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Chapter 140:  Calm Before the Storm (1)


“…..Certainly, you are a person from the heavens.”


It was the first words from the defeated Fran Page.


He was unable to recover from the state of being so awed.


It was because he did not have a slightest doubt that he wasn’t going to lose.


Of course, he knew about the fact that his sparring partner has grown incredibly strong.


Still, he couldn’t fathom that it was this much.


“I don’t think there is even a need to teach any others.  If you and I combine our forces…..”


“No, that may be a difficult thing for me.”


It was Fran’s proposal to join forces.


But Ian turned down that proposal.


“Why is it difficult?”


“Am I not a citizen of the heavens?  Soon, I will have to return.  Helping you would be for a brief moment.  Perhaps, about now… I think the time has almost come.”


Ian gave a good enough excuse.


He couldn’t remain in this time indefinitely.


Then Fran’s reply which was filled with grief came back.


“Uuum….I want to ask the prophet to allow for more of your time, but he hasn’t been talking much lately.  The prophet, I mean.  I wonder has something happened to…..”


“He, too, probably is very busy.  So, he has sent me instead.”


Ian said in rather an irresponsible manner.


He couldn’t bring it up to say that the prophet was Fran, himself.


“He… it is regretful at any rate.  It would be great if you could be here with me.”


“Please do think of a method.  Those beings that are called the dragons seem to be reasonable candidates, and do diligently spread the technique that I have taught you.  As every person was born with different talent, and effort level are different, if you continue to teach, wouldn’t you find an excellent apprentice, someday?”


They were a highly considerate few words of advice.


Fran nodded his head upon hearing those words.


“But look.  Those who wield the technique after learning it, what would be the appropriate name for them as a group?  I suppose there should be a plausible name if the plan is to train them.  Do you not agree?”


“The power of the technique is called sorcery.  At least, in the heavens where I came from.  How about calling them sorcerers, following that name?”


Ian actually replied without thinking much.


What would sorcerers be called, but sorcerers?


However, the reply that came back was beyond his thoughts.


“Umm, sorcerer.  It sounds very good.  Then you, Ian, are the first one in the world with the power of the technique…. You will be the benefactor who spread the sorcery.  Well, technically then, perhaps, the first sorcerer.”


The first sorcerer.


He couldn’t help, but be shocked by the name.


The first sorcerer was no other than Fran Page.


That man who was talking at right that moment.


But then what was he saying, all of a sudden?


‘I….I’m the first sorcerer?’


This world, this scenery.


Perhaps, this was not an illusion?


Was this the returning to a truly existing past?


“Ah, I meant to tell you this, but keep forgetting.”


It was when Ian was in a state of confusion.


“I mean when the rendezvous with the dragon took place.  Well, even the dragon had a sir name after his name, like a tribe chief family.  What was the name, was it Reseese….Rajendu?”



Fran’s words continued like a wedge.


“I’m meeting as a representative of the humanity, so it felt somewhat boring to just mention the name of Fran.  Don’t have a face to show either, so….”


Could it be.


Ian’s suspicion could it become a reality shortly.


“In a hurry, sir Ian I borrowed a sir name.  As Page, Fran Page.”


‘The first sorcerer, followed by the ‘sir name’ of Page.


The order has been turned upside down, even the beginning of that sir name.

“Please let me know if this name cannot be used, or some other issues exist.  I’ll go back and correct it right away.  I can go and return in no time.”


Fran was asking for Ian’s opinion.


However, Ian could not reply easily.


He had to put to rest the confusion that he was wrestling with.


‘Is he playing a game?’


The Fran Page of this world.


Was everything part of his trick?


What good would be there with playing such a trick.


‘What and how is everything …..’


It was when his confusion was deepening.


Ian’s vision began to blur.


At the same time, he could feel it.


That it was time to go back.


“Sir Ian?  What’s happening, all of a sudden?”


Shocked, Fran of the past helped Ian stand.


His countenance was one that was filled with sincere concerns.


“…. I think it is nearly my time to go back.”


“Already?  So, so suddenly like this…..?”


The situation has turned rather humorously.


The Fran of the future was clearly a foe.


Hiding his insidious thoughts, he approached Ian.


However, that Fran was considering Ian as a friend.


His heart didn’t even have a small bit of impurity.


“Could we meet again?”


“It may be difficult.”


“Then, then….”


At that moment, Ian made a decision.


Although that man would become the ‘future instigator’, he was a good being, at least in this world.


He was also a hero that the humanity definitely needed.


“I wish…..”


It was a few good words of farewell.


It wasn’t necessary to be begrudging, at all.


“This ideal world, I wish for it to not change.”


To those words of farewell, which also sounded like an advice.


“….Of course.”


Fran of the past also responded with a firm tone.


“As long as I have air in my lungs…..”


However, that reply could not be completed.


The world around began to spread out as if paint was being spreading in water.


How long has it been since that blurring has occurred?


A very familiar space appeared.


It was the library of the house.


“….Will not change until the end.”


However, Fran Page’s voice.


The reply was completed although it couldn’t be heard.




The reason was simple.


The source of the sound was different.


No, it was the same, but different?


“You may not believe it, but I have not changed a single bit.”


The face that was exactly the same as Fran of the past.


And a man with exactly the same voice.


The Fran Page of the present time said.


It appeared to be a spiritual being.


“I was just stabbed in my back by the lizard bastards.”


“…..It wasn’t you who stabbed them first?”


“Perahps, no way.”



There was an uncomfortable silence between the two men, father and son.


Even then, there was a deep, strong sense of tension.


Truly, it was a completely different aura than that of the Fran of the past.


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