“Evantus and Maliotus approached the cave by flying through the air.  They had done that by evading the gargoyles’ surveillance network.  The problem was that that particular move had been the losing maneuver.  With a single roar of the king, all the gargoyles in the mountain range rushed towards them, and they were attacked, unable to put up a good fight. Of course, the king was strong also.”

The king of the gargoyles and a number of elite clan from the inside the cave, and countless number of gargoyles from the outside the cave, attacked them in tsunami like fashion.  The dragonian father and son were instantly cut off, but with the help of Evantus’ magic, Maliotus was able to escape.

(Wait, something doesn’t sound right.)

It was the Fairy Queen who was listening quietly. She asked, shaking her head.

“Please speak.”

(Wasn’t Evantus able to wield teleportation magic, like you?  Then he could have just escaped with his son just by holding his hand, no?)

Her question was appropriate.  Evantus was a sorcerer in the 7th class range, so it was possible for him to wield teleportation magic similar to Ian’s.  However, there was a difference between the teleportation spells of Ian’s and Evantus’.

“Undeniably, they were two different sorceries.  It is probable that Evantus’ teleportation magic can only work on the person wielding it, is that right?”

Ian spoke, looking in the direction of Hellanelia, the daughter of Evantus.  She also nodded with a sad expression on her face. Ian’s teleportation magic was self created, while there was a high likelihood that Evantus’ teleportation has been learned from his father Reseese Rajendu from long time ago.  It was also unlikely that the mechanics of the magic would have been enhanced, so even if the effect was similar, the magic itself was undeniably a distinct one.

‘Of course, my limitation is about two.’

Ian has satisfied the Fairy Queen’s curiosity. He then continued to discuss the strategy.

“To get back to the main topic, we will also be following the failed maneuvers of Evantus and Maliotus.  As everyone is able to fly, I am thinking about quickly entering the cave where the king of the gargoyles is hiding.  Of course, we would need to be maneuvering different from that point on.”

Ian, dra-dragon, Fairy Queen, dragonian.   With the exception of Ian, every other one belongs to winged clans.  They are all able to fly freely.

“The plan is simple.  Everyone, but the Queen and myself, please remain at the entrance of the cave and stand against the oncoming waves of the gargoyles.  With your powers, and the advantage given by the cave entrance’s space, you should certainly be able to keep them off.  At least until I end the battle with that king, anyways.”

The six dra-dragons and the masters, Hellanelia, and the Fairy Queen’s clan would all remain at the entrance of the cave.  In the meantime, Ian and the Fairy Queen will take out the king of the gargoyles.  Just based on the context, it was truly a simple plan.

“So, if you are not able to defeat that king of the gargoyles, we are also to be annihilated at the entrance of the cave, is that the plan?  It probably won’t happen to us, but the problem is with those baby girls with wings.”

Halia, the blacksmith woman, who was sitting on dra-dragon’s neck, spoke in a husky voice.  It was a coarse statement, but not necessarily wrong.

“That’s a possibility.”


Ian agreed with those words without a question. Only that he did not fail to express his confidence either.

“There will not be a reason for us to lose, though.”

“How can you be so sure of that?”

“I don’t particularly have any evidence to back it.”

Ian responded to Bertholdoo’s question.  At the same time, he caressed his staff, robe and earrings in order.  It was to urge them to believe in the artifacts that they themselves have created, if they could not believe Ian.

“Is there anyone who wants to speak out further?”

Ian questioned for the last time.

“If anyone wants to be out even at this time, I will allow that.”

Of course, no one made any sounds.

“Well, it isn’t like we are going to get massacred or anything.”

“We would only be thankful if they can kill us.”

“It will be interesting!  Right dra-dragon?”

(Krung! Krung!)

Each master spoke according to their own individual personality. Of course they all reached the same conclusion. There wasn’t any reason to not participate. It wasn’t like they were going to die or anything.

(What nonsense are you speaking after having ordered with the powers of the family?  Just say that you do not need our help.  My clan and I would be more than glad to turn back.)

“Well, queen, if you were to leave, the loss would be too great.”

It was same for the Fairy Queen.  It wasn’t possible for her to leave as she pleased.  The reason was that it wasn’t a request, but rather an order by the powers of the family.

(No time to waste like this!  My father is there!)

No words were needed as far as Hellanelia was concerned. Wasn’t this was a matter of her father’s life?

“OK. Then.”

Ian has reconfirmed everyone’s decision. He flew into the air quickly. The destination was the cave of the Soffit Mountain Range. He wanted to get there in a heartbeat.

“Let’s go.”


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