143 Part 1

Chapter 143:  Calm before the Storm (4)


(He longed to reach the level that was higher than our entire race combined. He envied our flesh, and ultimately, he had ascertained it. He had even declared himself a golden dragon. From there on, everything is as you know it.  And the relationship has soured with no way of turning back.)

The war between Fran Page and the dragon race. Reseese Rajendu reminisced about the memories from that time. It was a very painful memory to recall.

(Fran Page, who has ascertained the dragon’s body, half of the race was sacrificed while fighting that imperfect being.  As he was invincible in that form and couldn’t be killed, a decision was made to seal him as the next best option.)

The war in which half of the dragon race had been sacrificed.  Although it wasn’t recorded in human history, it was certain that that war was of the greatest scale, and the fiercest one of all the wars in history.

“The invincibility that you are referring to…” Ian who has been listening in silence. He brought up a topic to talk about.  “…What exactly is it?”

The power of the entire dragon race was certainly not weak.  That was, it would be stronger than even Ian’s own power, rather than weaker.  It was the invincibility which even those beings couldn’t defeat?  It was hard to imagine.

(He took his original form in the end- after he was burned, sliced, and even completely annihilated.  Of course, he even came back in perfect shape as well.  It appeared as if he had transcended beyond the realm of humanity, perhaps, even from the realm of life.)

Ian’s eyes narrowed upon hearing that response. It seemed like a very familiar way for some reason.

‘It’s the same as the masters.’

The eight masters that Fran Page had left. Six of which have fallen into Ian’s hands.  It was the same eternal youth and immortality. To borrow the masters’ expression, it would be the ‘blessing of eternal life’. It seemed like the blessing that was also a curse.

“Do you, by any chance, have any ideas on that power of immortality?  Maybe a way to destroy it, or the source of it.  Anything that you may know.”

(Should I have known such things, sealing would not have been chosen as the alternative.)

Reseese Rajendu replied lingeringly. Had he known of a way, it would have been tried a long time ago.


He didn’t stop speaking even after that. He seemed to have a response to Ian’s question.

(What is certain is that the capability of his being was not confined to magic.  He truly stood out in many different areas.  Especially in alchemy, he has left great marks in the field of alchemy.  He would normally say that the link between sorcery and alchemy could never be separated.)

Ian was also very familiar with the expression with respect to the unbreakable link between the sorcery and alchemy.  This saying was still applicable in the present world.  Of course, the sorcerers were seen as having a higher class, and they, themselves, wanted to be treated in that way as well, it appeared to be an unshakable truth that survived through many thousands of years.

(Based on my race and my estimation, we think that the power of that invincibility did not simply come about from the power of the language, or the power of techniques.  It’s like with the Repository of Time, the fact that you met my spiritual being implies that you have been to the Repository of Time, correct?)

“The Repository of Time, that’s right.”

(The secret elixir that allows passage to that space was also Fran Page’s creation.  It was as if he had extracted the power of the dimensionless space, which was in the gargoyle’s eyes, through alchemy.  Likewise, I had also thought that the power of invincibility was a product, resulting from the combination of many fields.  Of course, I can’t be sure of it, and even if it was true, I wouldn’t know his weaknesses.)

Like having created the dimensionless space using the gargoyles’ eyes, could the power of invincibility, too, have been made by something other than magic?  That was the thought of Reseese Rajendu, the leader of the dragon race.

‘Hm.., alchemy…..’

Come to think of it, Fran had eight masters. Two of them have never returned. Could one of them have been an alchemist?

‘I need to ask the masters about it.’

The weakness of Fran Page. It would definitely be helpful if it could be learned. Having engraved it deep in his thought, Ian continued to ask.

“May I ask another question?”


“The seal, how long do you intend to maintain it?”

(I intend to maintain it forever, or as long as the time permits.)

“Are there any unstable factors that could cause the seal to break?”

(Should the gargoyles become extinct, it could become unstable.  That is because that seal is being maintained solely based on the power of the dimensionless space which exclusively exists in the gargoyles’ eyes.)


At that moment, Ian felt a sudden tingling sensation.   He suddenly remembered what he had done just before entering this space.  ‘Diamond Dust’, the 9th class level magic.  Did he not apply that spell in annihilating all the gargoyles in the vicinity of the mountain range?  Of course, a few would be found alive, here and there, if one was to search really hard.

(What’s wrong?  You don’t look too well.)

“Hmm, I feel like I might have killed too many.”

(Killed? What? You mean the gargoyles?)

“Since they kept standing in my way…..”

Ian’s tone of voice has been firm up to this point. However, that tone has begun to quiet down.

(That’s fine.  Isn’t the king of the gargoyles still alive?  With his capacity to reproduce, there is nothing to worry about.)

“…..That’s a relief”

Ian cleared his chest. It was truly a relief for Ian.

“Are you in a perfect position to defend against Fran’s spiritual beings?”

(The spiritual beings are the mediums of this space, that is, they cannot encroach, even a single step, into the mountain range that the gargoyles and their king reside.  As soon as they enter, they would be annihilated instantly due to the trap set by the power of the language.)

“Wouldn’t it be possible that he might have found a way to destroy the trap?”

(There is always a variable in everything.)

“So, you mean, it is still worrisome.”

Ian drew a short conclusion. He spoke as he unfolded his arms that had been crossed.

“….What if.  What if Fran Page was to lose his invincibility, or was to become annihilated, so you no longer have to maintain the seal.  What would you do from then on?”

When all oppressions and duties disappeared with the dragons returning to the world… That life was the most important thing than anything.

(I would want to rest first.)

“And after resting?”

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