150 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage

Chapter 150 Need for Chance (3)


‘He is monitoring me using my voice, magic, and biometric responses.’


Ian was certain of this not because Fran could not read the letters written on paper. He was currently taking doses of the ‘stone heart potion’ that uses the mystic herb ‘stone heart mushrooms,’ which grew only on the underground graves of the Greenriver Palace, which he had previously used to avoid the interrogation magic spells from the Ivory Tower.


‘My biometric responses are within a certain range, and he cannot observe any emotional ups and downs in me.’


Ian had not uttered a word, let alone use magic. As a result, Fran could not respond to Ian’s call through letters, which showed that he had limits.


‘This might be a trap.’


Ian could not ignore the possibility that Fran was intentionally playing dumb. However, limiting his actions based on that would block Ian from doing anything.


‘Now’s the time to act daringly.’


Ian had calculated the base estimates and theories through a few experiments, and now was the time to move forward based on what Ian had learned.


‘I have to avoid using at least magic, my voice, aura, and showing emotions.’


The conditions were particular but not impossible. Ian stood up. He had first to meet his ally, who would negotiate with the dragons in his place, the Fairy Queen, for his future plans.


‘While we did build trust between us, they obey the dragons first, so we cannot trust them completely.’


Therefore, Ian needed to talk to them about having met the dragon and know for sure their thoughts on the problem between the dragon and Ian and their preferred responses to confirm his plans.


‘This is a chance I have to take since we now have a way to communicate.’


Writing on paper and the stone heart potion would be enough. Ian went out of the library. The Fairy Queen did not come out of the room Evantus was resting after he was rescued.

She was evidently taking care of him. While she could be prickly on the surface, she held deep affections inside. She seemed to especially fear her old comrades permanently ceasing to exist after she lost the soldier Spartoi.

Ian knocked on the door to Evantus’s recovery room and went in after waiting for a few seconds. The first thing he saw was Evantus, who was sleeping like he had drunk Ledio and Douglas’s special sleeping drought.

Ian did not see Evantus’s children, Hernelia and Maliotus. Only the Fairy Queen sat on the table idly.



“I wanted to see if he was all right.”

[This late in the night?]

“I was unable to sleep.”

[I heard that the age for mating for human beings was around nineteen, and are you one of them?]



The Fairy Queen’s jokes came like a punch, and Ian could not hide his surprise at being told he was ready for mating.


[Why, did I hit a nerve?]

“Where did you learn jokes like that? Who would…”


However, Ian was not that much surprised and actually thought this was an opportunity. While his mouth spoke of jokes, his hands were doing something else. He asked the Fairy Queen to be quiet with his hand and gave her the stone heart potion.


“… say something like that to you? You seem to have remained in human society too long.”


Ian’s hands asked her to drink it, and the Fairy Queen understood his intentions. While she did not know the reason, she felt it would be right to play along.


[Just say the word, and I’ll return to my abode. Do you think I like being here?]


The Fairy Queen held the medicine bottle with an aloof response and drank the potion quietly.


“We still have problems. I will help you return when everything goes back to normal. While I cannot tell you when the day will be, it’s not far.”


Ian continued to speak while he placed yellow parchment and a quill pen on the table to communicate by writing.


[Words are easy to say.]


The Fairy Queen approached the parchment with a scoff, signaling that she was prepared to have communication by pen.


“So, how is Evantus? I saw Ledio and Douglas working hard.”

<I found the dragons and met them. They will be watching me from somewhere, and it was a black dragon named Atar Haka.>


They spoke innocently by mouth and conversed with the necessary issues by pen.


[…Don’t worry, he’s getting better every day.]

<What are you talking about?>


The Fairy Queen hurriedly turned into her human form and grabbed the quill pen. She seemed to stifle words that were about to pour out of her mouth.


“That’s a relief. I heard that you had taken excellent care of him, and Evantus would be grateful for your efforts.”

<I cannot speak in detail because another being is watching over me. Do you know about the First Mage?>


The Fairy Queen’s eyes widened when she heard the words First Mage. She knew about him but had not expected to hear of him at this moment.


[Grateful? It would be a relief if he did not pick a fight with me. I just want to break apart from you guys who gave me nothing but trouble.]

<I know of him. I had heard stories from my elders but had not met him face to face.>


It was true that Fran Page and the kin had gaps in their time and place. Fran Page would have been less crazy and had gone into hiding to begin his research on gaining a dragon’s body when they were young.


“I think you don’t need to return. I connected your nest and here by a portal, so you can remain here until whenever you want.”

<He is behind everything. I’ll help you meet the dragon family, and you can hear the specifics from them. However, I want to listen to what the Queen has to say. I have no intention to cause any inconvenience for you whatever your answer is since you have helped us so much.>


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