The two men sufficiently distanced from each other. And there blew a chilling wind between them. The two did not show even any minute movements. However, what was not moving was only their bodies. Their heads were spinning ever quicker than before. The unfolding energies also painted a map of hell.






(Blow with rage.)


(Swallow up everything.)


(Demolish into million pieces.)


(Strike without mercy.)


(Bound tightly.)


(Grow acutely.)


(Turn the tide.)


The commands that were issued by the power of the language.


(O, the ice fire.)


(O, dark fire.)


(O, the gust wind of desert.)


(O, the thunder and lightning of punishment.)


(O, the mother of prairie.)


(O, the light that chases away darkness.)


(O, the light that devours darkness.)


And there came, rushing, the nature’s executioners that carried out the commands.  It was truly a non-stop battle of numbers, and the aftereffects from those offensive and defensive moves created a great big mess, all around.  Was it acceptable to create such great scars on the earth as if everything was being demolished.






Fran was the first to recognize the end of the battle.  He spewed black blood out of his mouth.  Even though it was for a short time, it was the aftereffects of consuming incredible amount of internal energy and physical stamina.


‘I’m a bit stronger.’


Ian felt confident after seeing Fran that way. Ian was still at ease. It was the same for internal energy and physical stamina, as well.


‘Assessing the situation.’



He felt he could surely defeat Fran. The man who called himself the protector of the humanity. Fran Page who was from many thousands of years ago. He was certain that this meant a great deal.


‘There was no longer a need to fear the dragons.’


Also, Ian could somehow defeat Fran Page, who exists in the original time frame, and even the spiritual bodies that could not be trusted.


‘He thought that he could control me.’


As to why Fran showed the ‘magical illusion’ of the past. Or, allowed Ian to experience the ‘truth’. Ian could roughly hypothesize as to why. First, it was to inherit the power that would help him reclaim his physical body and to inherit that power from himself of the past.


‘Though I’m not sure what other schemes he has planned.’


Furthermore, it seemed that he wanted Ian to empathize with him. The him of the past, who worked hard as the protector. The thought, principle, idealism, great cause, greed, and even the inappropriate relationships with the dragons.


‘You’ve made a mistake.’


However, Ian was certain if he had truly made such a plan, and if he has been sent to this past for that reason, a great mistake had been made.


‘ ‘I’m not that kind of a person.’


Ian knew himself very well. He could never become a hero. He didn’t even have that kind of mindset, or a cause. He had only one thing that he had wished for.


‘That I and my surroundings would live a thousand years in peace.’


That small, yet difficult dream was Ian’s mindset, cause, and idealism.  Only for achieving that dream, he grew tirelessly stronger, protected the cities and the empire, and rushed into dangerous battles without hesitating.  Wasn’t the power that he had being wasted?   Was that the only kind of man he would turn out to be?  Well, Ian had never thought of it that way.



‘Because this is me, all of Ian Page.’


Ian spewed out the ‘verbal spirits’ that he has been mastering.  It was none other than ‘mouth’.  The countless number of mouths has embroidered everywhere.


Unlike the other existing magics, it, very much so, did not seem pleasant.  In fact, it brought about fear and distaste that it mimicked exactly like the devil.




However, having confronted it in person, Fran felt differently. Rather than the weirdness of the situation, he assessed its power. As a result, he immediately learned the identity of the mouths.


“What, when did he garner such power…..?”


Even before Fran was able to counter, the countless number of mouths began to make noises individually.  It was certain that the voices weren’t ordinary.  That was because every individual voice was all ‘power of the language’.







Ian was no longer alone. He has extended the power of the language with the countless number of the mouths. The authority that would overpower even the Fran of the past. The end has come under that power.




The place of the battle, which has been a mess, broke apart as if the space itself was breaking like glasses, or as if to throw out the old dry scale.  Then astonishingly, everything returned to the original state.  That was, like in the shape of things before the two destructive men had engaged in a battle.



“Hugh! Huugh!  Hugh…..!”


Everything came to an end. Fran was no longer able to wield his power. Of course, Ian, too, was pushed to the limit. However, he had a little bit of power left.


“I, I lost.”


It was Ian’s victory.




Ian removed all the energies. Standing still, he looked onto his hands. The power that he could not even fathom himself. That was the power that Ian needed.


‘For the purpose of achieving my goal.’


Ian’s goal seemed small.  However, an incredible amount of power was required in order to achieve that goal.  What was the thing that was threatening the peace around Ian?  Weren’t they the dragon, and Fran Page, the first sorcerer?


So, in order to achieve that small goal, Ian had to perform the most difficult task.


‘To the highest point.’


To rise as the top predator in the food chain and rule as no dragon, or even the first sorcerer could. So they would not even dare to look.


‘I’ll rule.’


Just a few seconds ago.


The moment when Fran acknowledged his defeat.


Ian had reached the top.



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