The mouth of the huge monster, the king of the gargoyles, truly became twisted.  Rather than just getting twisted, it actually tore apart.


Was that all?  Even every tooth that the gargoyle showed threateningly got pulled out.  Green blood spewed out of it as if the flood gates were opened.




The sound of the bastard’s groaning carried more than just the pain.  The aura of not being able to understand what was happening, and the instinct of fear also wriggled.


“It was better when you just simply cried like a beast.”


Ian’s hand motions did not end there.  Raising his other arm, he moved to make a gesture of tearing up something.  It was the wings.  The hand motions were to tear apart the pair of wings which the gargoyle king had.



(Krrrraaak!  What, this can’t be happening…..!)


“Shut your mouth for second.  Before I twist up even your throat.”


Ian picked up and threw the gargoyle.  That huge body has flown to the other side of the cave and hit the wall hard.  It was the difference in the power from when they first encountered each other.



At this rate, even if the gargoyle king were to recover his powers completely, he would still not dare to fight.




Yet, the gargoyle king did not cringe.  No matter how strong Ian was, he had something that he could rely on.  That was, were there not his tribe members that surrounded the entire mountain range?


(You impudent bastard!  Run now if you want to run!)


It was felt. It rang very loudly. The sound of the gargoyles rushing. The vibration even felt as if there was a ‘small earthquake’. That small quake was eventually getting closer to the cave.


“I’ve been waiting for a while now.”




“For everyone of your kind were to get here.”


Ian did not even blink an eye.



Instead, his facial expression was filled with confidence.


He has been waiting for a while, and that expression was truly fitting.




On top of that, he even began to recite a new spell.  The magic, which superbly combined the base ‘technique’ and ‘the power of the language’, the new spell created secretly in the past world by Ian, the magic that could be called the ‘9th class sorcery’ by Ian himself, was about to be introduced for the first time to the world.




Diamond dust. The ‘9th level class’ that Ian had founded. That fine dust of chilliness was spreading all around. At a glance, it didn’t appear to be anything special. As if a bag of flour has exploded, only the countless number of cold crystals was fluttering in the air.


(Kr, Krrraah!  What can you do with such a silly trick….!)


The king of the gargoyles… It was when that monster was laughing sarcastically.



A single piece of the cold crystals blew up with a pluck sound.


It certainly was a very small explosion.  At least that was how it was at the beginning.




A command given with the power of the language. And with the simple command given by Ian.




The fluttering crystals made thundering noise. This wasn’t a simple explosion. It was the simultaneous ‘discharging’ of concentrated chilliness. ‘Blossom’ indicated the great discharging of that chill.


Paddeuk, Paddeuk, Paddddeuk…!


The coldness of a crystal, a size of of a grain of flour.  The coldness contained in that single crystal was equivalent to the spell of frost nova which Ian and recited in his past life.


What did this comparison indicate?





The king of the gargoyles closed shut his mouth.  It was because what has just transpired was too unrealistic.  It was shocking and awesome at the same time.




Ian put the finishing touches to his spell with a slight sound of his breath, yet the aftermath of Ian’s 9th level class spell, the ‘diamond dust’, was truly amazing.  How could it be described?


“Do you think you can shut up now?”


The way to express it varied.  It was because any metaphor could be applied to it, if one wanted to do so.


However, one of the many ways to describe what has transpired was none other than the ‘snow mountain’.  The walls of the cave were frozen solid, forming a ‘freezer’, and the beast of the cold air spread out to the outside of the cave and covered up the entire mountain range.


(Ah, Aak…..!)


Hence, it was called the ‘snow mountain’.  That was, the ‘mountain range of a spring day’ that was full of warm earth, green grass and trees, has been unexpectedly presented with ‘untimely winter’.  Of course, the countless number of the gargoyles, which the gargoyle king was counting on, could not escape from that coldness, either.


“If you want to live.”


Ian walked towards the gargoyle king.  He did not use any magic, or the power of the language. Yet, the gargoyle king could not move at all.  It was more due to being shocked than being overpowered.


“What you did last time, do it again.”


(What, what…..?)


The dimensionless space where the dragon was in. Ian Page and the king of the gargoyles. The eyes of the two beings met. It was about the same distance as when the petrification spell was invoked before.


“Send me back there.”





The gargoyle king quickly spun his head. But his thinking did not last long. No matter what, he was given an opportunity to live. Furthermore, it didn’t look like he was the target of the bastard. It seemed that he had something to do with the dragons…..


“No?  Then…..”


(No, no!  Stop! Stop it!)


The gargoyle king shouted in horror. There was no reason for him to decline such an opportunity. It was because the dragon did not even have his loyalty in the slightest.




(You are not going to kill me suddenly…..?)


“Depending on your performance.”


(Then, then eyes…. Look into my eyes.)


As soon as Ian’s eyes met the purple colored eyes of the gargoyle king, the ‘petrification’ process commenced.


Certainly, the gargoyle king, but Ian’s body has also changed in to stones.  Of course, only the body has been turned in to a stone, his spirit has entered the purple dimensionless space, the territory of the dragon race.




The purple space into which Ian has returned to.  Ian looked around.  There wasn’t any change from the last time.  Everything was the same from the big purple sphere, to the lightning which sprang from it, and the purple dirt and sand that made up the ground.



(What is this?)


The only thing that was different from the last time, if one existed, was the ‘dragon’.  Unlike the last time when he came with the gargoyle king, the dragon revealed himself as soon as he came in.  It was the red dragon ‘Herpi Dotos’, the gatekeeper of the purple space, who had dissipated mana from Ian.


(You are… the forbidden power…..)


When that red dragon’s voice, which was filled with questions, was about to continue.


“Baby lizard, be silent.”


Ian cut the lizard off immediately.

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