131:Dimensionless Space (2)


‘It may be too early to draw a conclusion. This could be an illusion.’


Ian calmed himself down first. And he closely examined what he was looking at.


‘What is that sphere?’


He turned his attention to the purple sphere from the dragons. To say it again, it was enormous. Even with the hundreds of dragons surrounding it, it couldn’t be covered up from the view.


‘Are they persistently maintaining the shape?’


That was the only logical conclusion. The streams and waves of the mana, being spewed out of the dragons, were constantly being injected into the sphere. Maintain, exist, reinforce. Those were the type of explaination words which could be drawn from the scene.




He became more and more curious. What was the secret behind that sphere? What effects does it have?


(The bastard’s here! That one, over there!)


It was then. The king of the gargoyles, the bastard’s voice was heard again. Along with the wing that had been ripped by the ice hands, the grotesquely damaged eyeballs have also been made whole.


(The near golden hair, human, sorcerer. Right?)


The bastard was pointing at Ian as he was speaking to someone. His voice seemed highly charged as if he was snitching on someone.


(You said if such a human was to come, it will self-initiate? The thing that you lizard bastards have hung inside the cave, what was it, some power or bulls*** you said! Then why is that human bastard still intact!)


What the heck is he talking about? As Ian was about to fall into thought-




He felt his skin chilling. Cold sweat covered his whole body. The instinct that was hidden within the unconscious mind. The realm of the 6th sense beyond the 5th. The bastards shouted at Ian. An incredible entity has appeared.


(Shut up. Gargoyle.)


Ian has been thinking all along. If it was a dragon, whose physique resembles the race of lizards, he has seen a countless number of them from spirit forms to sculptures. So, he was confidant. It would not be a problem should he come face to face with them.


“But this….’


However, that confidence was nothing more than a mere bravado.


‘The most powerful life form’ has appeared before Ian’s eyes.


As it has always been, it had the overpowering, enormous body size. And the horn, wings, hide and teeth which fit to the size. Including the pupils that gave goose bumps as they resembled those that of the reptiles’.


‘It’s true.’


It was obvious just by coming face to face with it. That ‘the true dragon’ has appeared before his eyes. It certainly wasn’t in a spirit form, illusion, or anything like that. Or that it wasn’t just a similar entity.




The cold sweat and the chills were only the beginning. Just by making eye contacts with it made his legs tremble. He even thought about running off to somewhere. It was that overpowering. One certainty was that with Ian’s sorcery level, he would not be able to make a scratch….. No, he would not be able to even damage a hair on its back.


‘I cannot win.’


That was the honest admission. Ian was conceited. He overcame the spirit of Reseese Rajendu. He even overcame the dragon’s deity that came in the form of the bones. Even the king of the gargoyles was an easy adversary. So, he had such thoughts. At this level, have I not reached?


‘That dragon entity’s level.’


Yet, it didn’t feel that way. Not even close, but still at a point far in the distance. Every part of the six senses and instincts told him loudly.


‘Is this the end.’


Ian seemed to be the certain target of the dragon. The tens and thousands of dragon soldiers and the dragon that had attacked the city, and on top of that ‘the human sorcerer with near golden hair’, no matter who was to interpret it, every portrayed image seemed to be describing Ian?


‘Was this it?’


As Ian’s thoughts were filling with resignation, the dragon’s voice was heard. Of course, it wasn’t being directed at Ian. It seemed to be a reply to the bastard, the king of the gargoyles.


(He is not that human.)


‘He’ is not ‘that human’?


What the heck is he saying?


(What? Everything that you’ve described…..)


(With the exception of the hair color, everything else is different.)


The dragon spoke with no uncertain manner.


(The appearance and power can easily be covered up.)


The red dragon continued to speak.


(But he has a proper body. That is, it is not one of those spiritual bodies that the bastard has hidden all over the world. You, the king of the gargoyles should know  the bastard’s body is here. Do you understand?)


Ian’s head began to spin. What does it mean by ‘spiritual bodies’? There were too many words that he wasn’t familiar with.


(Ah! Right. The human bastard that gave you the power, that bastard couldn’t only be at that level. If that was the case, we would not have been defeated by just a big bodied lizard bastard…)


The gargoyle’s sarcastic remarks stopped there. With a pop sound.




The king of the gargoyles. His jaws were shattered. The dragon has only moved his eyes.


(Get out.)




(I have not time to waste with this nonsense.)


Those words didn’t seem to be just in words alone. The dragon no longer paid any attention to anyone. However, the king of the gargoyles did not retreat. Well, he did retreat. After all, he became obsequious, but he made one request of the dragon.


(Wait, wait!)


Was it because he was in the dimensionless space? The jaw that had been smashed soon recovered its whole form.


(This one is quite strong too! I cannot win in my current condition? Either give me back the power, you took from me, or kill him for me! You have to do something for me? Huh? It will not be to your advantage if I was to die either, right?)



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