Chapter 138.  The Power of the Language (1)




It wasn’t just any other person. It was his mother’s face. How could he make a mistake? How could he get confused? Unless it was an illusion, he was certain.






Looking directly at her, Ian called her. She, too, responded with a great surprise. What did he mean, calling her mother as soon as he saw her, did she hear him wrong?





The woman didn’t know what to do with this sudden development. She could only try to assess the situation as she shook. That was, as to what Ian, the second savior, was thinking.


‘She is mother for sure.’


The son’s eyes couldn’t be deceived.  If there was one difference, it was the fact that she looked about ten years younger than his mother.  He felt the youthfulness in her face.


With the exception of the facial appearance, which looked younger than twenty years old, she was almost like the other half of the twins.


‘No matter how hard I look…’


It was when Ian had trouble taking his eyes off of her.  The tribal chief, who permeated similar aura as that of the crowned prince, stepped forward.  As if he was introducing someone who was the pride of the tribe, he spoke with a confident tone in his voice.


“Ah, this child is someone who our tribe is nurturing as a believer.  Having been chosen after a stringent selection process, she has been receiving the necessary training as a believer of the savior, so that she could serve him, every time, during the savior’s visit.  Of course, there are still some shortcomings though…..”


A ‘believer’ who was to serve the savior. Furthermore, that savior’s name was ‘Fran’. Fran Page and Vanessa Page. It felt as if the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.


“Her body and mind are as pure as the snow.  She has successfully passed the purification ceremony that took 49 days.  I dare to say that she is someone who will never be a burden to the savior, I’m certain.”


The 49 days of purification ceremony? What is he talking about? Ian’s lips trembled. He wanted to ask and dig into what he meant. Reluctantly, however, he held back. It is better to say less at this juncture. It was because it wasn’t known whether this past was just a simple magic, or the true past.


‘If this is the true past, then just in one in a million chances…..’


The possibility of causing problems to the flow of time was high.  Furthermore, the subject of it dealt with someone who was believed to be the entity of his mother?   The potential for this problem to be directly linked to Ian, himself, was tremendous.


This issue was fundamentally and qualitatively different than what Ian had caused in the past, in connection with the ‘return’ using the power of the language.


“What is your name?”



Ian asked the woman, who was thought to be his mother, as he was looking on her softly.



“My, my name is…..”


She hesitated to that question. She looked over to the tribal chief as if to be asking him with her eyes. That was, whether it was OK to reveal her name. The tribal chief, as expected, nodded his head.


“…..I’m Vanessa!  O, savior.”


Vanessa. Only the sir name of Page has been omitted. Ian kept quiet for a while. Whether all this was an illusion, or reality, the entity before him was his mother for sure. Weren’t even the face, and the name the same?


‘What the heck…..’


Simultaneously, Ian’s hair turned white. How could this situation be taken? Was it appropriate to dismiss it as an illusion? Or, should the real truth behind all this be dug up?


“What, what is the matter…..?”


“…..No, it’s nothing.”


No matter what thoughts were to come to his mind. He has, first, freed her from his questions. There would be nothing to learn from her even if with any number of questions.


“Please, you’re free to go.”


“Then, then I’ll leave…..”


The woman moved away as if she was on the run. Ian looked on her back as she moved away.





Vacantly, he fell into a thought.


‘Assuming this past is real.’


If everything was real, not an illusion.  What if this was truly many thousands of years ago?


‘Did mother also live an eternal life?’


According to what Ian has learned, there were only two ways that one could live a life of eternity.  First was to become proficient in the power of the language like Fran or the dragon race, or become the ‘highest undead’ under the power of the language, like those of the eight masters.


‘It can’t be the former, then latter?’


It was when his thought has reached that point. Ian stopped his thoughts. His head shook without his will. What had happened to his mother in the previous life? Did she not go back and forth between the gates of life and death due to her illnesses?





Ian stopped his thoughts.  He had to put things in order at that time.  Unless he was to ask Fran Page of the present time, and not able to hear the truth, it felt as if it would be impossible to get to the real answer.



“I’ll leave now.”


“We’ll bring the offering to the other side of the magical gate…..”


“No, there is no need.  Please leave it here.”


Ian quickly walked over to the other side of the portal. There, he saw a familiar face. It was none other than ‘Fran of the past’, the protector of the humanity. In other words, it was ‘Fran of this world’.


“Have you finished already?  There were quite a number of trolls.”


The one, who just asked if it was over already, knew everything about the situations here.  To put it in different terms, he had come to see what was going on, even before Ian had annihilated the trolls.  Of course, that meant that he had already finished his own task that he had gone to perform already.


“I don’t think that it is something that you can speak of.”


“For me, I’ve quickly finished the job!  With my proficient skill…..”


It was when Fran was beginning to talk in overly chatty fashion. For some reason, he stopped himself in the mid way.


Why?  Ian followed Fran’s eyes.

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