Chapter 139:  The Power of the Language (2)


In fact, that was how it was.




The beginning was like ‘unyielding pride’.


The ten days that it took Fran to master the techniques of magic was what Ian wanted to go after.  By mastering the power of the language, Ian wanted to prove that he wasn’t any lesser than him.  Not because it was driven by anyone else, but his own misguided pride was the reason.




However, when he started, even his mindset has changed.  Instead of mastering it quickly, the thought of mastering it perfectly came over him.  It was different in many ways from learning by just scratching the surface.


(Overturn it.)


The prairie that spread out to all directions.


Ian ordered, looking around that space.  Then strange things took place.  There appeared a big hole in the middle of the prairie.  Furthermore, everything was being sucked up into the hole.  All sorts of weeds, soil, stones, clouds, and even the sky, the space, itself, was being sucked up.






Ian raised the top of his left wrist towards the sky after bending it into L-shape.  Then the hole that sucked up everything got moved to a high spot in the sky.  That was, in the middle of the darkness as even the sky had been sucked up.




Out of the hole that was levitating in the sky, everything of the space that had been sucked up began to spew out.


To be precise, the ground, soil, stones, dust, wild weeds, trees, clouds, air.  Every element was returned to its own place.  Instantly, it was as if everything that was sucked up went back to their rightful places like before.  If there was a problem, it was only that everything was in the complete opposite position.


Where the clouds and sky were there was now soil and wild weeds, and where the soil and wild weeds were it was now filled with the sky and the clouds.  It was like the heaven and earth switched their places.




The world that has been turned upside down, that’s where Ian stood alone.  When he recited, the world returned to its original state as if nothing had happened.




Ian brought his irregular breathing back to order.  At the same time, he felt an enormous feeling of euphoria.  It was as if he has taken a dream pill.  It was always like this after having mastered the power of the language in perfection.


‘For some reason, the more it is used…..’


He felt as if he was getting addicted to that perfect and magical authority of the power of the language.  No, it would not be inappropriate to say that he has already been addicted.


“That’s great progress.”


That’s when Fran’s voice was heard. Ian, too, sensed his approach. The approach which he would not have been able to sense in ordinary times. However, it was different from this point on.



“Has everything gone alright?”


Ian asked, having recalled all of his energy.


“Don’t even mention it.”


Has he been waiting for that question? Ian heard Fran’s deflated voice.


“Have you failed?”


“That’s right.  It was another failure.   Again!”


As soon as the power of the language was systematized, he has begun to train the people who he had already selected.  He wanted to train the righteous and good people with the power of the language and name them as the designated protectors, and it was just before that grand plan was to be realized.  No, he thought it was just before it could be realized.


“It seems that being in the body of a human has some limitations.”


Fran murmured with a sigh in his voice.



He began to speak as he looked at Ian.


“Mine and your body seem to have been special.  I mean, it may have been possible for you, Ian, because you are a person from the heaven.  I….I, too, seem to be a strange one as well.”


“Of course, that’s the case.  It is not an ordinary power, is it?”


It was a conclusion that Ian had already anticipated.  Hence, wouldn’t the next turn be the dragons?  Soon, his focus and heart would turn to the dragons, an outside race.  Probably, not much time was likely to have been remaining.


“Yet, there were people who were able to learn those techniques of magic.  As you’ve indicated… that 1st class? 2nd class?   They could only perform at those levels though.”

That was obvious.  Even in Ian’s world in which nurturing sorcerers has been systematized, weren’t most of them 1st class and 2nd class sorcerers?  Furthermore, it wasn’t even worth mentioning it, especially if it was in this world.



“It seems that I have to find a replacement person.”



Fran murmured as if he was talking to himself. Of course, it really wasn’t just talking to himself.



“A being that has the power to harness the power of the language, not vicious like the ordinary beast, or the being that has either equivalent or higher level of intelligence than humans…..”


They were truly difficult conditions. Even Ian, who knew the answer, shook his head. The character that could be responsible for humanity’s end. Have the dragons possessed such character? Based on Ian’s memory.


‘That certainly wasn’t so.’


It was certainly so. However, it was a thing far in the future. In this world, it might be different.

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