Chapter 128.  The Elite Force (1)


We will go in with a small elite force. Maliotus responded to that statement. He forced himself up while exhausted.

(I will help too!)

Wouldn’t it be that he could save his father? It was a desperate, yet fitting response. But, Ian’s thought was different.

“It is better if you would just take care of yourself first, however.”

(I can’t do that!  This is to save my father.  My younger sister Hellanelia and I will help!  I understand that we are not as great a force as you or my father, but we can still be helpful in our own ways…..)

“I know.  You will be helpful.  Of course, we will also seek the power of your sister Hellanelia.  Never the less, I think it will be better if you would stay and recuperate.”

There was a sense of resoluteness in Ian’s voice. Maliotus expressed his frustration.

(Why, why do you insist?  Is it because I’m injured?  It doesn’t matter.  If it was for saving my father, I will have no regrets even if I were to die at this moment…..!)

“That’s why you need to stay.”

Ian explained his reasoning. The reason why Maliotus needed to stay, that was. The reason was more logical than expected. It was not only self-centered, but also realistic.

“If Evantus has died, and his children Maliotus and Hellanelia were to die as well, it will bring about incredible loss upon me as well.  The way to enter  Reseese Rajendu’s repository of time will vanish.”

In order to enter the space where the Reseese Rajendu’s spirit dwells, Reseese Rajendu’s ‘direct descendants who are half dragons’ were needed.  That is, Evantus and Maliotus, Hellanelia’s breaths were the necessary elements to enter the repository of time, in order to see Reseese Ranjendu.

“You two are his only remaining descendants, right?  Unless there are other hidden children of your father or grandfather, you two should not perish easily.”

(Grand, grandfather…..)

Maliotus spoke with some awkwardness.  Of course it wasn’t a wrong statement with respect to the bloodline reference.   Reseese Rajendu’s being was certainly like their grandfather.

“Consider it an extra recuperation time.”


Maliotus closed his mouth tightly. Ian Page was like his hope. The only hope which will save his father. How could he show disrespect to him? It is so, if he says so. At least that was the case for now.

(…..I will put my father and my sister in your hands.)

“That is prudent.”

Ian was satisfied with the response. He then spoke to the Fairy Queen again.

“My queen, I will open a portal to your home.”

The home place, that is, the dragons’ lair. Ian has opened the portal to take her to that place.

“Have an enjoyable journey.”

(Gosh, you are making such a big deal over a trivial matter.)

Why has the Fairy Queen been pissed for a while now?  There was no way for Ian to read her emotional ups and downs.  He could only agree to this or that, or whatever she would say.

“…..Then I’ll go and find those individuals who could be helpful.”

(Is there anyone else remaining other than Evantus’ daughter?  The sorcerers at the Ivory Tower don’t seem to be at par yet.  If anyone, perhaps, it would be that swordsman only?)

There were only possibilities.  As a result, the two individuals that he could visit at this juncture were Hellanelia, the dragonian, and Captain Oliver Raywood, who were the only two that she has mentioned.

(Well, do as you please.  Just come back and see me when you are all ready.)

“I will.”

With that, the Fairy Queen went to her home place through the portal, and Ian initiated a teleportation spell.  The destination was the Village of Bourdon, which was the village left in Hellanelia’s charge.

“Well then.”

With bright white lights, the surrounding landscape has changed.  Although he was in the house until a moment ago, he was already in the center of a corner village within the Roe Kingdom.  However, something seemed to be off.

“…..Is this not the place?”

Ian could not, but doubt his own eyes.  So much has changed and there was no wonder that he was in doubt of himself.  The panoramic view of the changed village came into his eyes.   The number of settlers in the village has drastically increased, it seemed.

Even until last year, it was just a tiny rural village at the corner of the empire.  It was like that when Ian ousted the false sect order and brought out Cleven, the sculptor, and put Hellanelia in charge.  It was certainly like that that, but how could it have changed so much so fast?

“Sir dragon, dragon’s emissary!”

A middle aged woman has recognized him as she was passing by. It was as if she was in such great shock to see him that she even dropped her bread basket.

“Oops, I’m sorry.”

Ian conjured up magic upon seeing that.  After dusting off the dirt from the fallen bread, he then neatly placed them back into the basket.  Although it was a very simple occurrence of using magic to make life’s chores easy, for most people, it was a sight to behold with wonder.

“Please take them.  They should be clean now.”

“Thank, thank you!  Thank you! O dragon’s emissary!”

Having received the cleaned up bread basket, the middle aged woman moved her shoulders up and down in excitement.  It seemed to have gotten worse.  That is, the blind faith towards the dragon’s existence.

‘Still, the complexion has gotten better.’

What has changed wasn’t just the village itself.  Unlike the tough life due to hardships and starvation back in the time, it appeared that people were now living more comfortably with plenty to eat.  He could feel it just by looking on the face of the middle aged woman.

‘Did the village agree with the people more so than they thought?’

No matter how hard he thought, there was only one reason that might have caused a tiny corner village to grow in such fashion in such a short time.  They like Hellanelia, and there was a high probability that they were getting her complete support.

“I’ve come to see Hellanelia, do you know where she is?”

“She, as a dra, dragon’s descendant, must by now be…..”

The place that the woman pointed was outside the village. It was a rather high hill in the distance.

“Do you mean she went to that mountain?”

“Yes, yes!  O dragon’s emissary!”


Is going to the mountain the only way to see her?


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