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Chapter 135 :  Suddenly (1)



(I… Truly thank you.  As I had promised at the beginning, I, Maliotus, will dedicate myself to you, Sir Ian.)


For the past day since Ian had returned to the mansion, Maliotus, the son of Evantus, was the one who has shown the most passionate reaction.  Having recovered his strength somewhat, he knelt down before Ian.  The tone of his voice has also become extremely respectful.




(Please simply tell me if there is anything that I can do for you.  I will follow your instruction, no matter what the order is, even if it will cost my life!)


His words certainly were not hollow.  Every word that he spoke was nothing but the truth.  That’s how extreme his appreciation toward Ian was.



Wasn’t he the ‘benefactor of a lifetime’ who has rescued his father from the hands of the monsters?



(Helenelia, why are you standing there?)


(Still, still, your reaction is too extreme…!)



It was Maliotus, the older brother, who was emphasizing his loyalty to Ian, and Helenelia, the younger sister, who did not appreciate her overreacting brother.  Of course, she also knew how great Ian’s gracious help was, so she couldn’t show complete refusal.  Only that the best action for her to take was to stay quiet and see the moment through.



“Please stop now.  I understand you.”


Ian brought Maliotus up on to his feet.  Such an overly dramatic reaction was not necessary.  Ian had already planned to use his services often anyway.  Although any specifics hadn’t been considered yet, there would definitely come days in which his services will be good.


“More importantly, is Evantus feeling better?”


(What?  Ah, yes, he is well.  Fortunately, there have not been any serious injuries, and our kind has unusually rapid recovery ability, compared to others.  If he can keep his energy in good order, I believe that he will fully recover within the next few days.)


After pausing for a brief moment, Maliotus continued.  It wasn’t that medical practice did not exist in the world, but if it was to be closely examined, medical practice was quite subpar to recovery magic.  But then, why is an 8th class sorcerer asking about Evantus’ condition?



“That’s a relief.”


After a casual reply, Ian placed several bottles of medicine on the top of the table.  They were secret medicines which he had received from Ledio and Douglas.  Since the physical bodies of the dragonians’ and humans’ did not differ much, it was alright to use the same medicines.



“When the time comes, please help him to it.”


(I want to thank you once again…..)


“Even receiving repetitious ‘thank you’s can become tired.”



(I, I’m sorry…..)



“That also.”





Maliotus has become a mute as if a cat had gotten his tongue.  It was the same mighty dragonian who wanted to maintain his pride not so long ago, but he has become a person of complete subordination with this turn of event.


“Then please get some rest.”



Ian left Evantus’ room.



He has arrived at the library.  As no one could see his face in this library, the worries and concerns which he has been hiding from others had overtaken his countenance.  It was because mana did not return even after a day has passed.



‘It does not look like a temporary condition.’


It was beyond just anxiety and groundless fear.


The situation was much more serious than expected. He even felt fear.


‘This must be that dragon’s deed, clearly.’


It wasn’t a big maneuver after all.  All that the bastard did was tap Ian, using one of his finger nails.  Yet, the result was this?  Ian even felt deprived.  After all, he has been working very hard to reach the level that would be comparable with the beings like that of the dragon and the first sorcerer.


‘It wasn’t a gap that could be narrowed even after many hundreds of years of time.’


The 8th class level. The unlimited amount of mana reserve. The other artifacts that were of the equal level. It was hard even with all those things. To run from the ‘dragon’, that was. And to survive that was.


‘Then, why?’


There were several aspects which couldn’t be understood.


The bastards certainly wanted to eliminate Ian by the hired dragon army and the true dragon.  But then why didn’t he kill Ian who had walked in voluntarily?  It was far from killing him.


‘They did not even recognize me, it seemed.’


That was true.  He was certain. The dragon did not recognize Ian. To them, Ian was like a ‘target’. How could they not know their target?




Ian reviewed the events of that time. From the scenery of that purple space. To the conversation between the dragon and the gargoyle. He was thinking about it from the beginning. Those aspects which were strange and suspicious. There were too many such incidences. There were unlimited things which could be speculated.



‘Perhaps, it is the first sorcerer.’


The bastards were on high alert for ‘human sorcerer’ with ‘close to having golden hair’, in other words, one with light brown hair.  He even heard the expression of ‘the spiritual being’.  They also said that the ‘body’ was ‘here’.  There were certainly many speculations.


“Especially, the purple sphere.”



Ian murmured with certainly.  That purple sphere which was being sustained by the many countless number of the dragons, could that be a form of a ‘prison’?  That was, the prison and the shackle that sealed in the ‘body’ of the first sorcerer ‘Fran Page’.



‘They said that he had left spiritual beings in many areas of the world.’



If so, the story would flow naturally.


Even the thing that the dragons have hidden inside that space.


Even the brief appearance of the first sorcerer.




‘Even all the actions that were taken towards me.’


The first sorcerer was seeking to repossess the body.


The dragon race was working hard to prevent that from happening.



If everyone was moving according to their own objectives…


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