143 Part 2

(After resting, hmm…)

Reseese Rajendu thought about it for a while. He instantly turned into a human form. It was in the appearance of a handsome, red haired man.

(I want to travel around the changed world.  Very leisurely that is.)

“Is that everything?”


Seeing the world. Suddenly, the words from the Fairy Queen came to his mind. Those spoken words when she had introduced her very long name.

‘There is someone who rather took very good care of me.  Whenever he would come back from traveling around the human world, he would attach a human name to me.  He would attach the name to me, saying that he either liked a human with the name or it sounded nice.  I know how you think about it, but this is the one precious name that I have.’

Perhaps, it was Reseese Rajendu who ‘used to take especially good care of her’.  Based on the stories, it must have been true that the dragon race enjoyed traveling the world on a regular basis.

“Thank you for your words.”

(Is that it?)

“Yes, for now.”

He has heard everything that he wanted to hear for now. Only the small work of filtering what was and wasn’t true has remained.

“Ah, and.”

Ian continued as if he had just thought of something.

“By the way, that human form.  Have you shown it on purpose?”

(What do you mean?)

“I mean, was your transformation based on the standards of human aesthetics.”

It was a rather out of the blue question by Ian. Reseese Rajendu responded in a leisurely fashion.

(If I was going to do it, wouldn’t something good looking be better?)

“In today’s world, you have to do much better to pass as a good looking person.  That’s because so many who look like that, or even better looking exist in the world these days.  People of today have very high standards.”

Ian said while thinking of the crowned prince Hyden Greenriver. Wasn’t he even better looking than any other man? It would be believable that he had been chiseled to perfection. No matter what, the crowned prince was better looking. By far.

(…..I will keep that in mind.)

“Then I will see you shortly.  Although I’m not sure whether we would meet as friends, enemies, or in other forms…..”

It was when Ian was about to extend his farewell.

(O, leader of all races!  We cannot accept it!)

From the empty space, six dragons forcefully flew in.  They were Herpai Dotos, the sentry, and the dragons that were part of the youngest group of the tribe.

(Please send us out to the world immediately!  With your permission, we’ll locate that human’s body, a descendant of Fran Page, and eliminate him!)

The young dragons definitely showed clear hostility towards Ian.  Even the experienced older dragons remained silent at the intrusion.  It was because they all thought the same way.  Someone who mimics the incredible power of Fran Page has appeared.  Furthermore, it was difficult for them to determine for sure whether he would become a foe or a friend in the future.  Let such a being live?  It was a situation that they could not fathom no matter what.

(Return.  I’ll not give the orders that you seek.)

(O, leader!  He is a descendant of Fran Page……!)

(Do you intend to disobey me?)

Reseese Rajendu stepped forward with a resolute tone. Even then the young dragons did not back down.

(It is not disobedience!  We are giving patriotic counsel!)


Reseese Rajendu thought for a bit.  He has lived as the leader for multitudes of time.   As such, he has been leading the race with that much power and wisdom.  Now that the words of ‘patriotic counsel’ have been uttered out of the young dragons’ mouths, it has become nearly impossible to stamp it down in the name of his title.

(So, that being that claims to be Fran Page’s descendant, you six believe…..)

“He is Ian Page.”

(That you can defeat Ian Page?)

In response to Reseese Rajendu’s question, the young dragons puffed out their chests.  With every body movement, they all demonstrated self pride and the sense of accomplishment.

(We, the young dragons, have accomplished much growth as well.  Although it cannot be compared to the elders of the race, if we were to combine our forces, we believe that we can surely defeat him.  Please give us permission to fight at the level that won’t risk the maintenance of the seal.  For sure, for sure, we’ll accomplish…..)

(Then do engage right now.)

(We shall…. Sir?)

It was truly a sudden, unexpected proposal made by Reseese Rajendu. The young dragons and even Ian were all surprised.

(It is a proposal for you to battle that spiritual being of Ian Page.  If you can subdue him perfectly, I’ll give you permission.  However, I’d hope you would retract your ‘patriotic advice’ should you not even be able to defeat that spiritual being, not to mention the true body.)

First, try battling the spiritual being. He will allow them to go out if they could subdue Ian’s spiritual being. However, they were to abandon the notion were they to fail. Reseese Rajendu’s proposal was simple.

(Human, Ian Page, what do you think?  It appears the young ones are having doubts about your powers, so how about teaching them a small lesson, if you don’t mind?  Feel free to turn it down if you don’t want to.)

The choice has come back to Ian. Of course, he had no intention of turning it down either.

“Are the opponents….just those six over there?”

(That’s right.  They are the young imposing juniors of the race.)

“Is it OK for them to be killed?”


“That baby lizard…., it seemed that those imposing juniors wanted to see blood.”


“Hm, that’s cumbersome.”

Ian made a groaning sound. However, his movements expressed the exact opposite. He began to relax the joints and muscles everywhere. That appearance seemed closer to being a knight than a sorcerer.

“Well, still.”

After the joints and muscles came the mana. He did not draw it as recklessly as he had before. It appeared as if he was spreading it evenly in a controlled manner.

“Nothing I couldn’t do.”

He was getting anxious anyway. He has been wanting to see how many of those dragons he could personally handle, rather than to guess how many he could handle. Hence, a great opportunity has just found its way to him, at last.

“It is not a difficult challenge.”

Ian has accepted the proposal.  Furthermore, even a sarcastic remark was made, and with that remark, a powerful wind of mana discharged from and around Ian’s legs, and a thick, purple sand storm whirled, covering up the entire area.



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