Chapter 129.  The Elite Force (2)


“Talk….. Is that what you mean?”

“Did we not have many conversations, ranging many topics, when we were training?  I remember now that I’ve come back here.”

Ian spoke looking around the gymnasium. The sparring sessions that took place from the age 12 to 17. As a result, Oliver enjoyed incredible advancements.

“I’ve been very busy.  Of course, you were all the busier.”

“Yes, that’s true.  Come to think of it, those 5 years that I helped with your training as a sparring partner, seemed to have been the off times.”

That was true.  Hasn’t Ian’s 2nd life already turned into the 7th year?   Of those 7 years, the 5 years working with Oliver has been the most peaceful times.  It felt so far into the past, although it has not been all that long ago.

“Those 5 years, I’m always very grateful for it.”

“Of course, you should.”

Ian’s response had no sense of humility. Oliver also smiled.

“I now see why you do not have any friends, Sir Ian.”

“Having no friends is also the same for you too, no?”

“I have several, loyal followers.”

“I also have the sorcerers from the Ivory Tower, but…”

“My followers have been with me for several years, if short, to over twenty years, if long.  It cannot be compared to you and your relationship with the Ivory Tower.”

“….. I must agree with you on that.”

They were engaged in an untimely verbal warfare. At any rate, neither had any friends.

“Well, I admit.  My social circle is rather small.”

Still, it has grown compared to the former life. It was hard to believe, but that was true.

“In fact, I’ve realized it from the beginning.”

Oliver spoke softly. He must have thoughts from the time past.

“From the beginning?”

“Do you remember the first conversation we had, at the Morgrian residence, 7 years ago?  You had captured Cecilia who had been revealed as a spy.”

Ian nodded his head. How can he not remember?

“The first thing that I had mentioned to you was about the reward.  When I returned to the place, I would report to the king about your deed, and if everything was to be found to be true, a fitting reward would be handed down.  I believe that is what I was telling you.”

“I remember.”

The earnest beginning of the revenge. It all seemed to have been from long, long time ago.

“You’d never shown your inner feelings at the time.  If one was a normal child, he would have been jumping up and down in excitement, confused, or not able to comprehend it, that there would have been some response no matter which way, but you were in peace.  You had such a great poker face.”

That was true.  Even at that time, Ian was not familiar with being and acting as a child.  So, it was true that he had shown a dry reaction.

“I felt it then.  That little child was very cunning.”


“He probably did not have any common childhood friends.”


“I have the eyes of seeing people clearly.”

There was pride towards the crowned prince in his expression of ‘having the eyes of seeing people’.  Immediately, there was a strong urge to disclose what he had seen with respect to the final moments of the crowned prince and Oliver in the former life, but Ian reigned in his emotions and did not speak.

“….. I continue to agree, but it’s becoming more complicated as I hear them directly in my face.  Recently, people developed the habit of seeing me as some kind of a monster, so I’m kind of relieved since you do not seem to be considering me as such…..

Ian was satisfied inside, although he was speaking in such a manner.  At the moment, with the exception of the descendants and the master craftsmen, there were only a handful of people, who will view Ian without any prejudice, was in existence.

“A monster is correct.  There is a fellow, who likes to write, in the team of knights.  According to him, such a strong main character, like you, is not discussed even in story books.”

“Why is that?”

“They said that spinning the main character brings out the interesting aspect?  Or something to that effect.”

Oliver spoke as he wrapped bandages around both his hands.  Since each time mana blade was executed, his hands would get bloodied he always carried spare bandages with him since a while ago.  It has become a necessary item whether in real battle or in training.

“Your hands, you could lose their use if you keep that up?”

“I’ve no other choice.  If I don’t take care of it at least even in this way then…..”

Oliver replied to Ian’s somewhat concerned tone of voice.  He didn’t need to complete his thoughts since what he wanted to say has sufficiently been communicated by now.

“It would be nice if there was another way.”

“If you do find out, please do tell me.”

Oliver responded rather jokingly. However, Ian wasn’t joking. Of course, he did not go as far as showing his true feelings.

“Certainly, but not for free…”



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