151 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage

Chapter 151 The Prelude to Counterattack (2)


Of course, each key would fit different keyholes.


‘Alchemy would affect Fran and the artisans’ immortality.’


When taking into consideration the inner world and the elixir Fran Page had created to go back thousands of years or the treasure trove of memories, Fran and the artisans heavily depended on the alchemy to maintain their immortal state.


‘The immortal troops of the Eastern Plains are similar to the ordinary undead. Black magic has to be a factor since only their capability to stay alive was reinforced.’


Ian was sure that the power of language was insufficient to create a herd of undead like the immortal troops out east. While it looked like omnipotent power that could do anything, there were definite limits, at least to the extent Ian knew.


‘Of course, using black magic alone can only revive someone like a zombie, and if the corpse is harmed, it is impossible.’


Black magic passed from generation to generation of sparse black magicians are represented by ‘illusions’ that create hallucinations and ‘necromancy’ that calls on the dead as the undead or bring out spirits. While Ian had researched black magic in his previous life, he had given it up immediately due to a lack of interest.




Black magic allowed incomplete and unstable revival, and if it could wield absolute immortality, the world would have changed into a playground for black magicians and their servants.


‘Things change if he used the power of language for black magic since a much more powerful spell could have been made, like when I created a ninth class spell with magic and the power of language.’


Fran Page had learned magic almost instantly, and it would not have been difficult for the genius and, therefore, a probable supposition.


‘Of course, aside from Fran Page there are other geniuses.’


While Fran Page was definitely a formidable genius, Ian was not to be underestimated. Ian had learned the power of language as Fran had and mastered magic in ten days. In the end, Ian had won against Fran thousands of years ago.


‘If he had achieved immortality through the power of language and black magic, I need to do the same and take it apart.’


Ian needed to create the power that made the natives and monsters of the Eastern Plains into undead servants without willpower and help humanity to resist it by themselves by finding the power’s weakness and countermeasures.


‘I can do this.’


Ian was not a sage. He was not a leader nor could become a protector of humanity. However, he had always been proud of one thing.


‘I can do magic.’


Ian would not let anyone or any being defeat him in magic and could state this as a fact. Ian was a magician that represented his era, and how can he be used as a puppet by an old crony who should have died thousands of years ago?


‘I need to move since there’s so little time.’


Ian thought of a few plans and a checklist and moved immediately. He first went to Ledio and Douglas’s alchemy lab.




Douglas was nowhere to be seen, and Ledio was conducting a seemingly experiment in safety gear.


“Where is Douglas?”

<We have an uninvited visitor. Please do not stop talking, and we’ll speak of important things through writing.>


Ian proceeded to converse in the same way he had done with the fairy queen, using the stone heart potion, speech that confused the surveillance, and writing.


“I sent him on an errand to pick some herbs I needed. What do you need him for?”

<Who is this uninvited visitor?>


Ledio was quick on his wits and responded as Ian asked, and continued to talk and write repeatedly.


<I’ll explain in detail later. I need some questions answered first. Is there any means to hide my presence, voice, biometric response, and my magic flow in the way we’re using the stone heart potion to control physical reactions right now?>


Ian could achieve many things in a short span if he could hide all four issues, and he tried to find a breakthrough from his surroundings. His first bet was the alchemist Ledio and Douglas.


<I request a summarized explanation of why you need to hide those four issues. I think I can make a guess.>


Ledio asked in writing while speaking of Douglas and Ledio’s new elixir product.


<I’m being watched by an enemy at my level or higher and need to find a way to be freed as quickly as possible. Is there a way?>


Ledio lifted his pen at Ian’s response and opened a thick book from the table. It was a family treasure handed down in Ledio’s family, the book of alchemy that contained massive troves of information including the Landeor flower and the five breaths of the red dragon.


<A way to hide all four issues. The stone heart potion can be used to control biometric responses, and you just don’t have to speak to disguise your voice. However, to hide having used magic and erase your presence while moving…>


Ledio quickly went through the book but could not find the means Ian wanted since the book was mainly concerned about herbs and elixirs.


<While I cannot give you an answer, I’ll try to find a way with Douglas if you give us more time.>


Ledio looked apologetic in being unable to give Ian the answer he desired. He had wanted to pay back the times Ian had helped him and was bitter about having reached his limit.


<No, I’ll find another way. I want to make another request for you and Douglas. Would it be all right?>

<Of course, say the word.>

<The first is a request for an elixir that will let me enter the ‘inner world’ inside one’s mind.>

<The inner world?>


Ian placed the book on mana breathing he had brought on the table. Since mana breathing’s ultimate goal was to enter the inner world, he had prepared the book in hopes it might help speed up the relevant research.


<While this is an abstract expression, us magicians are certain that a place like the inner world exists. Since I had recently taken the elixir, it will exist in some form. However, I just could not establish the name, its ingredients, or whether it was a simple hallucination draught that took people into dreams. I do not have much to help you.>

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