Finally, the king of the gargoyles thought differently.  He decided to no longer determine the outcome of the fight here, and he sensed other presences at the entrance of the cave, as he thought that those humans’ comrades were, perhaps, blockading the entrance.  Fly over there and help his peers’ charging.  Then winning was possible.


(Krr!  Krr-krr-krrr!)


Having decided, the king of the gargoyles made a big circle as if he was going to attack, but instead, he began to take off. The destination was the cave’s entrance.  Ian read the bastard’s mind.


“Catch him!”


However, Oliver’s decision was one step quicker than Ian’s words.  As if to throw a spear, Oliver threw the sword quickly and accurately.  Like an arrow, the sword cut straight through the air, then.




It soon pierced through the upper part of the gargoyle’s tail. Was that all?  It pierced into a wall and even hindered the gargoyle’s mobility.





Even for a gargoyle, or the king of the gargoyles, the pain that was reverberating from the pierced part of the tail, was almost impossible to endure.  Furthermore, it was even tens of times more painful than the pain resulting from the continuous attack of the iron.


“Is it better to kill him?”


Oliver asked placidly. It seemed as if he wanted to slowly finish it.




Ian’s response time was rather delayed. It required some thoughts.


‘The king of the gargoyles was a necessary entity for the dragon.’


When inferred by the bastards’ conversation, purple lighted space, and others.  It was possible that the present relationship between the king of the gargoyles and the dragons was reciprocal.  That is, if the bastard was killed, it was hard to anticipate how the dragon would respond.


‘Friction must be avoided as much as possible.’


It was certain based on the most recent past encounter.  The dragons could not be defeated with the current skill level.  Furthermore, there were no signs of replenishing the mana that had disappeared.  It was best to avoid friction at this juncture.


‘Catch it alive and interrogate, perhaps?’


There must be a lot of information to get out of the king of the gargoyles.  However, if that would be a problem then that also was a problem.  What if the dragon would come out to the world in order to retrieve the king of the gargoyles?  Furthermore, what if the relationship becomes hostile?


‘It would be difficult to just let it go quietly.’


Of course, it was possible that the dragon race wasn’t able to escape from the purple lighted space.  As they have been extinct for a long time, that was also a possibility.  However, that was only a guess, so it was best to avoid any friction, for now.  There was too much risk to make a simple gamble.


‘Further, it wasn’t clear what he was doing either.’


The dimensionless space. The great sphere of purple light. The dragon that maintains that sphere. The content of the conversation that those bastards shared. Several guesses came to his mind. But, this was not the time. Quick decisiveness was more important than guesses.


‘Let’s get out of here first.’


The situation wasn’t all that good, in many ways.  Everything including Ian’s conditions and the standstill situation at the entrance of the cave was going badly.


‘Since petrification spell cannot be initiated at the moment…..’


If it had been possible, it would have been used awhile ago already. Ian’s final decision has been made.


“Please do not kill it.”



“Do you mean to capture it alive?”



“I’m thinking to drag him to the entrance, at the least.”




The original plan was to escape using portal magic.  However, that choice has become unavailable at this point.  In order to push back the countless number of gargoyles at the entrance, the bastard, king of the gargoyles, was needed.


“I see.”



Oliver has also immediately understood what Ian was getting at.


A slightly tilted head was the proof.




Oliver began to walk with his hands stretched out.  It was so that he could retrieve the sword that was lodged in to the gargoyle’s tail.  Of course, he did not let his guard down.




Right at that moment, a slight noise was heard from the sword.  At the same time, it was released from the gargoyle’s tail.  Not by anyone’s hands, but all by itself, it detached and rose into the air.  Was that all?  As if to shed the blood that was on the sword, it shook itself off.





It was one amazement after another.  After shaking off the blood, the sword flew into Oliver’s hand.  That was, it came back to the hands of its owner.  Although Oliver has caught it instinctively, he was lost for words for a while.  It was because he has never seen this kind of sword before.




The third unique capability of the sword.


Oliver smiled at the sight.


This was certainly an age of magic.  He always had a sense of mission while living in that era.  In addition, he also had a sense of shame and sense of dejection at the same time.  However, with a sword like this, things could change.  Right at this moment, and in the future, there would be unlimited possibilities going forward.


“We will see.”


Oliver spun the sword, once. His attack has begun again. Not to kill, but to capture it alive. That fierce attack was carried out by using the ‘sides, rather than the edge’.



Paak! Paak!  Paaak!  Paak!


It was a very strange situation, in which the king of the gargoyles was getting punished not by the dragons, nor a sorcerer, but by a mere human.



“What, What is it…..?”


A little later.


The Fairy Queen, who came to the end of the cave in search of Evantus, was shaking her eyebrows as if she was taken aback.  She even almost discharged the magic that kept her in human form, in an attempt to help steady Evantus.


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