It was when such thought came to his mind. Some sounds reached Ian’s ears.

“Looks like everyone in the village would have some hearty food today.”

(You are speaking as if you have never had that before?)

“It wasn’t until the dragon’s descendant arrived.”

(Forget it.  You’ve all been fooled by the imitators.)

A group of men was walking towards him from the hill.  The men were surrounding a woman with a tail and a horn. The men appeared to be on the younger side among the villagers.

“I boil inside when I just think about that time, even now, but then all of a sudden, I feel alright.  Come to think of it.  Didn’t the descendant come in person to pay us a visit because of those bastards?”

“He is one hundred percent correct.  Originally, we couldn’t come and go freely from and to that mountain because of those monsters, but now those monsters retreat in silence recognizing their place!”

(My protection for you all is temporary.  You must build your own strength to stay self sufficient…..)

“Yes, yes!  Certainly, we always keep that in mind.”

Every man was holding either some fire woods or a bucket of water.  Many men were also carrying hunted deer and wild boar.  Only the woman, Hellanelia who had a tail and wings, was not carrying anything.  She was walking towards him only bouncing her unique red hair.


Ian stood in front of the group.  Immediately, the cautious men also recognized Ian.  Isn’t he the dragon’s emissary who has brought the dragon’s descendant?  He was like one of the benefactors of the village.

“Oh, oh!  The emissary of the dragon!”

“Welcome back!  It’s been a while.”

At the same time, some uneasiness fell upon them. He was, after all, the one who brought the dragon’s descendant in flesh. Then could he not also take her back? This moment cannot be that time, could it? That was the concern that they were all preoccupied with.

“I’d like to borrow Hellanelia for a short time.  I will bring her back soon, so do not be too concerned.  It would take no longer than a few days.”

Reading what was on their mind, Ian responded.  Then glow came back on to the villager’s faces.  In contrast, Hellanelia, who has been treated as an item, felt embarrassed in no time.

‘He threw me into this position, and now he wants to borrow me?  What the heck is he talking about?’

(What are you talking about?  Borrow me?)

“It is an urgent matter.  Please hold my hand.”

(So, what is this all of a sudden!)

Hellanelia cried out fiercely. However, that protest did not last long. The response that came back was rather serious.

“Something has happened to Evantus’ well being.  It is a very urgent matter, so I’d like to ask you to follow me.”

Evantus, her father, is in trouble. What could she say to that? Hellanelia’s expression has become frozen.

(What, what kind of trouble…..?)

“Please let’s go.  The specifics can be heard from Maliotus.”

Having transported Hellanelia to Maliotus through teleportation, Ian’s next destination was the first gymnasium of the 2nd knights of the imperial palace.  That was also the main training hall of Oliver.








The first gymnasium of the 2nd knights of the imperial palace. It was as Ian had imagined. Oliver was there.


To Oliver, who should always remain near the crowned prince as his body guard, and who places great importance in the process, being fully dedicated to training was like being on vacation.


Oliver’s sword sliced the training hall’s empty space.  Rather, just by taking only the sound into account, it was more like obliterating the empty space.  The ‘mana blade’, which he has achieved through blood, appears to have been evolved, yet to another level.  It has bypassed the level of simple sharpness, and now, even creates mana explosions through sorcery.  It was certainly an impressive accomplishment.


Still, the limitation could not have been overcome.  His bloodied hands have shown that limitation.  The limitation of the capability that could only be achieved through blood, it was the limitation placed upon his natural birth.

‘If only that limitation could be overcome.’

Ian thought as he watched.  The occasional achievements, which were observed up to now, and even looking from the performance during the invasion of the dragon army; Oliver’s power would even bypass that of the 5th class sorcerer.  The 5th class is a level that even the sorcerers dream of, so achieving it as a mere swordsman was like being a god.

‘He may even really become the god of every swordsman.’

His talent had died without much meaning in the former life. That talent has been awesomely grown. Furthermore, it was still growing. Much admiration was certainly be due even at the current level.  However, his talent wouldn’t stop there.  Along with that diligent training, if a small amount of luck was added, he may emerge as ‘the god of swordsmen’.

‘Rather than luck, is it dependent on my decision?’

Certainly, that was the case.  Ian had the master-piece sword that could solve Oliver’s fundamental problem.  Furthermore, he even knew of many ways to expose him to experience in real life battles.

‘By simply including him in the immediate mission…..’

Not only would he perform his share of duties, but by confronting the strong gargoyle flock, he will accumulate an incredible amount of experience.  And to have him wield the master-piece sword, created by Halia?  The ‘legendary knight’ that would only appear in the songs of a wandering poet.  It would be as if such an individual would truly have come to life.

‘The problem would be how far to trust his loyalty.’

Oliver Raywood is certainly a trustworthy person. He had seen the last moments of his loyalty. It was not all that different in this life either. Simple character, scarifying personality. He was certainly a trustworthy ally. If there was a problem, it would be the ‘level’ of that trust. Or to where that loyalty was ‘directed’ at.

‘No matter what, Oliver’s loyalty is to the crowned prince.’

Ian was in need of a powerful ally.  He desperately needed a ‘pure ally’ that did not have any relation to either the first sorcerer or the dragons.  After excluding all the descendants and the eight masters, there only remained Oliver. Hence, he couldn’t avoid, but have thoughts.


Ian was in rather in deep thoughts for a long while. Even Oliver’s training came close to the end.

‘Well, let’s see.’

Ian lowered his shield for a ‘brief’ moment.  Of course, even that ‘brief’ moment was difficult to detect by decent sorcerers and knights, but Oliver was different.

“Who is…..!”

He dashed towards Ian’s direction like an arrow. The expression of ‘of course’ was fitting for him. That was no other than Oliver Raywood, the swordsman of Greenriver.

“….. Sir Ian?”

“It has been certainly a long time, meeting you like this in a training hall.”

Oliver recognized who it was. He withdrew his sword very quickly.

“What has brought you here?”

“We haven’t chatted in a long while.  Let’s have a talk.”



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