Chapter 133:  A Maverick General Cannot Live Long (2)




“What… What is that?”


‘The source of the sound’ was soon revealed.


Ian murmured upon taking an initial look at it.


It was truly as they would express it as.


What could that object be?


“… A ship?”


A ship, it was certainly a shape of a ship.  However, a few deviations were found on it as well.


The very first thing, for sure, was the fact that it was flying in the sky, rather than moving on the waters.  Some rotating objects, which were used to support its flight, were visible on several locations.  That was the source of the earsplitting sound that reverberated throughout the entire mountain range.


[A-! A-!  Mic Test.  One!  Two!  Three!]


From the flying ship, there came a voice from the deck.  It was an amplified voice of a middle aged man.  It was also a very familiar voice to Ian and the masters.






“What did that tech geek bastard do this time?”


It was a new master piece of Siramm, the engineer.


It has just been revealed for the entire world to see.


[Wow, Not sure what it is, still…..]


Siramm’s tone of voice was different than from his usual manner.



It was as if he was in a heightened state with some anticipation.


The seething sense of excitement could not be hidden either.


[Such a big crowd?]


The ship approached closer and closer.  At the same time, the true size of the ship became apparent.  Just by the sheer size of it, it seemed to have more than ample space to carry many hundreds of people.  However, it was not certain whether it could possibly fly or not.


[I’d like to first introduce to you, ladies…..Uh?]


As Siramm was going to continue to speak, a partial contingent group of gargoyles began to fly.  It was to launch an attack on the unidentified flying object that has just appeared in the sky.  Although it was just a small part of the gargoyle’s numbers, the headcount was innumerable.


[That must be what’s known as the gargoyle bunch or some bastards?]


The act of launching an attack against him was seen as being ridiculous.  Although he was speaking quietly, thanks to the amplifier, even that small voice was heard all around the mountain range.


[Well, I do have a small present for the tiger moths to taste.]


Siramm released the rudder.  Then he began to touch equipment, over here and there, in the vicinity of the cockpit.  What the heck was he up to?  The answer was soon revealed.  From the sides of the ship, numerous objects sprang out like mushrooms.  Every one of them was in the shape of a long ‘cylinder’.


[Flying Artillery Ship, ‘Dragon Heart!’  Ready to fire!]


‘Dragon Heart’, the flying artillery ship.   As the name described it, the dragon heart has been researched, and using the mana supplied by the dragon heart as the energy source for its propulsion, Siramm’s ‘unique master piece’ began to shoot out flames as if it had become angry.


Kwakwang!  Kwang!  Kwaaang!  Kwang!  Kwaaaang-!



The expression ‘The flying artillery ship’ was truly more appropriate than the name, dragon heart.  Without mercy, it began to annihilate the flying dragons as they attacked.  It was the ‘flying artillery ship of dreams’ which was made possible only by the high powered and unlimited mana which was in the heart of the dragon.




He has changed from being one who everyone thought to be a quiet mild mannered person. With the shelling, he even broke out into a loud crazy laughter. It was the out-bursting moment of his natural self.


[Right.  That is who he was.  I remember now.]


Bertholdo, the tailor, murmured shaking his head.


[But where did he make that massive thing?  He couldn’t have made it all by himself…]


The carpenter Zerbio’s suspicion had its merits.


[This is why I don’t like him!  He stands out alone!  Alone!]



Halia, the blacksmith, who used to talk down on Siramm as a ‘technical geek’, also said without much thought.  Of course, it was hard to give it much weight based on any merits though.





Cleven, the little sculptor, was just overcome with awe. Even his two eyes were twinkling brightly. On the other hand, it was the most appropriate reaction. A ship that flies around, in the sky. It would simply be nothing, but amazing to him, of course.





The general response from the blacksmiths was about the same as well. If any consistent aspect was there then it was…


[A crazy person has made a crazy thing.]



Even Ian concurred with that opinion. Oliver, who was watching all this, also concurred. Helenelia and the fairy clan also concurred. It was obvious based on just hearing that crazy laughter. Ultimately, the fact was that his head was not all together intact.


Kwwang!  Kwang!  Kwa-kwa-kwang!  Kwang-!






However, unlike that of the laughter of the engineer Siramm, that enormous shelling power has greatly helped the battle.  Its fire power alone was sufficiently awesome, and the sudden appearance and the strategic position of being in the sky were truly superb.  It was sufficient to overturn the situation favorably from being unfavorable.


“Now.  Everyone, get on board!”


Ian shouted to everyone.  Almost everyone was able to fly, but if one was unable to or injured, they were all placed on the back of the dra-dragon.  It was the same for Ian.



“We have to get out of the mountain range.”


[What?  Already?  I still have more features to show off…..]



“It worked this much because it was a surprise attack.  Do you not see their headcount?  If those bastards consciously attack at once, then this ship, it will crash to the ground right away.  You do not want that, do you?”






Siramm’s madness faded with Ian’s words. There was no more crazy laughter, nor the strange chant. He even put away the amplifier into a corner.


“Got it.  Let’s just get out of here first.”



Siramm’s voice which did not pass through the amplifier.  It soon returned to its original tone.  Rather than the voice having been returned, it would be more appropriate to describe it as having been changed.


“Just hold on tightly to anything!”



Siramm again took control of the flying ship’s rudder.  He also expertly took control over the various control apparatuses which were around it.  Even though the shelling has not stopped, the ship’s head turned.  It was so that the ship could move forward after changing its direction.






The spinning objects, located at various areas of the flying artillery ship, gathered the propulsion powers.  Although the basis of the flying was the ‘artification’ of the ship itself with fly spell, it also required some supplementary propulsion power.


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