145 Part 1


Chapter 145:  The Power of Immortality (1)


“….Is that still possible for you as just an altered spiritual being?”


“Haha, should have been born better.  Me, that is.”


“You must really be thrilled.”


As if to have had enough, Fran summed up Ian’s words as he murmured.  Although it was a light hearted conversation, the depth of it could not be determined.  For crying out loud, how powerful was the altered spiritual being?


‘It was said that he had killed one half of the dragon race…’


Just because the power of the language was learned did not make him an easy opponent.  There could only be some chance of winning only after finding out enough of his weaknesses first.


“I’ll come clean first.  I am on my way back after having met the dragon.”


“I already knew.  But, that’s OK.  No need to think too seriously.  I would have done the same thing myself.  Nothing wrong with being cautious.  What is important, Ian, is that you’ve chosen me.”


There was a sense of unconcealable excitement, and satisfaction in Fran’s voice.  He might have been a many thousands year old fox that were able to wear many masks.  At least, that was what Ian sensed.


“So, how was it meeting the dragon in person?  Aren’t they a less trustworthy race than you might have thought, no?”


“That applies to you to as well…”


“Of course, it’s hard to trust me either.  I understand.  I understand it all.  However.  As long as you’ve chosen me, would you start to trust me from now on?  At least, trust me more than those lizard bastards is what I’m asking.”


An emotional plea followed the excited satisfaction.  The appeal was there in his plead for trust.  What if even this was a mere act and a fake façade?  He must certainly be an incredibly crazed bastard.



“…That was the reason for choosing you in the first place.”



However, even Ian was wearing a fake façade.


It was the time to put an act to hide his true intention.


“As you said, that dragon, it was hard to trust the lizard bastards, no matter what.  They showed act of honor, but as soon as I went away, they put a tail on me.  Was it Atar Haka, the black dragon?”


Atar Hata, the black fire, the black dragon.


It was certainly a familiar name to Fran as well.


“He is the lizard, also known as the shadow dragon.  He has great sense for a four legged beast.  If he was on your tail…, they may be eavesdropping on this very conversation too.”


A dragon with great senses.  Although the expression was simple, it was very fathomable that it implied a lot of meanings.  The excellence in his ability to track and be secretive must be given since he has been assigned as a watcher to someone like Ian.


“Well, let them eavesdrop as they please.  At any rate, the fact that they placed a tracker on you is the proof that they have accepted our alliance.  They have probably completed any preparatory work that they felt necessary.”


Fran said as if it was nothing.


He no longer seemed to have any concerns or worries.


It was because he has gained millions of troops just by gaining the name of Ian as his ally.


“Ian, the plan is simple.  I’ll send you back to that space, so you can distract them from maintaining the seal.  One very small opening is all I need.  I can personally crack open the seal.  And it will be a war from that point on.  A war with 70 percent chance of winning, which makes it worth the fight.”


It was a much simpler plan than was expected.  Of course, as far as the difficulty was concerned, it was the riskiest venture that Ian would be involved with in all of his life.  Fran was asking Ian to wreak havoc in the home of the dragons, all by himself at that.  If Ian had heard that a few days ago, he would have balked at the suggestion as being insane.


“You’re insane.  You call that simple?”


“What could go wrong other than dying?”


“I have no intention of dying.”


Fran who has the power of immortality. To him, death was only a distant concept. However, Ian could not be that carefree. Furthermore, from a mortal’s point of view, it was an opportunity.


“…So, as I was saying.”


The power that was with Fran Page.


It was the chance to get more information about that power.


“The lizards’ leader.  According to Reseese Rajendu, you are an invincible one who lives forever no matter how many times you were to be killed.  I know of it somewhat.  The masters that were created by you also have it, too?”



Ian breached the topic of the power of immortality. Fran, too, responded in carefree manner.


“It’s an interesting power.  I, too, obtained by accident.”


“By accident?  Are you saying that you do not know how to harness it?”


“Oh, no, not that.  You underestimate me!”


Fran replied rather prudishly, and he extended his arm to outside the library window.  Then a random bug flew into the room.  Furthermore, black colored energy spewed out of Fran’s palm.  Its target was certainly the bug.


“Ian, you don’t need to try that hard.”


Engulfed in the black energy, the bug, a small life form, fell to the floor as if it has met the end of its life.  Furthermore, it even got trampled on by Fran’s foot.  The bug, as could be described, has been crushed, but then an incredible thing took place at that moment.


“Even if you learn of my weaknesses.”


The body of the bug has turned into fine powder and rose up in the air.  Going further, it began to take a certain shape, and it was the very same shape and color of the bug when it was alive.  It has come back to life completely.


“It won’t be useful.”


The bug that came back to life flew out the window. The power of immortality was demonstrated right before Ian’s eyes. Yet, it was not even possible to assume anything.


‘What is it?  Is it really just magic?’


Were there any auxiliary effects like that of alchemy?  Come to think of it, there wasn’t even any trace of mana, either.  It was a power that was just impossible to even guess where it came from.  It was truly a very bewildering moment, yet Ian maintained his calm composure.


“Weaknesses are weaknesses, but I am envious of that power, you know.”

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