The king of the gargoyles shouted out loud.


It was more like a plea than a threat.




Has it been persuasive.


‘The true dragon’ fell into a thought for a moment.


He turned towards Ian and approached him.


There wasn’t any sign of interest on his face, or in his eyes.


(Stay put.)


That one word was sufficient.


Ian could not do anything.


Far from able to run away, even breathing was challenging.


‘This is how…’


The large front paw of the dragon.


The claw at the end of the paw that was raised high came closer.


That is, closer to the tiny head of Ian.


Am I to be killed by that one claw?


Am I to go in such a vain way?


‘I can’t just die like this…’


With that, it tapped on Ian.


The bastards’ claw and Ian’s head.


That’s when the strange thing occurred.




The scenery has instantly changed.


There was no longer the purple sphere, nor the purple sand,


No purple lightning and no dragon either.


Only the dark and drab cave came into view.


He has been whipped out of the dimensionless space.


“Hugh! Hugh! Huuuugh…..!”


Ian breathed roughly.


Of course, his suffocating condition was no longer there either.


However, there was one other real reason.


‘I’m still alive.’


He felt life from the breathing.


He was still alive in one piece.




But the confusion and anxiousness did not last long. The entities that has been kicked out of the dimensionless space, Ian wasn’t the only one, it seemed.


‘That bastard won’t be too difficult.’


Ian hurriedly composed himself. The entity that was kicked out at the same time was the king of the gargoyles. He thought of it is as a blessing in disguise. All that was needed was to defeat it one more time?


‘The healing is persistent in real life as well.’


The bastard was in the same condition as he was in the dimensionless space. His body and even the ripped wing have been fully recovered. Only the eyeballs that have been ripped in half were as they were before. It’s not a problem.  Ian still had the unlimited mana…..




As Ian was about to gather mana when his face stiffened up hard.




It was same as when he was in the dimensionless space. Ian was still not able to use magic. He could not feel it anywhere in his body.

‘What’s going on…..?’


Am I still suffering from the after-effects? That’s how Ian wanted to take it. But, if there was a problem.




It was that there was no time. The king of the gargoyles began his assault again. The bastard roared again like a wild beast.




Ian, too, desperately threw himself, but, there was no match with physical strength alone. He wasn’t sure how long he could stand it.


(Krrrkrr!  Krrrrrrkkrr!)


It was different from being in the dimensionless space. The king of the gargoyles could not speak. Instead, the bastard walked around with grotesque laughter. He seemed to be confident from the way he walked. He was certain of his victory.





There was no more time. He needed to rethink.


‘No magic for now.’


Ian was perplexed more than anyone. But, he had to stay calmer than anyone. That is, if he wanted to survive through this. Ian moved his hand towards his waist.


‘I didn’t expect to use it this way.’


Concurrently, he opened the spatial pouch. Siramm’s masterpiece has even captured the dwarf beam.


“It looks like…..”




“You did not get your power back that you had begged for.”


The gargoyle had requested two things from the dragon.  Either return his power, or kill Ian for him.  However, the dragon did not grant either of the requests. They had only weakened Ian.


“That’s a relief.”





“That you’re still a weakling.”


Ian put his left hand into the spatial pouch.  Then he took out something from it and threw it into the air with all his might.  It wasn’t some object.  Although it was small, it was clearly in the ‘form of a human’.




There came the ‘dwarf beam’ shining upon that small human form.  Only that the beam was coming out of a crystal ball that was at the opposite direction.  In other words, rather than having a ‘dwarfing’ effect, it was to give a ‘normalizing’ effect.




The human returned to normal size.


He flew in a parabolic line.


At the same time, he was targeting the gargoyle’s body.


Then there came a sword that began to slice through the air.




The gargoyle screamed untimely.


Swaying and moving backwards, the gargoyle looked shocked.


What is this sudden bolt of lightning?


“His highness often spoke the expression of being bored to death.  I always thought of it as what a meaningless bull it was.”


A dignified man’s voice was heard next.


There wasn’t any sign of shaking in the low tone of voice.


“I have to withdraw that thought, it seems.”


The owner of that voice.  He was much taller than the average human height, and had short brown hair with resolute eyes.  Rather than the imperial palace knight’s demeanor, it seemed to be a man, in armor suit, just for the purpose of enhancing effectiveness.




‘The secret weapon’ that Ian had hidden from all others.


That weapon was none other than the crowned prince’s body guard. It was the best swordsman in the entire continent, Oliver Raywood.


“…It could certainly kill a man.”


Oliver confessed to the boredom that he felt while inside the pouch.  He no longer used the extreme formalities while addressing Ian.  It was the result of the new relationship that was forged from the conversation just two days ago.  It appeared that their extreme master and subservient relationship has been somewhat modified.


“The finality of waiting.”


He held a long heavy sword in his hand.


Oliver recited as he looked upon the sword.



It was the ‘master piece’ created by Halia, the blacksmith.


“I will recommend a name for the sword.”


The best swordsman there ever was has met the best sword ever made.


The first flesh and blood to be torn and shed by that perfect combination.


“It is a grotesque monster, I see.”


The ancient predator that ruled the world.


The king of the gargoyles was that flesh and blood.

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