‘…..Why mother?’


Fran’s eyes were moving towards Vanessa. Would it be the trite development of meeting the fateful one, or falling in love at first sight or some sort?  If that was to happen, he was certain that it was just a cheap scenario that was created by Fran’s magic.


“A useful nest.”


Fran recited quietly. Rather than it being a conversation, it was murmuring to himself. It was just that Ian was able to hear it. At one instance, there was even sparks in the eyes.


‘A nest?’


It was then Ian was felt something odd. Moving his attention, Fran turned back towards the portal. He was also motioning as if to be urging to go back with him.


“Let’s go.  As I have to make some progress in my research as well.”


The research to systematize the power of the language. He meant to make progress in that research. It hasn’t even begun earnestly, yet. That’s how chaotic various places were in the world.



“It’s definitely warmer in the headquarters?”


Fran walked to the middle of the headquarters and research lab as he shivered.  Then there rose up books, from all over the place, and they opened.  Even without any motions, not even reciting a spell, it happened automatically.


“Sir Ian.  Let me hear that story again.”




“I mean the techniques of magic.”





For few days, Ian had to explain the techniques of magic to Fran.  It was mind blowing initially. Wasn’t it Fran Page, the ‘first sorcerer’, who had first created the techniques of magic to begin with?  However, it seemed that he didn’t even know about the fundamentals and the basics of it, not to mention creating it himself.


‘What in the world…..’


It was a difficult thing to comprehend. However, it was also difficult to keep asking deeper questions. In the end, he could only explain.


“The core to this is stimulation.  Inside the head of human, there exists an organ called brain, and in that brain, there exists a mana brain called the ‘core’.  Not every human has it, only a few humans are born with it.  The technique is a method to stimulate that mana brain.”


“Hm, mana brain.  Stimulation, stimulation…..”


Silence meant thinking. Thinking was making considerations. Fran considered for a rather long time.


Then he slowly spoke.


“Come to think of it, there is something in common with the power that I hold.  I, too, as the expression implied, was born with the power, rather than having achieved it with efforts.  I’m not sure, but the feeling that I have with my plan may possibly be similar to when that mana brain is to be transplanted into someone else.”


Mana brain, the power that the sorcerers were born with. The power of the language, the power that Fran Page was born with. Fran’s expression wasn’t completely incorrect at all. Wasn’t it the effects of those small numbers of people who were born with it? It was just that there were some varying degrees among them.


“Isn’t it a good thing in the end?  I think that if someone else was born with the power, rather than me, perhaps the world would have been turned upside down a long time ago.  No, perhaps, annihilated way back when…..”


Considering even Fran of the present, it was not an incorrect statement.  No matter what, Fran who was being shown in this past was like the protector of the humanity.  He, himself, even had the strong sense of embracing it with respect to having that responsibility and making sacrifices.


“Hm, at any rate, it is stimulation.  The mana brain is stimulating it, via the techniques of magic.  Hmm…..It feels like I’m close to something.”


Fran was lost in thoughts as he closed and opened his hand. The power of language that didn’t necessarily have any systematic characteristics. A method to teach after systematizing that power. There must be a way to do that.


“By any chance.  Can you earnestly train me on the techniques of magic?  I can only think that a method could be seen if the powers of the heaven were to be studied.  Ah, it is OK to reject the request should it be a taboo.  And, I’m not insisting on it.”


The first sorcerer, the entity who had created the techniques of magic, is asking to be taught on the techniques of magic.  It was absurd even thinking about it over and over again, but what could be done?  Since the situation was moving in this way.


“It isn’t at the level of being a taboo.  I’ll transfer the knowledge.”


“Oh, thank you!  It will certainly be a great help to you!”





It has been ten days, or ten and a half days to be exact.  That was, it was all the time that Fran needed in order to be completely trained on the techniques of magic from Ian.


That was true.  It only took Fran ten days before reaching the level of the 8th class.  Furthermore, the effectiveness of his techniques of magic has even passed that of Ian’s.


‘Is he a person, or a monster?’


It was how Ian honestly felt.


Ian did not take a backseat when it came to the ability to learn magic.  However, not only was he overpowered, he couldn’t believe it this time around.  It was because what took Ian two lifetimes to complete, it only took Fran ten days; to reach the level of the 8th class.  Of course, he was someone who was stronger than Ian, even before he had mastered magic, there was a clear difference in the measurement of power and the speed of coming to enlightenment.


“Sir Ian.”


Fran, who has fully experienced the convenience and the mysteriousness of the techniques of magic, spoke to Ian. Has he been enlightened about something? The eyes that were ordinarily filled with chattiness appeared serious.


“I think I know.”


“What are you referring to all of a sudden?”


“The power of the language, would you like to be trained on it?”


“Have you come up with a method?”


“I think I am onto something…..”


Fran who had mumbled off his words.


He cautiously began to speak again.


“…..I’m not certain yet.”


“Then it is not training, but experimenting?”


“Isn’t it all about the frame of the mind?”






The power of the language that had been thought to be taught to the dragons.  The first one to learn that wasn’t a member of the dragon race, but ‘Ian Page’ who had come from the future.  The flow that was quite different than what was known, or a flow that has not been known to the world was beginning to take place.





* * *





It took Ian Page, the 8th class sorcerer, about half a year to learn the power of the language, and at the end of that process, Ian was able to understand.  The ‘9th class’, which was higher than the level of the 8th class, existed as expected.  Only that it couldn’t be reached by the ordinary method.


‘The power of the language.’


That that power would lead to the level higher than the 8th class. The level that surpassed the techniques of magic themselves. That it was the ‘key’ to reaching the level of the ‘9th class sorcerer’.




Ian smiled faintly.


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