Chapter 135:  Suddenly (2)



“Enough with the nonsense.”


However, the words that came out of Ian’s mouth and what were to come out would not be so kind.  The father and son relationship, linked by blood was not important, at all.  Nor were there any intention of rebuking as to why he has just shown up, as all blood relatives might do, in such a situation.


“What do you want?”


That entity was this kind of being to Ian. The name of the first sorcerer?  It was acceptable.  The golden dragon?  That too, was acceptable.  Fran?  It did not matter whether that name was used or not. However, the final and the fourth name, ‘father’. At least that name could not be easily accepted.


“I’m sad.  As I am still your father.”



“The one who was my father has died a long time ago.”



There was an aura of coldness in Ian’s voice. It was as if some magic has been initiated.


“Not too long before I was born.”


“That couldn’t be helped.”


Fran, who has overtaken the body of the servant girl Emily, said, waving his hands in extremely dismissing gesture.



“It was the choice I had made to protect you and your mother.  Had I stayed there any longer, those bastards would have discovered me.  The lizard bastards, that was.”



Fran explained the reasons behind his decision as he saw it. However, it had no effect on Ian.


“I am not questioning as to why you have deserted us, why you’ve just shown up, or playing such infantile familial games.  You should already know it well?  The reason for deceiving my mother, so that she could give birth to me.   I’m only interested in knowing the reasons behind that deed.”



A being that has lived more than one thousand years, such a being could not have innocently and simply fallen in love.  There must have been an intentional reason behind doing so.





Fran bobbed his head, hearing Ian. Of course, his façade was still Emily’s.


“You probably have a good idea, already?”




Ian’s guess was simple. A ‘tool’ to be used in reclaiming the physical body. It was the ‘process’ of creating that tool. Here, the tool would imply Ian Page. And the process implied none other than Ian’s mother.



“That guess was probably accurate.”




Fran admitted without any hesitation. Ian’s eyes trembled slightly.


“I see.”


Ian thought for a moment. Then he spoke. He spoke with a dry voice.



“I’ll ask again.  What do you want?”



“I thought I’d play a little gamble.”


“A gamble?”



“The hand that I had saved has become rather stimulating.”


Fran’s voice continued.


“It is a gamble that has been prepared for a long time, but the success rate was rather low, until now.  It was because I expected uncooperative behaviors, for sure.  Even lacking in skills or desperation.  By the way, I’m talking about you.”


It was the first time that he has heard about having insufficient skills since he was born.  It was same with respect to desperation.  Ian has lived fiercer than anyone else, so far.  However, to the eyes of that being, it did not seem to be that way, at all.



“But you have the tendency to become easily provoked, such that you would at least mobilize even with a small tap.  It would have been better if I could have aged you a bit longer.  Well, that is in the past.”



He mobilizes with a small tap. Hence, that’s how he used to appear to Ian.



Those taps were, saying not to trust the dragon by appearing through magic, or saying to be careful with the time, after appearing in the form for a dragon, and such.


“Of course, it wasn’t easy for me to approach, either.  That was because there were separate lizard posse bastards who were after my spiritual entities.  And I didn’t have sufficient time to explain it as I have now, they weren’t tired of it, I suppose?  Those bastards.”


Fran who has made idle remarks.


He began to discuss the real subject matter at hand.


“To cut to the chase, you will soon die.”






“Soon, the lizard bastards will come.  Although I had bought some time, I think the time is running out.  They are such a suspicious bunch of races…..”


“Explain it in simple terms.”



“Hmm, it is difficult to explain it, now that I’m trying.”


Crossing his arms, Fran said. He even cringed as if he was agonizing over it.


“First of all, you’ve seen the space in which my true body was being kept, right?”




“If you are referring to the purple space…..”



“That’s right, there.  As you might have seen already, most of the lizard bastards are in that space.  However, they are not all of them.  A very tiny part, the posses that I’ve just mentioned belong to that race.  Most of them are young.”



It was the posse that was organized in order to come after Fran’s spiritual body.   It implied that a tiny group of ‘young dragons’ were active in the world.  It was just that their movements were so discreet that no one was able to recognize it.



“The mercenary dragon army which had been sent to you, and the true dragon.  They were all part of the posse.  Most likely, they found out something in the process of locating my spiritual body.”


Ian listened to Fran’s story carefully.  He thought he was beginning to understand, little by little.  Including the reason why the dragon, which was in the purple space, didn’t recognize him, and the statement, implying that he would soon die, as well.


“I expected that you would somehow defeat those skeleton bastards.  So, instead, I stopped the posse.  It was necessary to delay their reporting.  As a result, I’ve lost most of my spiritual bodies, but now it is more beneficial for me to be protecting you.”


That was it.  The dragons, which lived in the purple space, did not get the report of the existence of Ian Page, the ‘secret weapon’ that the first sorcerer has discretely prepared and that of his relationship by blood.


“They will slowly mobilize.  The regular report that they were supposed to receive has been cut off, so a few members of the race will most likely be sent out to the world.  There isn’t really much to be investigated, either?  The city was attacked by two skull headed monsters, and that crisis had been resolved by an incredibly skilled, high level human sorcerer?”


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