“Tribal Chief!  I’ve brought a companion of the savior.”



“What?  A companion?  Did the savior have a companion?”



Beyond the portal was a rather large sized colony.  It seemed to be the largest one of the ancient tribes which he has seen so far.  Would it be like a large ancient city in the current world?  Of course, it would be a stretch to call it a large city, but considering the times, it was certainly a large city.





The man who was called the ‘tribal chief’, the man with the light blonde hair, looked at Ian with doubts.  Rather than ‘doubt’, it was more like ‘disbelief.  Was Ian truly a strong being like the savior?  Could he resolve the issues that have struck the tribe, and rebellion?  It was that kind of disbelief.



‘He looks familiar from somewhere.’


At the same time, Ian thought, looking at the tribal chief.


This guy, he appeared to look very much like someone…..


“…..The crowned prince?”



He was a man of smaller stature than the crowned prince.



However, all ancient people were like that.


Almost all the humans were smaller on the average.



Of course, there were even differences in the façade.



“What did you just say?”




“…..Ah, nothing.  More importantly.”



Ian stopped saying what he had started to say. It was the ancient times of many thousands of years ago. How could the crowned prince exist?



“Wasn’t there a matter of high urgency?”



“Ah!  Yes, Yes!  Please, please hurry to the outside of the colony…..!”


The scenery of the outside of the colony, which he has arrived at by following the tribal chief and the crowd.  There, he could see a ‘troll tribe’ of truly incredible number of headcounts.  Of course, there were also humans who were confronting the troll tribe.  But there was a huge difference in their spirits.


Rather than having assembled for the purpose of attacking the humans, the trolls seemed to have assembled in order to take over the territory of the human tribe.





That was understandable.  The colony that this light blonde haired tribal chief possessed was in a location that exhibited a strategically superior position.  Especially, the stream of river that went through the entire colony was notable.  Since the river was responsible for providing survivability for a generation, there was no wonder that even the monsters envied it.



“Do you mean for me to eliminate those trolls?”



“Yes, yes.  How, could it be done?”



“Hmm, there are more than I had thought.”



“If it was the savior, he would easily…..”


“It isn’t something that I couldn’t do, either.”



Certainly. The only thing was that there was a slight difference.


Ian was different from Fran of the past.  Specifically, he did not volunteer to be the ‘protector of humanity’.  He didn’t particularly want to annihilate the trolls in a single breath, either.  No matter what, wouldn’t it be like committing a massacre?  However, if it must be done, then there wasn’t any reason that would stop him from doing so.  Like at that ancient time when he had saved the great lord Morgrian from the goblins.





Ian let out a short breath. He drew a large amount of mana. At the same time, he levitated into the air.



“First time in a long while.”


Has he come up with a good idea? No, his expression did not say that. Instead of having a ‘good idea’.



“Let’s try then.”



An interesting idea came to his mind. It was a magic that seemed to go well in such situations.







A very vast ranged cold air type magic. The method used to save the great lord Morgrian. The spell that commenced the beginning of the second life.





‘Frost Nova.’


That strong cold energy began to form at the center of the assembled troll tribe.  Of course, the difference in the levels of the destructive powers, and the ranges were like heaven and earth.  To restate, it was not in any way an exaggerated statement.


Padeek, padddddeeek, paddeek, padddeeeeek-!



The cold energy that shot out into every direction. The ground began to freeze inside out. Once again, the ‘ice hell’ has spread. This time, it was the troll tribe who was the ‘victim’ of it.



“Not bad.”



Suddenly, the time long ago when he had improved his magical senses through frost nova came to his mind.  If it had been the original power, rather than just a gymnasium, it would be the entire Youngju Castle which would have been completely frozen.  He remembered having such a thought.


And now, the newly achieved result proved that that thought was an appropriate one.  The proof was the bloody sight of the trolls, frozen as if they were sculptures.


“Ah, Ahhhh…..!”


The tribal chief who clearly watched the event unfold.


And the warriors, and the people of the tribe. Everyone froze for a moment. It wasn’t due to the spell’s side effects. It was the result of psychological freezing.


“Are you satisfied, with this?”




Ian flew back to near the colony.



Satisfied? Satisfied with this? Is he saying that for a good laugh?


“O, companion of the savior!”



“O, the second savior!”



The people bowed down flat on to the ground. They were already treating Ian as the ‘savior’s companion’. Or began to treat him as the ‘second savior’.


“Please, please forgive me for my rudeness.  You may take my life, but please not the tribe, not the Greenriver tribe…..!”






“I desperately, desperately ask that you continue to watch over us!  Should you still have anger, I say it again that I give my useless life to you…..”




“Did you just say Greenriver?”



“I beg the savior’s forgiveness….. Yes?  Ah, Yes.  That, that is correct.  That’s the name of our tribe.  Please have pity on us!”



Ian could not hide his surprise. This place was in a time far back in the past. It was certainly the past, whether it was reality or an illusion. The name of ‘Greenriver’ was heard in such a place.


Ran into that familiar name.


‘No wonder, the blonde hair, and the similar ambience.’



The blonde hair that was very close to being white. That light blonde hair was truly unusual. Even now the situation would not be any different.



‘He wasn’t a member of the imperial family for no reason.’


The family name and the history went back a long time.  The foundation was solid.


Those expressions seemed to have been the adjectives of the Greenriver family.  That was, if this past, this illusion was not a fabrication.


“No reason to offer your life.”


“Oh, oh….!  Thank you.  Thank you, truly!”



The ancestor who strangely resembled Hayden, the crowned prince.mThe tribal chief of Greenriver spoke with admiration.



“Ah!  I have something to give you in return for your forgiveness.  This offering was originally meant to be given to the original savior, Fran, but I would like for you, the second savior, to have it, if you’d please.  Offerings can always be collected whenever and happily.”


Did he want to impress Ian, the second savior, at this time?  It was the tribal chief of Greenriver who hurriedly wanted to give an offering.  There could only be benefits in undertaking such an act, if and only if the character of the one who was receiving it had been clearly analyzed, so it seemed that he has become overly excited.



“The offering ….”


Ian who wanted to decline. He slowly pulled his hand. It was because curiosity got the better of him. Well, since it has come to this, might as well see what it was. That was, how an ‘ancient tribute’ was to be made.



“There!  Bring the offering for the second savior!  Hurry!”



A short time later, Ian only felt disappointed.  The form of tribute was the same back then and today.  The few items that were called the era’s masterpieces, various jewels, and things made of gold.  That was all.  Furthermore, they looked crude as they were items made with insufficient techniques of the ancient time.  He had expected a somewhat  different kind of tribute, so he was very disappointed.


‘Well, I suppose there wasn’t anything to expect to start with, anyway.’


Several thousands of years of time have passed.



The civilizations of humans were on the opposite ends of the spectrum. What was to be expected, in this band of time?


‘I must have expected something completely out of line…..’



It was when Ian’s head was shaking with disappointment.






He felt his eyes open wide. Was it due to the tributary item?  No, that wasn’t it. Those miserable jewels, treasure chests which were crudely made. Would his eyes move at all due to items like swords and shields?


The reason lied elsewhere.




The chest that was brought out for the purpose of keeping the items of offering.  It was because he has located a very familiar face, among those slaves who has brought out the chest.



It wasn’t just the feeling of having the resemblance, like from that of the crowned prince.  Removing only the appearance of being baby faced, she was like a ‘carbon copy’.




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