149 Part 2

“He wanted to show you that he was reading difficult books, and that was why he brought the hardest one from the library.”



Ian had thought that Hayden turned the pages with some extraneous force. He probably had started to read with more noise after seeing Ian approach him, and Ian had just passed him by regardless of Hayden’s intentions.


“Ah! Please do not misunderstand that he had brought a book he cannot read. While he has not finished yet, my brother spends all night reading the book. Even my father is worried.”


The princess quickly added some words, and her story was not something she made up.


“He even requested Father to survey the lands before it’s late and wants the trip to be a secret. My brother said he would take only Sir Oliver.”


That question was praiseworthy since books and reports will not let the crown prince know the principles of the ruler.


“That’s a good idea.”

“I also think so, and his safety would be assured with Sir Oliver along.”

“That’s true.”


Her confidence was plausible since Oliver was a swordsman who beat the weakened King of Gargoyles, who had been an ancient predator.


‘There are almost no magicians who could beat Sir Oliver now.’


An individual like that was protecting the crown prince with all his might. Hayden did not have to worry about going anywhere unless it was the middle of the battlefield.


“I do hope that Father would be healthy and rule over us as long as possible. I think that as a daughter, and also as an ideal situation for this empire and its people. However, people cannot go against the natural flow, and my brother’s era will start soon enough.”


The princess continued with what she had to say, which almost sounded like slander against the crown prince.


“I promised myself that I would grow to be a magician for the imperial family, someone would protect my father and brother. However, my willpower often wavered whenever I saw my brother stray off the path.”

“I understand.”

“While my brother has changed, and is changing now, I cannot be certain whether he will become a ruler like Father. Actually, I believe it impossible.”


Terry Greenriver was the current emperor and the princess’s father, and also a wise ruler who would leave his name in human history. It would be impossible for the crown prince to follow in his footsteps on his own. Hayden’s capacity as a ruler would never match his father’s.


“However, my brother is surrounded by people. My father stated that he had not been able to bring people of talent when he had been desperate for them, but my brother brought people in just by breathing…”


The crown prince was born with two things. One was his handsome appearance, and the other was the gift of gathering people together. While most of them had been connected through Ian, Oliver alone was a ‘blessing.’


“My father also mentioned that a true ruler had to have the blessing to pull suitable people in and the eye to use them at the right time and place, rather than having the individual talent to be a perfect sovereign.”


The emperor was correct, and the ruling foundations of the crown prince’s era would change in many places. The affairs of the state would not rely on the decisions of the ruler but would be managed like clockwork by many officials. It would be much more difficult than an individual rule.

Actually, it definitely would be difficult since human beings cannot be controlled.


“Maybe because of his words, I feel some anticipation along with worry. How would my brother rule, and what era would he make? Aren’t you curious?”


Ian was silent for a long time at the princess’s question. It was not a negative one, but Ian just imagined that day.

A world where all unstable factors were solved and the idiot crown prince became a wise king that would leave his name in history. A world where Ian’s people would live comfortable lives, and Ian would share their happiness together.


‘Me.’ Ian Page. Ian thought of himself, and it was a sight that filled his heart.




Ian’s fists inside his sleeves shook. What was the reason he lived for, what was the reason he fought for, and what was the reason he had to win?

All questions were now answered. Ian’s condition now hit its peak with the motivation he had received before.


“I also want to see.”


Ian carefully opened his mouth to answer the princess’s question.


“That world.”


Ian’s tone became more ‘powerful,’ and another name for it was ‘sincerity.’




Some hours passed after Ian’s amusing conversation with Princess Haileyy ended. The world turned dark again.

In the hours when everyone in the manor would be asleep, Ian began to scribble letters on yellow parchment. It was a classic way of drawing up a document by using feather pens and ink without any magic.


[Fran, I request by letter because I am worried about the dragon watching over me for surveillance purposes. I have urgent issues about our future plans, so please let me know a way I can reach you without the Black Dragon knowing.]


The content of the document was for Fran only. He had appeared in front of Ian just by a call. There was a possibility he would be able to read this document.


[If you cannot find a way to avoid the dragon, at least appear. It’s urgent.]


Ian’s letter continued, and he kept writing again and again. His feather pen stopped only after several pages.


‘It’s this.’


The ends of Ian’s lips lifted in a smile.


‘His surveillance had its limits.’


Ian finally found a way to escape from Fran’s eyes.



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