Chapter 132:  A Maverick General Cannot Live Long (1)




Oliver infused mana into the sword. It was still possible, even though not a single drop of blood was shed. The sword itself absorbed the mana of its owner. This phenomenon was definitely a trait displayed by Halia’s master piece. That was the first capability of the ‘Finality of Waiting’



“I’ll leave it to you.”


Oliver spoke to the sword.




With that the sword trembled slightly. A blue light of mana also rose from the sword. It was as if the sword was responding to Oliver.




With buoyant strides, Oliver closed the distance from the gargoyle.  It felt as if he had become much quicker than when he was battling against Helene, the high sorceress.  He has long surpassed the limitations of the human body.





Meanwhile, the king of the gargoyles hesitated as if he was taken aback. He was hammered by a surprise attack, which he had not even thought was possible. A human jetting out of a pouch was not anticipated at all. Still, it wasn’t too bad up to this point, because he was wounded by iron rather than magic. The gargoyles’ regenerative ability was very powerful. Wounds, resulting from piercing, were not an issue at all. That’s how it should have been for sure.


(Kr!  Krrrr….!)


No matter how long he waited, the healing process did not seem to take place quickly. In fact, far from regenerating, the wound was becoming severely worse. Has the sword been tainted with poison? No, it wasn’t like that.


“I like it.”


The second capability of the ‘Finality of Waiting’, another trait of the master piece of Halia, was ‘worsening wound’.  Far from poison, it was the power of ‘magic’.  The spell, which was placed on the sword by Oliver, was initiated with the gathering of the mana.


“It was also fortunate.”


Oliver was an imperial palace knight.  Furthermore, was he not the subject of respect and idolism as the master swordsman of the Greenriver?  Although he would focus on the effectiveness, using the power of worsening wounds on people was considered to be dishonorable.  However, if it was used on a monster, like that king of the gargoyles, that opinion might be debatable.  There will not even be any sense of discomfort.




Oliver’s fierce attacks poured on. However, the king of the gargoyles wasn’t a pushover. As it could be said, they were pretty even.


‘I can definitely win.’


This was not just Oliver’s thoughts alone, Ian, who was watching the fight, also concluded the same. Oliver can defeat the king of the gargoyles. It was a feat, realized within the spatial pouch. That perfect surprise attack was the deciding strike.


‘It’s fortunate that he did not get his powers back.’


Even though the king of the gargoyles begged the dragon for the restoration of his power, it seemed that he was not granted that wish in the end.  That’s because the current situation was not much different from when Ian had first attacked and dominated him.  At that level, Oliver, who was wielding a master piece sword, will definitely defeat him in one way or another.


‘It may not be easy, of course.’


A slight sign of concern trailed Ian’s words. Has he sensed that concern? Oliver’s movements became much fiercer.



Pa-ang! Pang!  Pa-a-ang!


It wasn’t just the movements that became fiercer.  The uniformly releasing power of the mana, the ‘sword energy’ was mercilessly striking every which-where in the cave.  The level of sword’s energy that was demonstrated in the training hall had long been far surpassed.  The effect of the mana that was infused into the sword had even strengthened the energy of Oliver’s sword.





Finally, the king of the gargoyles let out a shrieking scream.  It’s hard to keep track of how many times he has screamed today.  It will be tough at this rate.  A way to escape was needed.


‘S**t, only if the damn SOB lizards had restored my power!’


Gargoyle’s anger was hitting the ceiling.  As it stood, his power had been sealed off by the dragons.  If that wasn’t the case, the bastard that was wielding a sword would not even be a problem, at all.  But, how sad, what an embarrassment!


There was not a humiliation like this humiliation.



‘I must buy time, in any way possible…..!’


Before he could reinitiate petrification, he needed time to heal.  If he had his natural power, the healing would take place within minutes, but with the current body, it was tough to be sure even after many hours later.  Furthermore, he needed at least a half day of time in order to use the accompanying petrification that he had used on Ian.


“Watch your eyes.”



When the gargoyle’s thought process has reached that point.


Ian warned Oliver.


“He uses cheap tricks.”


Of course, nothing would have changed even if he had taken Ian’s advice.  It was because Oliver maintained a fixed distance from the beginning.  It might have been different if he could use protection magic like Ian, but the king of the gargoyles was still a difficult adversary to Oliver.

The fight could tilt to the other way, from sustaining a single strike.  He knew it better than anyone else.


“No way!”


Oliver kept the king of the gargoyles at bay, at all time.  As the battle went on that way, the king of the gargoyles’ fury grew.  It was because the body of the human swordsman was clean, while his own body was a big mess.

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