‘The first sorcerer needed to nurture and develop me.’


That was, allowing Ian to concentrate on growing as a sorcerer by leading Ian to formulate his decisions and judgments, and passing to him the power of the language, through understanding of the dragon language at every opportunity.  That was highly probable.  Only then could he use Ian in repossessing his own physical body.



‘The dragons wanted to prevent that development.’


But an issue arose from that.  It was the perfect speculation when only the dragon army attack was considered, but that speculation has been completely debunked after meeting the dragon, this time around.  Contrary to eliminating the target that walked in voluntarily, they could not even recognize him.






Has their caution towards Ian been lowered, below that of Ian’s belief?  As if he was not the person of interest.  No, it was too hard to be thinking that way.  If that was so, was there any need at to attack him with the dragon army and the true dragon?



‘I can’t understand it.’



No matter what it was, he wasn’t pleased.  To say it more clearly, it was extremely displeasing.  If it was up to him, he wanted to obliterate everyone, from the first sorcerer to the dragon races.


“…..What obliteration.”


Ian shook his head. He still could not feel mana. In such a state, what obliteration. At the same time, he brought his left hand to inside his coat. It was to bring out a bottle of potion. The secret potion which contained the red liquid. The key that passes to the ‘repository of time’.


‘The five breaths of the red dragon.’


‘The first thing was to recover strength.’


Ian had certainly been hurt by the dragon. The answer must also be sought from the dragon. He was a bit uncomfortable about it, but there was no other choice, unless of course there were other options. Even if one existed, it would also be a problem.  There was no more strength or the time to find another option.





Just as Ian were about to drink the potion, the library door slowly opened.  There were only a handful of people who could enter without daring to knock.  Even, his own mother would not enter without a knock.  There was only the fairy queen, or a handful of the masters.  Who was it anyway?




An unexpected person has opened the door.



It was Emily, the head of the maids.


“What is it?  Without even a knock.”


So, it was even very strange.  She was a house maid, and Ian was the master of the mansion.  Even for Ian who does not necessarily think serious about the difference in people’s classes and the decorum, this incidence was certainly something that he could make an issue out of.  There was no way that Emily did not know that either.



“Has something urgent happened?”



‘The process’ wasn’t important if it was truly very urgent. Ian could only think that way.



“Even after you’ve been hurt that way.”


The tone of the voice that came from Emily, and the direction in which her words were heading were completely different than what Ian had anticipated.



“Do you trust a lizard?”



Emily, the head of the maids. Rather, the being that had Emily’s face. That being was looking at Ian as s/he spoke. To be more pointed, s/he was staring at the bottle that Ian was holding.



“You seemed a bit foolish to be my bloodline.”





The bastard approached. Ian, of course, stood up, too. However, that was all he could do.


“Hm.  Hm.  What can you do with that broken up body.”





Ian had the ability to understand quickly.  There was no way that he could understand based on the series of events and what meaning those words implied.  It seemed that the ‘spiritual being’, which the dragon had alluded, has appeared.  No, it was certain.



“Why don’t you sit down instead.”


The ‘spiritual being’ that had the face and voice of Emily. He sat across the table and crossed his leg.


“Vanessa, is she still doing well?”






Fran Page, the first sorcerer, struck up a conversation with a small topic.  Of course, Ian’s reply could not be heard.



“Hm.  From the memory of this servant girl, she seems to be doing OK.  She was a very good woman.  Beautiful, virtuous, and very straight forward.”


The being murmured, bashfully.  The being was asking how things have been as if they were old friends, meeting for the first time in a long while.  He even made small chats.  However, Ian could not understand even a small part of the being’s words, actions, or everything about him.


“…..You, what are you?”


It was Ian’s first words after a long consideration.


It was both meaningless and meaningful.


“You have already deduced as much as you possibly could?”


“That’s why I’m asking.”


The certainty needed to end the speculation.


Ian needed that certainly.


“I suppose, it is important.  To you anyways.”




The spiritual being nodded his head.


It was the expression and tone saying that he understood everything.



“You know me by four names.”



Total four names.


He continued to speak.


“First, as the name, the first sorcerer.”


The being that was seen as the god of all sorcerers. The one who was the first to create the techniques of magic. The first sorcerer was the first name.


“As the golden dragon.”


The person who was behind the turning back the time. The golden dragon with golden hide and scale. That was the second name.


“As Fran.”


The same name and the true name of the first sorcerer, who led Ian to the masters of the Tapping Island, or led the masters to Ian, was the third name.





There was a pause in Fran Page.  Although it was a very brief moment, it was sufficient to allow Ian to think about many things.  It was the same for both Fran, and Ian who was anxiously waiting for the answer.



“As your father.”


Ian’s breathing came to a sudden halt at that moment. It was the name that was thought of and thought of again and again. Or ‘father’, the name given to someone related by blood. That was the being that has appeared before his eyes.




‘The first sorcerer’ and the ‘golden dragon’.




It was the final name of ‘Fran Page’.



“Good to see you.”



He spoke.


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