‘Just need to more diligent in surveil them.’

What is left to consider is whether or not to save Evantus. If the opponent is a weakling that Ian could easily defeat there would be no concern over it, because all he would need to do is save him and ask for something in return.  But, if the opponent was much stronger than expected? What if the opponent could put Ian, himself, in danger?

‘Nothing is bad about being thorough.’

Finally, Ian has decided. He recited quietly.

“I have to make it right away.”

The key that will allow passage into the repository of time. That is, ‘the breath of the five red dragons.’ The time has come to make that secret brew.

“Sir Ledio.”

Ledio was standing at the back of the room in which the bed that Maliotus was laying was in.  Since emergency care was urgently needed, he came to the room much sooner than Ian.

“I will brew it within today.”

Ledio was very quick to read the situation. He took the Gargoyle’s eyes and went to his workshop. So that he could create the key to the repository of time.

(….. Human.  Do me a favor.)

The moment that Ledio left the room. The queen cautiously spoke. It was a highly unusual occurrence. A favor?

“Please speak.”

(Once you enter the repository of time and see him, do ask about Spartoi.  Although you may not have the time since Evantus’ situation is not good, but just for a brief moment.  Can you do that?)

It seemed that she wanted to understand the reason for Spartoi’s sudden turning, and further learn about whether he was still alive or not.  Although he was only a spirit, perhaps, if it was Radenju, he may know something?  That was what she was anticipating.

“There is no such need.”


“My queen, you will go there with me.”

For a descendant of the dragon, there was always the possibility of suddenly turning like Spartoi.  Even with a very minute chance, caution was always warranted.  Therefore, Ian has decided to stay on the move with the Fairy Queen by his side.  Just by her being there, she could provide great supporting magic, and the family’s safety will be protected by the dra-dragons.

(But, but I will have to be with your family…..)

“You would be going with me for a while.”

(…. You must not trust me.)

It was a very direct question by the Fairy Queen. Ian, too, replied directly.

“Spartoi has attacked this city.  He came after my mother, and in the end, came after me, after he has fused himself with the dragon’s body.  He, you and the dragon all have the same element in common.  You do understand what I am referring to without me specifying it, right?”

Dragon’s body may actually mean Dragon’s mind. IDK, I’m just a lowly editor.

(Them, it must be the dragons.)

“Yes, that is right.”

The Fairy Queen was quiet after hearing Ian’s response. Soon there was an expression on her face that said she understood.

(….. Certainly a concern warranted.  I’ll accept it.)

“Thank you for your gracious understanding.”

(Jeez!  Humans have too much suspicion.)

“I’m especially on the severe side.”

(I know.  You’re a very irritating race?)

“There is a reason for that.”

(Don’t want to hear it!  Just tell me if you can’t trust me and wish to abandon me!  I will return immediately even right at this moment!)

“I trust you.  And if possible, I want to continue to trust you.”

The Fairy Queen hesitated upon hearing Ian.  Has the part about wanting to continue to trust her bothered her? The mutual stillness did not last long.

(I, I shall be in my room until the key is completed.  Or do I need to be near you to be watched?)

“No.  Not at all.  Please rest well.”


Exactly after half day has passed, two bottles of the five red dragons’ breath were made. Although Evantus’ breath was missing, Maliotus, his son’s breath was used to complete the key.  It was possible as he was also a grandson with respect to Reseesee Radenju’s blood line.






The repository of time is an empty space.  Having been born in this empty space, and destined to end it’s existence in this empty space in the distant future, the ‘spirit of Reseesee Radenju’, the dragon lord, will not feel boredom.  It has always been designed to be that way.  That was the only way that he could tolerate the repetition of time.


However, the spirit of Reseesee Radenju, the dragon lord, has escaped from the feature that has been passed down from the beginning.  To be exact, it happened right after he had met the human in the form of Ian Page.  Boredom was felt.  He is even momentarily about to forget that he is the spirit in charge of protecting the repository of time.

(It has never happened before…..)

His daily routine was simple.  He would open the memories if someone came to request it, and sleep when no one visited. Unlike the humans, dragons are able to sleep for hundreds of years at a time if wanted to.  But he did not want to sleep now.  He truly knew and felt the emotions of ‘not sleepy’, or ‘restless’ as expressed by humans.

(This is unbearable.  Unbearable.)

He continued to relive the past memories.  The memories of many dragon races, the first sorcerer, a few historical wars and battles, the secrets among the races, the visits by the fully grown up Evantus and the Fairy Queen, and the fun filled days of being visited by the human,  ‘Ian Page’.

(Only if he would reappear at this juncture, I just have one thing that I can give…..)

The spirit reached that thought. When there appeared a small ray of light in front of his eyes. It was the effect of someone visiting the repository of time. It was not the same race or a physical body based on the size.


Quickly, the spirit turned everything into darkness. He lied down, all coiled up, as usual. He even closed his eyes, pretending to be uninterested.

“Sir Reseesee Radenju.  We’ve come to ask for your help.”

Ian Page’s voice was heard. Immediately, the spirit smiled.

(Master, Master!  This girl has come as well.)

The Fairy Queen’s voice was heard on top of that. It must have been a very pleasurable visit, no doubt.

“A girl?”

(Shut, shut up.  Human.)

The two small beings were exchanging words. Then the large eyes of the spirit slowly opened.

(You’ve come again.)

The spirit murmured in an unpleasant manner. He uncoiled himself first. Then the darkness that has fallen cracked.

(Well, do you have some memories that you want to open?)

(Master, Master!  This girl has come as well and…..)

(Little kid, let you and I speak a bit later.)

The master and a little kid, and the girl.  Ian opened his mouth, never getting used to the new name calling.  What he wanted to ask was very clear.

“The King of the Gargoyles, may I open the memories of that being?”



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