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Chapter 137:  Ancient Memory (2)




‘What the heck, there really are only monsters.’


In the time of several thousand years in the past.  It was the ‘opinion’ of Ian, based on the last few days, after having lived, watched and sometimes even saved people of that world.  Wherever he went, all sorts of monsters appeared.  There were many monsters or life forms which were even supposed to have been extinct, already, in Ian’s own time spectrum.


‘The fact that the humans have survived is, indeed, an awesome feat.’


Compared to that, the humans were the minority.  As a matter of fact, since even the civilization was considered to be beneath theirs, humans felt even more like the minority.  How did the humans overcome this difficulty and survive?  The answer was simple.  And the answer was close by.


(O, Dark Fire.)


‘The power of the language’ which ‘Fran of the past’ recites. It was truly the ‘power of the language’, itself. That was because everything came to be as it was spoken, or spat out.



(Incinerate them.)


It was truly the grand scale Atar Hakka, that was, the ‘dark fire’ stretched out towards a group of ogres that had attacked the human tribe.  Although it was described as a group in words only, they were more like a coalition of several tribes.



Of course, it wasn’t impossible for Ian to wield the power of such fire magic.  It was only that the essential difference was huge.  If the maximum power of Ian’s single spell was that, the concept of minimum or maximum did not seem to exist for Fran of the past.




‘If he was so determined, he could even end the world.’



He felt horrified, having thought that.  The reason behind an entire dragon family confining the body of Fran in a seal, and the reason behind why that seal was being maintained.  At least, one thing among those things could be surmised.


‘I even feel sorry for the monsters.’


That was so when looking at it from those monsters’ perspective.  To them, Fran was equivalent to a ‘disaster’.  Of course, that did not make Fran of the past a crazed murderer.  That was because he was disciplined with respect to eliminating only those monsters that had threatened the humans.



“O, the savior with golden brown hair!”


“We seek you!”



“Please watch over us!”


“O, savior!”



“O, savior!”



The tribe members who sought Fran’s appearance bowed down on the ground.  They wailed desperately as if they were before a god.  It didn’t matter whether one was the leader of the tribe or a slave.  Everyone was equal before Fran.




‘I suppose he would look like a god.’


After the dragon mercenary incidence, hasn’t Ian, too, been treated like a monster or a demi-god?  Moreover, in times such as this, Fran would certainly be like a god.  In fact, he might appear more god like than a god.


‘The god that humans want, that is.’


The god that humans wanted.  A god that was only for ‘humans’, not for animals, monsters, trees or weeds.  A god who would not hesitate to annihilate beasts or monsters on behalf of the humans.  A god who looked after their well beings.  Fran of the past was certainly that type of a being.


“Let’s go back.  Sir Ian.”


How long was the waiting?  Fran spoke after being separated from the humans.  Then he went to the portal which had been installed at a corner of the tribe’s colony.  It was the portal which had been installed to summon Fran’s help, at any time.



“But the people are still….”



“They are going to stay like that until I go back.  I tried to talk and convince them, but to no avail.  The only thing that I can do is to leave as soon as possible.  Ha-ha.”






Fran of the past laughed awkwardly.  Ian came back to the other side of the portal with Fran. They have returned to Fran’s headquarter which was also a laboratory.  The place mainly had two themes. First, the countless many number of ‘books’, and the countless number of ‘portals’.


“I get awed whenever I see those books.”



Perhaps, because there were technical issues in making them, the books appeared to be crude compared to the present world, but having examined them for the past few days, the content was definitely not crude at all.  That was understandable since most of the books were written by Fran, himself.  From many research fields to journals, there were various kinds of books.



“All I had was time.  In the old days, that was.”




“How long have you been living, anyway?”


“Well.  I have given up counting my age.”


There was one fact that Ian has discovered in the last few days.   Fran has been in existence from much earlier than this ancient time. It’s only that it hasn’t been that long since he has been acting as the savior of the humanity, in earnest.  Although he did not reveal the reasons, he did reveal the cause of the everlasting life.



‘The power of the language.’



The moment that the power of the language was mastered. He did not age from that moment on. That was according to Fran’s explanation.



“But then do you have any time for rest?”




Ian said as he looked at the portals. The thousands of portals that he would use to travel, just for fun. They were the passage ways connecting various parts of the world.



“I still have plenty of time.”


“You have been continuously busy for the past few days though.”


“As I told you, the gargoyle bastards are in heat these days. Other monsters all start at a similar time, too.  This is the busiest time, in fact.  Every kind of beast bastard is in heat, at this time.”


The crisis, when the whole world is crawling with monsters, seemed to be solely on the shoulders of Fran.  Although he could not completely protect the all of humanity, at least, he would certainly be the ‘greatest reason for the ‘continuation of humanity’.



“Still, after this time passes, it would become more comfort…..”


It was when Fran was about to continue. A person has appeared through a portal. It was in fact from two places, not one.


“O, savior!  Please save us!”



“Sa, savior!  Savior!”



It appeared that there occurred problems in two places at the same time.  Usually in times like this, he would go to the more urgent place, but Fran no longer needed to do that.  Had he not gotten a powerful and trustworthy helper which the prophet has sent to him?


“Um, Sir Ian can…..”



“I’ll go there.”



“Thank you.”



“Not at all.”



Ian went across a portal with one of the ancient men, with light blonde hair, who was seeking help.  Looking at that hair, it appeared as if he was looking at the imperial family of Greenriver.  It was because the blonde hair which was closer to being white was their special feature.

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