147 Part 1

Chapter 147: Need for Chance (1)


Ian’s head was whirling with thoughts. No matter how many divisions were made, it would not be infinite, and someday the last soul would disintegrate.


‘Wait, then they…’


The immortal troops disturbed Ian. Did Fran turn back the many natives and the monsters’ times as he turned back Ian’s during the Ragnar incident?


“Let me ask something.”

“It is true that kids are said to be as curious as they are smart.”

“Stop fooling around.”


Ian growled softly to satisfy his curiosity about those immortal troops.


“How did you make them?”


[You’re talking about our friends who listen to what I say? They are different as I told you, the power of immortality has two different categories. The first is those whose egos and bodies are all right like the artisans and me. The second is those with nothing left for them as everything crumbled down. It is evident that the troops belong in the latter category.]


Fran’s overbearing behavior made Ian’s insides lurch. However, since he could not continue to cause friction, Ian repressed his urges and continued with his question.


“I mean that I’m curious about how the latter gains immortality. If the question is tough to answer…”

[There’s nothing to it. It’s an…imitation of sorts.]


Ian focused as he thought that the imitation referred to that of the power of immortality.


[The artisans are eight splendid people I nurtured directly by making them study as much as they could by repeating the power of time. However, I erased their memories regarding time.]


Fran explained that the artisans went through numerous returns and became artisans who could easily handle artifacts.


[So they could also stock up on souls, and I gave them the power of immortality since it became the case. It would be troublesome for me if they died after I went through all those processes. I was going to make them research artifacts for the rest of their lives next to me, but since I became like this…Whew!]


Fran spoke in half jest, half self-deprecation. He seemed to be sorrier that he could not utilize them as much as Ian could after nurturing them.


[On the other hand, how should I call them? Since they are the army of the immortals, I will call them the immortal troops. Those immortal troops are literally the undead. They became idiots in exchange for acquiring immortal bodies. They are above me in terms of the perfection of their immortality, and I would have chosen to become one of them if I could keep my ego and taste buds. Never mind the ego issue; what would life be if you could not taste food?]


Fran’s explanation held more idle talk rather than the main subject, but Ian just heard what he needed and asked back only what was necessary.


“Are they really immortal beings?”

[Why? Are you going to attack them until they die if there is a limit? You are blunt, which is unlike you.]


Ian startled a bit because he felt like Fran read his thoughts. Of course, Ian responded as impassively as possible.


“I could do that.”

[Haha! That might seem like a worthwhile method, and I won’t stop you.]


Fran laughed at Ian’s intentions and returned to the main subject.


[If you want the power of immortality with your ego intact, start overusing the power of time from now on. I’m telling you to stock your extra souls in the imaginary world before the lizards decide to do something about it. I’ll let you know how to use them then.]


Fran was a meticulous person and drew the lines firmly even when it seemed that he was giving away everything. Ian had to ponder over the matter.


‘No matter what the cost, should I learn how to use the souls?’


Would it be an advantage to learn it despite overusing the power of time, as Fran said? It would be advantageous, but the problem was the ‘side effects.’ Ian was troubled by the ‘reckless divisions of the dimensions’ the dragons were also worried about.


‘It’s not even a simple return. Overusing it…’


Ian now knew the truth about the time return. It was not a simple return to the past, dimensions were divided by the moment of change.


‘Then this world would become another dimension, and that’s unacceptable.’


That means that those Ian had formed a connection with, such as his mother, Ledio, Douglas, the crown prince, princess, Oliver, the Fairy Queen, the Dragonian family, the artisans, and the people of Mogrian and Pieric would become different people. Ian could not accept that his mother in his first life would be a different person from his current mother.


‘This life is my last world.’


Ian cemented his decision, but this chance to find a weakness was difficult to give up.




Ian’s mouth opened.


“I don’t want to turn back time.”

[That’s unfortunate.]



“You should at least tell me how to use the two souls I now have because of you. I now have a chance to revive twice and want to use it.”


Ian’s choice was not to stock additional souls by turning back time but utilize the already existing souls. It was a plausible argument.


[That’s impossible. I’m not stupid enough to reveal everything to someone who would betray me. You understand, right? Of course, I cherish you more than anyone else. We are connected by fate that should not be severed by a trivial problem. I will not go into specifics because you would be angry again…]


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