Chapter 127.  The King of the Gargoyles (2)



“The King of the Gargoyles, may I open the memories of his existence?”

The spirit’s eyes shined after hearing Ian’s request.  The large horrifying pupils were repeatedly dilated and contracted.  It was certainly a reaction of pleasure, but to Ian, it only came across as being of rage and displeasure.

(I must test your qualifications.  To see how much stronger you’ve become…..)

“Do I need to provide that qualification again?”


It was a very determined response. However, Ian did not retreat either. He wasn’t about to waste any time.

“Is it impossible to postpone it to a later time?”

(You are trying to take me for a ride.  It is impossible.)

“Evantus’ life is hanging by a thread.  He is also your descendant.  Is it still not possible to postpone it?”


The spirit of Reseesee Randenju seemed to be finally coming around.  Even if he was only a spirit, he will essentially move by what the physical body would do.  The emotions toward his, own descendant would not be any different.

“The being called the King of the Gargoyles has appeared.  It is believed that Evantus has been attacked by that king and his clan.  It is impossible to tell whether he is alive or not at this time.  So, we’ve come to find out about the relevant information.”

Upon hearing this, the spirit’s long neck bent sideways. It appeared as if he couldn’t understand it.

(No way.  The seal would not have been undone?)

“But it is true.”

Ian’s response was definitive. It didn’t seem like a lie. The spirit spoke after arriving at that conclusion.

(….. Fine.  I shall tell you all about that being.  There is only one chance, so listen with full attention.)

The spirit spoke in a rather solemn manner. Then he brought forward the long past memory.

(The King of the Gargoyles, that bastard was the absolute power of the world at a time before we were trained on the power of the language.  That is, he was the most powerful predator.  He preyed on the humans as well as our own race, and on top of that, it wielded unbelievable power and ability to reproduce.)

Even in legends, he was not talked about. However, this was definitely the true history. It was the ‘predator’ that may have only existed in the ancient times. That is, the memory of the ‘King of the Gargoyles.

(However, once our race had mastered the power of the language, the gap had been narrowed.  Ultimately, he wasn’t even worth being an adversary of ours.  In reality, he wasn’t even such a strong being either.)

That must have been obvious.  It could not have been stronger than the race of dragons that had mastered the power of the language?  Of course, it may be an incredibly difficult adversary for Ian, but that was the perspective of the spirit.

(However, the bastard had one annoying power, known as petrifaction, which turns himself into a solid stone, and can maintain that form for hundreds, no, thousands of years.  It wasn’t just simply turning into a stone.)

The spirit spoke looking all around him.

(The bastards are able to create ‘dimensionless space’, like that of this repository of time.  As they contain the principles of the body hiding in stone, and the spirit hiding in the dimensionless space, their eyes are used as the materials for the key for this reason.  The power of no-dimension, that power is inside the gargoyle’s eyes.)

The repository of time, that is, the ‘dimensionless space’ was not only unique to the dragons.  As a matter of fact, it was more relevant to being the Gargoyle’s exclusive property, and the dragons were simply in the position of having  borrowed the ‘power of no-dimension’ that was inside he Gargoyle’s eyes.

(Their king was special.  The ordinary gargoyle’s stone could simply be destroyed, but the bastard’s stone could not be destroyed at all.  No one in our race could even put a little dent on it.  The first sorcerer, our teacher, could not do it either.)

Ian suddenly shrunk his body.  It seemed that the spirit did not know the fact that the sorcerer’s name was ‘Fran Page’.  If that wasn’t true, how could he not suspect even one bit by looking at Ian, the human sorcerer, who had similar physical characteristics, and a similar name?

(Since then, we studied the dimensionless space.  As a result, we were able to create more stable, perfect and faultless space, and confined the Gargoyle in that space after he went hiding into the stone. It must have been ridiculously unbelievable for him.  Even if he was to unseal the stone, the world around him would not have changed…..)

That is, the bastard, who had gone hiding in to a dimensionless space, had been confined again inside a new dimensionless space.  As far as the Gargoyle King was concerned, it must have been nothing but, a torture of the mind.

“Then do you believe he was able to escape from that space by himself?”

(That is absolutely impossible.)

The spirit cited as if to declare. There was overflowing confidence in that voice.

(If he has escaped from that space, there is only one possibility.  Someone has released him.  It would be either the race of the physical dragons, or the first sorcerer who had studied the dimensionless space with us.)

The dragon race, or the first sorcerer. One of them has released the King of the Gargoyles?

“What would be the reason?  He would not have been released for no reason.”

Ian’s words were persuasive. The spirit of the dragon also admitted.

(Based on the collective assessment of the body’s experience and memory, and scale of decisions, the best reason would be for the bastard’s ‘power of reproduction’.)

“The power of reproduction?”

(As I said before, the gargoyles have incredible power of reproduction.  It is as if they were cockroaches.  But, the King of the Gargoyles’ power of reproduction alone would surpass two times that of the collective reproductive power of all the other gargoyles.)

Ian has met a gargoyle.  Although it wasn’t a very threatening being, from the pan-humanity’s perspective, it was certainly a very powerful monster.  That kind of being is going to multiply like that of cockroaches?

‘That is somewhat dreadful.’

Ian clicked his tongue and asked,

“Then are you implying that the purpose of the one who has unsealed the king was reproduction?  I mean, for example, in order to create a military composed of a huge number of gargoyles…..”

(I don’t think so.  The bastards cannot exist in harmony.  Just putting two of them together would cause immediate quarrel.  A military of such a race.  Perhaps, it would be too difficult in many ways?)



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