144 Part 2


(By any chance, is there any remnant magic trickery of that person?)


The black dragon Atar Haka closed his eyes upon Reseese Rajendu’s question.  Then he widely spread gray mana out to every direction.   It felt similar to Ian’s ‘seer detection’, the wide area detection spell.


(No.  At least based on my vision.)


(Is that so.  Then it must be so based on your abilities.)


Based on the definite conclusion drawn by Reseese Rajendu, ‘detection’ must have been the specialty of the black dragon Atar Haka.


(Atar Haka, I have an assignment for you for the first time in a long while.)


(Do you mean the surveillance of that human that was just here?)


(He is powerful. He seemed sharp and not very trusting.  Understand that you are the only one who can do this.)



Reseese Rajendu had an apologetic tone in his voice.


Atar Haka, the black dragon, replied to that voice.


(Everything is for the race.)


Then Reseese Rajendu recited the same words.


(Everything is for the race.)


As soon as that ‘oath of race’ has been exchanged, black fire engulfed Atar Haka’s body.




* * *




“…Surely, the lizard bastards cannot be trusted.”

Ian Page, who has awoken in his own physical body, murmured in short breaths.  He breathed out unconsciously after looking at the strange scenery that was panned before him.  It was as if the dust from every direction was being congregated in one spot, but what was astonishing was the fact that it seemed to be forming the ‘shapes’ of the dragons, to be more precise, the shapes of ‘Atar Haka’, the black dragon, and Reseese Rajendu, the leader of the dragon race, in real time.  Of course, their conversation was clearly being heard, too.


“Does everyone, including Fran Page and the dragons only have the intention to hit me on the back of my head?”


It was the incorporated form of the technique and the power of the language.


As Ian called it, the 9th class level.


It was the effects of dust watch, the ‘dust watcher’, which was one of the great transcendental magic skills.


“I suppose, I was also thinking about whose head of the two to hit as well.”


Ian let out a smile.


He murmured as he swirled the gathered dust.


“Whose back of the head should I hit first?”


That was what Ian’s first decision was.  It seemed that the only answer was the truth filled desire to ‘eliminate both from Ian’s path’, which was what he wanted from the beginning.  The problem was how to do it.  The powers of Fran Page and the dragon race were truly immense.  It was difficult, to say the least, for Ian and by his power alone.


‘Both sides must be manipulated just enough.’


That was, to lead them to help in eliminating each other.  For now, the best he could do was to ‘walk the tight rope’.  Although it would be risky, what was required of Ian now was to be able to keep his balance in the process.



‘Will look for Fran Page’s weakness first.’


That was the most urgent task.  Fran Page’s ‘invincible power’.  Everything about the ‘origin’ of that power that had even been partially applied to the masters, and the ‘destruction method’ must be learned.  Only then could he hold an upper hand over Fran Page, and fulfill his promise of granting deaths to the masters.


‘Only then I can utilize it without a worry.’


Fran Page was always a ‘double edged sword.’


The preparation needed to use that sword to eliminate.


That would be the foundation of the beginning of every plan.


‘There is a need to be more daring in this regard.’


Even the dragons could not fully analyze the invincible power.


Wasn’t it only a guess that just a bit of ‘alchemist ability’ had been added?  It certainly wasn’t easy for Ian, alone, to investigate the power that was enshrined in such a mystery.  Hence, he needed to think of another way.  That was, with more audacity and more aggressiveness.



‘Ask him directly.’


Fran Page.


To Fran Page who wields the power of invincibility.


Ian thought about directly asking Fran Page.


‘There is no way that he doesn’t know that I’ve met the dragon.’


Ian did not see Fran Page lightly.  No matter if he had uncovered the spiritual beings that were used as watchers, and had cheated their eyes by using puppet play and several magic tricks, Ian could not be confident that he was completely beyond Fran’s surveillance network.  Wasn’t it that Fran taught Ian the power of the language without any hesitance because he was also able to control Ian in some way?


‘I’ve met the dragon, and as a result, I’ve decided to help you, Fran Page.  So, grant me the power of invincibility as well.’


That was Ian’s plan in short.


Ian would concede making contacts with the dragon race.


As a result, Ian has decided that he couldn’t trust the dragons.


So, Ian would inform his intention to help Fran.


In return, would ask Fran to grant him the power of invincibility.


Then he could also uncover some weaknesses in the process as well.


‘Not sure if it would work though.’


However, this was the most optimal way for now.  Although it wasn’t certain whether it would work on the thousand year old serpent or not, but it was worth trying at least once.


“….I have decided to join you.”


Ian thought about what he would do going forward. He recited towards the empty sky. It wasn’t an act based on some certain foundation. It was only a reciting accompanied by half baked assumption.


“Fran Page.”


However, his assumption has hit the target accurately.  There came a different change in the empty space as soon as Ian’s definite decision was murmured.  That was, the space itself began to slide open as if it was a door that could be opened and shut.



“That’s a smart decision.”


There was a man who slid open that ‘door of the empty space’.


Fran Page said with satisfaction.




He has always existed.


He could always hear.



And he could have always appeared.


The unique blood line and the unique method.


As long as he was in the vicinity of ‘Ian Page’.


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