“I did meet a flock of such beings this time around, and they seem to satisfy many of the requirements.  They are dragons, and they are like large lizards. In other words, they may be referred to as large lizards with wings.”



‘The large lizards with wings.’


That nickname seemed to have a very long history behind it.


“They were incredible beings.  Being all alone in the world, it was in charge of tens and thousands of gargoyles.”


A dragon was a being with near perfect physical characteristics, and as such, it would easily handle tens of thousands of them.  The issue was that the number of gargoyles would very well exceed tens of thousands.



“Was there such a life form in the world?”




Ian asked, pretending to not know it.


“I, too, just saw them not too long ago.  I’ve heard that they normally live in hiding by forming a nest, up high, in a high mountain range. They didn’t normally get interested in what was going on at the bottom of the mountain range, but I guess the beasts’ mating season must have been quite intense this time around.  Thus, the effects of its aftermath have reached that high of a place.”


It appeared that those beings, the dragon race, must have been well thought of by Fran.  It was possible that he taught them the power of the language as they were well accepted by Fran.


“Ah, I even shared a conversation with their so called the leader.”


“How was it?”


“He was someone that I could converse with.”


Fran replied with a delightful smile. However, adding a bit at the end, his smile faded.


“It’s only that their perspective on us, humans… is a somewhat, subtly different.  Well, it was just a bit of difference in their perspective so there wasn’t much of an issue.  By learning, explaining, and compromising as time goes, it should be just fine.  It is nothing.”


Fran said as if it was nothing. However, Ian saw it right through it. It was a privilege of someone coming from the future. As Fran has said, it was just a ‘slight difference’ in perspectives.  That difference would, no doubt, grow unmanageably bigger.


In the end, the history would flow as it was intended to.


“I’m sure that you’ll resolve it without any issues.”


“Of course.  Isn’t it the last duty of mine?”


However, what Ian said was different than what he was thinking.  Whether it was magical illusion or reality, he didn’t want to affect the grand scheme of how it was supposed to flow.


“By the way, I can’t believe it no matter what. This is the first time a being, other than me, commands the power of the language.  Although I did teach it, how would I put it.  Hmmm….”



Fran fell into a thought as he scanned up and down at Ian. Was it because it was a new kind of feeling, as such, it was difficult to describe it.


“Are you getting anxious?”

However, Ian felt that he knew what Fran was feeling at this time.





“With your entire being.”


“Hm.  It does feel something like that…..”


“Would you like to spar with me once?”


It was Ian’s unexpected proposal, and that proposal encouraged Fran’s new emotion just the right amount.  That’s what it was.


Fran wanted to test Ian in a battle. He wanted to have a formal spar with Ian Page, who was the first ‘equal’ being that Fran has met since he was born, another human who had mastered the power of the language, the helper that was sent by the heavens.


“Would you really be OK with that?”


“I don’t think this is the time to worry about me.”


Ian immediately distanced himself from Fran. It was almost like teleportation. Furthermore, he even gathered the mana together. He has perfectly come to a warlike posture. In fact, it was same for Ian. That was, to have an equal ever since he had mastered the power.


“It was also what I wanted as well.”



In the condition of the equal powers. He wanted to engage in a spar in such a condition. It was different from a simple unwillingness to acknowledge defeat or a game. Through this battle, many things could be determined.


‘The dragon of my time, and Fran Page’s spiritual bodies.’



The beings with incredible strengths. Has the gap with them been narrowed. Or how far ahead of them has he advanced. Those things could be determined.


“….I’ve felt it from the very first moment we’ve met.”


Fran has also decided. He was similar with Ian, yet different. Instead of gathering mana, he has neatly collected mana. The bodily mana has become calm as a lake.



“It felt familiar for some reason.  I thought that, perhaps, I might feel this way if and when meeting someone who was a distant member of the same bloodline.”


Although not sure about Fran. Ian, too, did not want to accept it. The two were related as father and son. There would be no other way, but to be pulled towards each other.


“But now, you are even reading my mind very clearly.  The saying, the world above sees the world below in a single view, seems quite correct.”


Fran has made a decision in his own way. That decision was like a ‘signal’. The signal that pronounced the coming clash of two great ships.

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