Of course, it was Ian who has come into the past. Or maybe not, he wasn’t sure as it could also be an illusion. However, the world that has been opened before him, its background was definitely of one in the past.


‘And it was one from the very long time ago.’


Based on the words ‘The gargoyles are threatening the world,’ it appeared as if this moment was the time before the dragons were even trained on the power of the language.  If that gap in the time was to be described in terms of numbers.



‘At least it would be several thousand years.’



The spirit being of Reseese Radenju that had the memory of approximately thousand years, even that being had described the time, when the gargoyles were the top predators, as very ancient.  That was, it wasn’t inappropriate to describe it as several thousands of years ago.


‘In fact, even that could be insufficient.’


Ian stroked his smooth chin.


He had travelled through multiple layers of time.


Whether he has actually come into the past, or it was an illusion, it didn’t matter.  He wasn’t even particularly curious.





‘What is he up to?’


‘The Fran Page of present time’ has clearly stated that he would bring Ian up to his level.  Yet, he has been showing himself, in the past and the past world, all of a sudden?



There was no way of understanding what he was up to.



“Are you listening?  Is the explanation too difficult?”


“…..Please do continue.”



Was there any other way?


All that he could do was to listen.


“I was able to protect the world with my powers up to now.  The people of this world, that is.  However, no matter what I did, it wasn’t possible to protect everyone.  My body is only one, yet the world is so vast.”



It was Fran Page who had existed many thousands of years ago.




He had protected humans from the monsters of the world.  However, it was impossible to protect every human being.



As he said, the world was vast, and there were many people.


“Even if it was the natural order that all humans cease to exist, and the monsters take their place, I have no intention of accepting that without trying.  I am a human, and I will continue to be a human.  So, I thought about it.  And I’ve made my decision.  That is, to protect as many people as possible.  First…..”



‘The Fran of the past’ paused for a moment.



Extending his right hand out, he recited.




The sound has resonated from mana, rather than from a vocal cord.


Then something awesome took place.


Everything that was in front of Fran’s hand, from the tiny grass to the far away mountain range, all that which had made up the ‘space’ has neatly folded up like paper.  No, even the description of being folded was not sufficient.  It was a strange phenomenon that one could not even easily see in dreams.







It was the sky this time.


Fran’s hand has been extended out towards the sky.  Then even the blue sky came down, collapsing.  It was not a joke.  It was not an empty description, either.  Truly, the space that was the sky began to quickly crumble.




The awesomeness did not end there. The quiet recitation of the word, restore. It was a single word that even Ian could understand. Everything has returned in response to that one word. The grass and the mountain range which were folded like papers.  The blue sky that had been crumbled down, too. Everything has returned back to their original states. It was as if the time has been turned back.


“The power that I was born with.”



Fran who has demonstrated this awesome power.


He spoke as he looked at his own hands.


“I plan to establish a ‘system’ with which I can teach this power to other humans.  I am asking you to help me do that.”



The power of language that Fran was born with. He wanted to teach that power to others.  However, he did not know the method to do that. So, help him so that he could find the way.


“And the second request is…..”







At the moment when Fran was about to continue. A strange sound was heard from beyond the plains. It wasn’t a strange sound from a single entity, but from many. The sound was even familiar to Ian. It was none other than a ‘flock of gargoyles’, in the hundreds. The bastards came towards Fran.


“…..Do you know how to fight?”



The Fran of the past asked as if he was whispering. Fighting most likely didn’t only mean using fists. Instead of a vocal response, Ian only nodded.



“May I see your skills?”



“If you want.”



He was aching to get even since his mana was taken away from him.  Especially, if it was those gargoyle bastards, he certainly had the interest in annihilating them.






Ian’s two arms extended towards the sky. A strong chill surged up into the sky. It was like dark clouds filled with lightening.




Ice Storm.


It was, ‘Ice storm’.


It wasn’t a simple chill.  A countless number of ice chunks raged all around, like hail.  If ‘blizzard’ spell was a magic that freezes everything in its range, ‘ice storm’ was certainly more powerful.








As it was a magic in which countless number of ice chunks would physically ‘smash’ every object within the range, just by simply looking at it from the visual perspective, it would only be an extremely destructive magic.


“Do you think this is being able to fight, somewhat?”



“Certainly, you are a man sent by the heavens.”



The Fran of the past raised his thumb.  The more Ian looked at Fran Page, the more he saw him as a completely different person.  Could even that outward appearance be a trap, also?


“The second favor that I’m about to ask of you is a simple one.  Right this moment is when those gargoyle bastards are in heat.  If they go crazy among themselves, it would not be an issue, but they come out into various parts of the world and attack people.”


Fran explained clearly and made a small gesture with his hands.  Then the remaining gargoyles were all ‘incinerated’.  It was truly not an imaginative expression.  As the expression described it, they have disappeared into thin air.



“There is a limit to what I can do, alone.  Although the two of us may not completely stop them, it is still better than one doing all the work, don’t you agree?  I want to ask for your help in order to minimize human casualties.”


The first favor was none other than the power of the language.  He was asking for help in developing a ‘method’ and ‘systematizing’ it in order to teach it to others.  And the second favor was to help him protect more people as soon as possible.


‘…Is this it.’


He will bring Ian up to his level.


That meant the he will transfer the knowledge of the power of the language in perfect form.  That was, in the process of helping Fran of the past, he would master it on his own.



‘That prophet fellow must also be the Fran of my time.’


The ‘prophet’, the one, which Fran of the past was referring to. That must probably be the Fran of the present time. It was a useless, yet very interesting playground.


‘In such a playground, I suppose I’ll have to play along.’


Ian showed a subtle, small smile. It bothered him to go along with what Fran said.  Yet, there was no other method. Furthermore, it seemed to be impossible to get away from here. Away from this illusion of the ‘past’.



‘I’ll make this the last time.’



The last time to be played like this. The power he had, the power that would be learned from him. The moment the ‘power of the language’ was mastered perfectly, when that power was to be evolved as Ian wanted.


‘That would be when it all starts.’


Everything would be remade as Ian desired, with Ian in the center.



“Alright.  I will help.”



Ian and Fran Page of the past. It was the beginning of a rather strange companionship.


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