Chapter 142 8th Class Mage

Chapter 142:  Calm before the Storm (3)

(You arrogant…..!)

It was the first time for sure.  That was, to have someone, a human being at that, to be talking such absurdity right in to his face.

“It would be helpful if you can see my point at once.”

Upon hearing the response from ‘Herpai Dotos’, the red dragon, Ian sighed as he murmured, shaking his head.  Why was it that everyone was so eager to look down on humans whether one was a dragon or the gargoyles’ king?

“Did I expect too much?”

Ian raised one hand and then lowered it softly.  It was as if he was crushing a tiny ant.  Then the red dragon Herpai Dotos’ knees became buckled as if he was kneeling.  Furthermore, even his long neck and head plopped down, burying into the purple sandy ground.


Herpai Dotos felt a rush of surprise by the unanticipated event.  The present situation was hard to understand.  Why was he getting buried into the ground?  Who was doing this?  Was it that little human?  No, that couldn’t be.  That much was certain.……


However, his belief did not come to fruition.  Before that, he felt so much gravitational force from that little human’s hand gesture.

Considered to be the strongest embodiment of all life forms, which has even attained a certain experience level of the power of the language, the dragon could not even move a finger.

“Reseese Rajendu, your leader.  Call him.”

(Do, do you think he will come to see you when you ask to see…..)

“I have something to tell him about Fran Page.”

(…..What?  Fran, Fran Page?)

“He is also called the first sorcerer.”

The dragon knew of Fran Page as the first sorcerer.

The explanation with respect to the past was not necessary at all.

(You, you are…..!)

“Not me.”

(Such power is reserved only for our race and no other…..!)


Herpai Dotos’ body was getting buried even deeper.  Going further deeper would be like being buried alive.

“That’s not it,”

The difference in power was clearly demonstrated.

When that difference was about to climax.


A clear voice was coming from far away.  It was also a familiar voice.  It was the voice of ‘Reseese Rajendu’, the spiritual being of the leader of all dragons, who lived in the repository of time.

(Release that child.)

It wasn’t just Reseese Rajendu, but a countless number of dragons that flew in from the empty sky.  It appeared that every member of the race, except the ones that maintained the purple seal that housed Fran, came forth.

‘Surely, it will be challenging for me, alone.’

He felt a big threat.  However, it was different than from the past.  Ian did not feel the similar level of fear as when he had first faced the dragon, during which time he felt like his body was being paralyzed.

It was an effect of knowing he has harnessed powers that were similar to theirs, and there was a sense of relief in knowing that there was a being of another self in himself.

[Proofreader note: Remember the sacrificial resurrection selves that are gathered from branching timelines]

(Fran Page, did you say you’ve come to talk about him?)

Reseese Rajendu’s low toned question. Ian replied, gathering all his energy.

“It seemed that you’ve grown another horn.  Here, on the top of your nose?”

(…..Do you know me?)

How could he not know? He has seen him a number of times in the repository of time. He had even rolled around in the name of some sort of a test or something.

“I’ve met your spiritual being before.”

(That child, he must be quite lonely.  I thank you as he might have endured it all alone, for a long time.)

What was he thankful for. Ian let it pass without much thought. Then he continued to speak.

“At any rate, as I’ve said just now, I’ve come to visit you to talk about Fran Page.”

Reseese Rajendu fell into a deep thought upon hearing Ian.  Ian was definitely a dangerous being.  There were many risks in talking to such a being in a defenseless fashion.   Much judgment and consideration would be needed.

(Is talking all you want to do?)

“Today, yes.”

(It means it could change.)

“I’ll decide after hearing you, first.”

The dragons wriggled at Ian’s rather arrogant conversational tone.  Or it could be said that they were enraged. However, the subject to which the arrogance was directed, Reseese Rajendu, did not even make a minute movement.  It just seemed that he fell into a deep thought.

(What kind of answer do you want from me?)

Reseese Rajendu said after a long consideration.

It was a question of what Ian wanted to ask.

“I’ll say it in simple terms.”

Truly Ian spoke in a simple fashion. He spoke immediately in a straightforward way.

“I think I am a descendant of Fran Page.  Just recently, his spiritual being had approached me, and I was even taught the power of the language.  He said that by combining his power with mine, we ought to annihilate your kind.”

Annihilate. The ambience has changed with just that one word. It was different than a simple rage or defiance. It was enmity that rose from deep down. A highly concentrated form of enmity was being displayed.

“I am not sure if you were aware, but I have been receiving direct and indirect threats from your race, all my life.  Maybe because of that, my mind tells me to destroy you all.  Not just you, but also Fran Page, and that dangerous race as well.  That is my true feeling though.”

There was even a murderous spirit in his response. However, that murderous spirit soon faded.

“Of course, it will be hard.  So, I’ve come to discuss it.  As to which drum beat I should dance to, and how I should control the situation, so that I’ll avoid getting stabbed in the back.  I need to make an accurate assessment.”

Using mana, Ian made a form of a ‘chair’.  Then he sat on it, even crossing his legs.  At this moment, it was as if he had entered the creativity realm, rather than the realm of sorcery.


It was Reseese Rajendu who was examining the actions and words of Ian.

He parted his huge lips.

(Our race has never placed any threats on your life.  Although I’m not sure as to what extent indirect threats would make up, at least I’m certain that we have never made direct threats on you.  This is because we’ve just known about the existence of your being for the first time.)

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