144 Part 1

Chapter 144:  Calm before the Storm (5)


(You, who are the descendant of the mad human Fran Page, the root cause of the ill-fated relationship over the several thousand years.   After destroying your crude spiritual being, I’ll immediately set out to the world and will also find your real body.)


“Well, that may be a bit difficult?”

As his counterpart has changed, Ian’s tone also changed to being dismissive.  Even being a young dragon, it probably lived longer than Ian.  In fact, the length of that gap between the two would be very great.  However, Ian did not back down.  That was because he did not want to speak with decorum to that group of ‘lizard bastards’.


(You, arrogant human, your pride sees no bounds only having a single successful surprise attack!)


‘Herpai Dotos’, the red dragon, which had been instantly defeated by Ian when they met, shouted in a little excited tone.  Was that all?  He intensely stared at Ian as if he was about to chew up Ian.


“The pride of the one who was defeated, reaching high is funny as well.”




“You drummed up and brought a bunch of your friends after getting a little beat down?”


(Is there fairness in hunting?)


“Was there ever any pride in lizards?”


(You bastard….!)




It was a conversation that went nowhere.


There was no more reason to talk anymore.


It would just dry up their mouths.


Kwang!  Kwang!  Kwang!


Rather than engaging in a useless talk, the six young dragons, with Herpai Dotos as their leader, began to thump their paws on to the ground.  The sound that was created was like that of a thunder.  That was definitely an expression of anger and animosity such that the ambience that has been created was as if to cause an immediate bloodbath.


“Are you showing off for being large?”


The sound that they were making was overwhelming such that an ordinary entity and even an unordinary entity would fear.  However, it did not work at all on Ian.   All that just felt like large bodies making booming noise to Ian.


“Not very impressed.”


Showing a slight smile, Ian raised high his right foot.


Furthermore, he smashed the purple sandy ground with a booming sound.


It was the same way of thumping the ground as that of the six dragons.


However, the outcome was on a different scale.




The ground on that which was smashed began to show cracks.  Like a fan, tens of lines of cracks stretched out with enormous velocity.  It was ‘Ian’s way of responding’ to the young dragon’s thumping.


“Come on.”


Ian even flicked his finger.  His confidence filled appearance was enough to incite the wraths of the young dragons.  How could a mere human being be that audacious?  Nothing was more insulting that this.  They wanted to finish Ian off as soon as possible.  That was, including the real body that was hiding somewhere in the outside world as well as that altered spiritual being.




However, the wrath of the six young dragons.


Kwang!  Kwang!


Also, the ‘advice’ that they had given to Reseese Rajendu so that they could eliminate Ian had just been completely halted.  The reason was simple.  No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t even defeat Ian’s spiritual being…


“It wasn’t even a surprise attack this time.”


Kwaang!  Kwaang!  Kwaang!


The beating was strictly ‘one way’.


That was, on the group of dragons before Ian’s power.


In fact, it seemed to be more one way than when Ian had launched a surprise attack.





Having thrown the six young dragons to the ground, Ian spoke to ‘Herpai Dotos’, the sentry, by tapping him with the tip of his foot.  It was the most humiliating moment of the strongest of all creations, yet he could not respond in any way.  It wasn’t just Herpai Dotos.  It was same for all the other dragons.  Every one of them was buried in the purple sand, and could only wriggle about.


“If you have any other issues, speak now.  I’ll resolve them for you.”

(Krrrr…..!  You bastarrrd…!  How dare…!)


That feeling of humiliation did not rise from the tapping of Ian’s foot.  The reason for the overwhelming sense of humiliation came from the fact that all six of them were defeated by that human, Ian Page, let alone by his spiritual being.  They were shaking at the unimaginable outcome.


(Surely, are you his descendant?)


(Can’t believe it is the power of a human being.)


(Has he, the man of nightmare, returned….!)


The other dragons that were watching from a distance couldn’t help, but be astonished as well.   The incredible power, they felt from Fran Page in the ancient days, which was too strong to be belonging to a human being, was clearly felt from this little young human, Ian Page.


It was the feeling of reliving the past nightmares of losing half of their race.  Was it because of that, the murderous spirit against Ian permeated even stronger.


“Is it sufficient now?”


Of course, whether the little dragons were gnashing their teeth or not.


Whether other dragons were channeling murderous spirits or not.


Ian nonchalantly asked Reseese Rajendu.


(It was a good lesson.)


Reseese Rajendu swayed his long neck back and forth in response to that question.


(Those children, too, should have learned something.)


“I still think that they would just make some excuses.”


(They are smart.  Soon, they would learn much more.)


The young dragons kept still upon hearing Reseese Rajendu’s words.  Then supporting each other, they removed themselves to a distant spot.  That was because they could no longer speak to Ian in disrespectful tones as the leader of their race was speaking in respectful way.  Furthermore, a defeat was a defeat.



“May I return now?”


(Certainly.  Do return.)


“I’ll try to pay you another visit shortly.”


(As an adversary, or as a friend?)


“It could be something other than those two.”


(True.  I shall wait for good news.)


“I’d like that as well.”


Ian said a short farewell.


His body became blurred.


It was the unique condition of the spiritual being, losing its form.




That was how Ian’s body disappeared.



Once again, only the dragon race and the purple sphere remained inside the purple space.



* * *


(Atar Haka.)


Inside the dimensionless purple space from which Ian has disappeared, Reseese Rajendu, who has just been speaking to Ian, said as he was staring into the empty space.  Then another dragon came forth, flying from that direction.  It was the ‘black fire’ Atar Haka, a dragon with black hide and scale, and the second highest in the ranks of the dragon race.

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