“I’ll show you what speed is!”



The madness which had been briefly faded.


That laughter began to emerge once again.


It was as if a ‘mad speedster’ has shown up following a ‘mad bomber’.


“OK, let’s go!”



The flying ship began to move with incredible speed.  Although it wasn’t at the level of Ian’s, its speed of flying was impressive.  Notably, it was faster than the time when Ian flew around wearing Mitchell Greenriver’s robe.  Even the flying speed of the fairy queen or the dra-dragon couldn’t be compared to it.



‘We’ll be in trouble if they continue their pursuit.’


Ian’s concerns grew deeper.  It was because the gargoyles did not stop pursuing them.  The difference in speed was great though.  The only concern was that those monsters might just come out in to the world.  If civilian casualties were to occur then a new response must be found.




At that moment, Ian’s concerns came to a halt.  A spherical magic shield was spreading all over, encapsulating the mountain range.  The ‘impenetrable shield’ was being triggered after sensing that the gargoyles were approaching the Soffit Mountain Range’s border lines.


‘That’s a relief.’


Ian’s guess did not disappoint him.  As these monsters were under the control of the dragon race, there would be some sort of a safeguard.  Based on the experience that Ian had with the dragon entity, the spirit of Reseese Rajendu, he looked upon the humans as beings that were below them, yet worthy of being protected.




The gargoyles were attacked by the strong impenetrable shield. The bastards plunged to the ground without any resistance. It was  thanks to he help of an unfathomable creation of Siramm that the escape was successful. However-


‘I guess I’m the one who is in trouble.’


Ian was burdened with homework.  He still could not feel even a tiny bit of mana.  Even though he believed that he had obtained more information than he thought possible with the day’s operation, what he has lost in return seemed enormous.







‘Can’t even get back into that space either…..’



There was only one immediate solution. That was, the spirit of ‘Reseese Rajendu’. The only possible thing was to inquire for a solution from him.






* * *



(What was that sudden conundrum?)


(O, leader of the clan.  It was nothing.  The head of the gargoyles, it was because he made a great mistake…..)


The purple dimensionless space.


The voices of two dragons permeated throughout.


Even though it was a quiet conversation, their voices rang out loudly.



(Tell me the details.)


The ‘true physical self’ of ‘Reseese Rajendu’, the red dragon, which was the leader of every dragon clan, the entity that causes mana wave from the top center of the purple sphere, spoke.  That voice was even deeper than its spirit’s.  Was it because it has lived much longer?


(‘That entity’ has come to visit, they said.  After having investigated it myself, I found that he was a completely different person.  I sent him back appropriately, so I believe he should be taken care of by now.)


The dragon placed ‘power prohibition’ on Ian’s mana heart.  ‘Herpi Dotos’ who was of the same dragon race as Reseese Rajendu and the youngest gatekeeper was providing a detailed report.


(You’ve used power prohibition.  Did the human use magic trickeries?)


(He did, rather a strong human, but he wasn’t even close to being worthy of a comparison to the entity.  It was the physical aspects more than anything…..)


(Good.  I heard enough.)


(I’m sorry.)


The true physical self of Reseese Rajendu gave a short nod.


Then he focused his power back on to sustaining the sphere.



(You wouldn’t know his powers.)


(I have not had a direct contact, but I’ve familiarized myself based on what I’ve heard from many members of our race.  There wouldn’t be any issues in recognizing…..)


(No, it is not a matter of recognizing or distinguishing.)


Reseese Rajendu lowered his voice.


From that voice, fear was felt.


(If and when the time comes for you to recognize him, you would already be in the process of being ripped apart into bloody pieces.)




Herpi Dotos, the sentry, shut his mouth. Although he was young, he was still a dragon. It was a statement that could make a dent in his pride.


(You do not believe me.)


(No, that’s not it.  How could I not believe the words of the leader of our race?  It’s just that what I was thinking about was, I dare to say…..)


There was also a point in the gatekeeper Herpi Dotos’ words.  The power of the original sorcerer was well known from what he had heard.


Even while he was on the run from the pursuit, having been the target of a kill on sight order, wasn’t he the ‘little monster’ that killed almost half of the race?  Only that the final result of that chase was none other than the ‘purple sphere’.


(I was just thinking whether or not he could have exercised such power as a spiritual entity rather than a true physical entity.  Please believe me.)



The original sorcerer.  That entity’s ‘true physical self’ was being confined inside the purple sphere.  In order to maintain that seal, every surviving member of the race was contributing to sustaining the sphere.   Was that all?  They had selected the dimensionless space in order to escape from the world and the flow of time, and a lot of time has passed by since then.  Of course, incredible amount of time was to be endured going forward as well.



(I know what you mean.  It is also a logical question.)


Herpi Dotos’ countenance became more relaxed.  He was scared stiff just a moment ago, believing that he had touched the nerve of his leader.




However, Reseese Rajendu was not finished.


(Do not harbor any ordinary opinion on the original sorcerer.  This is not an advice, but rather an order as your leader, and also a guidance so you may live a long time.)


Reseese Rajendu did not necessarily explain how great a being that original sorcerer was.  Instead, the ‘order’ to not harbor any ordinary opinion on him said it all.)



A being that ordinary opinions did not apply to.


It was the expression that was used even before the original sorcerer and the dragon race took on the confrontational positions.



(I will abide by your order.)


The order was received.  Certainly, the order did not simply get passed through into one ear and out to the other.


However, Herpi Doto still could not comprehend it.  Those dragons which did not have the past generations’ experiences all held similar thoughts.  They formed a singular unit based on pride and self-respect to the clan and wondered why they were being told to fear a mere human?  It surely was a difficult thing to swallow.


(To ensure that his spirit cannot even come close, or even devise a plan to recover his true physical self.  You dedicate yourself to the duty of a gatekeeper.)


The conversation of the two red dragons had ended. No more voices were heard. Once again, silence permeated throughout the space.

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