“If not the military, what other purpose would there be?”

(The power of no-dimension that is in their eyes.)

The gargoyle’s eyes, the power of no-dimension. The spirit’s guess was that.

(I’d guess that the purpose would be to continually obtain the supply of power in large quantity.  Thus, a powerful space, which cannot be passed through or peaked into under any circumstances, could be created or maintained for a long time.  I could imagine such scenarios.)

That is, the reason for unsealing was for the purpose of collecting a large quantity of the gargoyles’ eyes.  As the individual count of the gargoyles has been decreased at this time, the power of reproduction held by the King of the Gargoyles has become necessary.  Even to Ian, the possibility was there.  But, there was just one thing that was bothering him.

“The implication is then that the King of the Gargoyles would continually give births to the descendants whose eyes would be extracted, can the power of the language control the mind as well?  It is not an ordinary being as I see it.”

The King of the Gargoyles had, at one time, ruled the world as the most powerful predator.  That’s how strong it was, and certainly, it would have been equipped with similarly strong, complimentary mental power.  Despite that, is it possible to control such being’s mind?  No matter how powerful the power of the language was, would such scenario be possible?

With his limited knowledge, Ian wasn’t able to see it.

(No, as far as I know, such power does not exist.)

“Then why…..”

(The King of Gargoyles does not consider the gargoyles as his descendants.  They were only excretions that came forth with little bit of pain.  If the relationship can be understood, it is certainly a possibility.  Do you understand?)

“….. I understand.”

Ian was even coming close to exclaim. It truly was an awesome metaphor.

(I’ve heard that my body and my race have disappeared from the world as of now.  As I still exist, it most likely is not dead, but it has disappeared since a long time ago.  Is that still so?)

“It is still so.”

(Then there must be some connection to the release of the King of the Gargoyles.  There are two ways for the race, as great as it is, and with multiple individualities, to disappear.  First as nature’s order follows, die and return to earth or…..)

“Could be hiding within the dimensionless space, I suppose.”

(You follow very quickly.  But, if I was to add one more thing, we cannot rule out, it being ‘hidden’ by someone else.)

Or hiding inside the dimensionless space. Or being hidden for some purpose. The spirit implied the two scenarios. They also meant a lot to Ian as well.

‘There is a connection.’

The whereabouts of Fran Page. The clues relating to him. There is certainly a connection.

“I’d like to ask one more question.”

(You are not qualified, but do speak.)

“Do you think I can defeat the King of the Gargoyles?”

It was the most pointed, important question up to now. The blue mana waves were formed in the eyes of the spirit. He seemed to be assessing the level that Ian has reached.

(Ha-ha, you’ve gathered some interesting toys.)

“Interesting toys….., I suppose so.”

(The possibility is there.)


(As long as you do not blindly trust your own powers.)

Do not blindly trust your own power. He was able to understand from those few words. Ian was fast-witted and understanding came quickly.

“…..I understand.”

(This is the second time already, but I like that your understanding is quick.)

The spirit murmured happily. Ian asked the final question.

“I’d like to ask you one final question.”


“Do you know the name Fran Page by any chance?”

(Fran Page?)

The spirit of the dragon seemed to be thinking hard for a bit. Then soon, his non-stopping response could be heard.

(You said that your name was Ian Page, it seems to be quite a similar name.  Hm, I do not know the name.  Why do you ask?)

It became certain.  At least the dragon of one thousand years or so of the past did not know the name, ‘Fran Page’. Most likely, the name must have been used in earnest some time after that.  Although if it was a deceitful maneuver, there was nothing that could be done, but the value was in the fact that he verified it in person.

“Ah, it is not such of a great matter.  At any rate, the Fairy Queen also has some things to discuss, so please do share some time together.  These are all the questions that I had.”

(Is that so.)

Afterwards, the spirit and the Fairy Queen were engaged in a long conversation.  For the most part, the topic was about the dragon soldier, Spartoi’s turn and extinction, but even the spirit of Reseesee Radenju did not have a solution or definite conclusion.  There were only a few, general conjectures and comforting.







To Ian and the Fairy Queen, who have returned from the repository of time, Maliotus, who helped complete the secret brew, using his breath, has asked.  Although he showed signs of improvement after resting and Ledio’s many medicines, he still looked to be unable to engage in battles.

“Sir Evantus…..”

Ian’s reply was brief.

“I will save him.”


Of course, he wasn’t fully sincere in coming forward to save Evantus. If the Fairy Queen was the one who had been attacked, Ian could have been more enthusiastic about it, but he hasn’t established that certain relationship with the Dragonian clan.  It was just that he was curious about the background.  Furthermore, he wanted to discover clues that are relevant to his curiosity.  Of course if he could save Evantus in the process, he would be more than happy to do so.

(Be careful.  Didn’t he also advise you to not blindly trust the powers that you have as well?  You better heed that warning to your heart.)

The Fairy Queen, standing next to him, warned him. There was no cutesy, nasal sound that was on full display before the dragon.

“I was thinking the same thing anyhow.”

Do not blindly trust your own powers. In other words, ‘borrow the powers around you’. Fortunately, they were with Ian. The powers that he can borrow by simply stretching out his arms.

“Your highness.”

(I’m listening.)

“Please assemble the entire Fairy clan for me.”

(Hm, you want to respond against headcount with headcount?)

“That is correct.”

Ian cited quietly.  The mana that flowed out of his hand engulfed a crystal ball that was in a corner of the house.  Soon from the extended house, that is, from a number of places within ‘Ian Page’s manor’, the dra-dragons #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7, which were frozen solid like statues, began to come to life with loud roars.

“Only, there.”

Ian brought out a sword from the spatial pouch.  It was the grand sword, a master piece that the master blacksmith Halia has made, and has not been named yet.

“I’m thinking about going in with a small unit.”



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