”

After putting Maliotus to sleep, Ian asked the Fairy Queen.

(….. I do not know all the specifics because I was young at the time.  I only know that such a being exists and that the ancestors have sealed him.)

“He wasn’t killed, but sealed?”

(Yes.  I clearly remember it as being sealed.)

“Is the being that strong?”

(Well, I do not know to that extent.)


(You may be able to ask the one that was inside the repository of time.  Does he not have the memories of even a thousand years ago?  It is perhaps the reason that he brought the Gargoyle’s eyes, even putting his own life in danger.)

The Fairy Queen’s words were persuasive.  The statement that the understanding will be quicker if descendants were nearby was truly accurate.

‘The repository of time…..’

Ian did not mention the story about the first sorcerer.  That was for the obvious reasons.  Didn’t the suddenly turned Spartoi, the dragon soldier, and the dragon show up to kill him?  Therefore, the Fairy Queen, who was also a descendant of the dragon, is also a subject of caution, as is Reseesee Radenju who was inside the repository of time.


Yet, it wasn’t the right time to reject them either.  The last of the three plans, which is to trail the ‘whereabouts of Fran Page’, will certainly require the experience and memories of the past.  That is, the ‘ancient memories’ that are present inside the Fairy Queen, Dragonian and the spirit that lives within the repository of time.

‘They are still useful.’

Besides that, the Fairy Queen is very dedicated to Ian’s family.  The spirit of the repository of time also lives within the ancient memories.  Although it wasn’t possible to say for certain that they wouldn’t suddenly turn like Spartoi, at least they could still be put to many good uses.



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