151 Part 2

<So, you’re asking me to look into this elixir you took recently that took you to the inner world.>

<I know this is something unrealistic, but I’m asking you to help. I’m betting on your experience and Douglas’s genius.>


Ledio nodded at Ian’s writing. He had never expected to hear the words ‘inner world,’ but Ian Page was not a person who would spout nonsense.


<I’ll immediately get started after Douglas comes back.>

<Thank you, and…>


Ian had more requests, and this time it was more specific and realistic.


<A war will start soon.>

<What do you mean by war?>

<It’s not between people, but resistance to escape from the clutches of a madman who is thousands of years old.>


Ian stopped writing and took the insignia that symbolized his authorization as the lord of the tower from his sleeves.


<Please start mass production of alchemical warfare supplies. You’ll be authorized to move all alchemists and alchemy facilities within the country, including the imperial institutions. I’ll take care of getting the imperial family’s approval and the necessary funds.>


The moment Ian knew the way to defeat the immortal troops of the Eastern Plains, he was going to leave humanity to fight against them. Since Ian had drawn the basic picture, he only needed to find a way to solve the problem.


<While I have a lot to ask, there seems to be no time. I’ll follow your orders, and things are going to be hectic.>


Ledio was human and could not help but be suspicious of Ian’s sudden tale and requests. However, Ian Page, his and Douglas’s greatest savior and supporter, was the one asking for his help. While blind faith can go sour, Ian Page might warrant such a devout belief.


“Where is Douglas? He is late. He seemed to be testing another strange potion that would supplement muscles during training or something like that. It’s a nuisance when Douglas picks the strangest things to make. An alchemist should dream of creating a cure-all or a way to convert stones to gold. I worry over that kid.”


Their conversations held both on paper and in speech were now nearing an end.


“Aren’t you thinking of marrying?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Please tell me in advance if you have plans so that I can make the preparations.”

“Why would you need to prepare when I’m the one marrying?”

“The elder should…”


“It’s nothing.”


Ian went next to the artisans’ lair and met the tailor Bertholdo to ask how to erase traces of magic and his presence. Ian explained why they had to have a written conversation, and only excluded Fran’s name just in case.


<I don’t know how to erase traces of magic, but your presence won’t be a problem.>


While Ledio had been unable to give him an answer, Ian received a much more positive response here.


<Wait a moment.>


Tailor Bertholdo went into the dressing room, which was basically a treasure box filled with his masterpieces. Supplying the robes, capes, and gloves in that room to the magicians of the ivory tower would increase the empire’s national defense powers by a wide margin.

Bertholdo took a cape out of the various artifacts with a swishing sound and shook it like a piece of laundry at a creek. While it was a priceless treasure, Bertholdo treated it like a dusty rag.


<Take this.>


While blue had ben Bertholdo’s favorite color, this cape was black like it had been dyed in squid ink. It did not even brighten under a light, which made it look like a sliver of the night sky.


<A man I think who called himself the King of the Night Sky, who was a known thief, had requested this item. While it’s my rule not to help evildoers, he had used the valuables he stole to help those in need. I liked him enough to give this as a present, but right before I could give this to him, the man was caught and executed.>


The artifact had a story, and Ian draped it on his back. It was long enough to cover him from head to ankle, but Ian could not feel its weight.


‘This is amazing…!’


Ian was astonished after taking a few steps since he could not hear any sound coming from him. It was the same when he ran or drummed his feet. The artifact was perfect.


<Thank you, and I’ll grant you escape from immortality which you desire. I found some hints.>

<Is that true?>

<While the clues are minute, I’ll do my best. Please wait for a little longer.>


Ian had gotten results, and he came out after thanking Bertholdo. He could keep silent, use Bertholdo’s cape for erasing his presence, and drink the potion to control his biometric movements. The last issue was eradicating the traces of magic after use.


‘I should find the other artisans.’


That was the only way, and who would be able to erase the magic traces or at least come near the mark?


It was that moment the sound of gloomy trumpets rang Ian’s ears, and darkness gathered around him. It was a ‘boundary’ of darkness as black as the cape Ian had received from Bertholdo.


‘Fran?’ Ian had thought of him for a moment but shook his head because he could sense that it was not his father.


‘This is…’


The owner of the darkness was revealed when Ian’s wariness reached his maximum point. The dragon was enormous and had black skin and scales. While Ian had seen this dragon for the first time, he could easily guess its identity.


‘Atar Haka, the black dragon.’


The black dragon ‘Atar Haka’ had been sent by Reseesee Radenju as Ian’s observer. The dragon named ‘Black Flames’ revealed its presence.


[You do not have to worry. Fran Page will not be able to sense us here, and you, Ian Page, can speak freely.]

Atar Haka’s voice was different from Reseesee Redenju, and it was much deeper and darker like a voice that rose from a deep cave.


“Well, you haven’t been able to see through the magic I had left in your area for you to be that confident.”

[f you’re talking about that dust with eyes, I had known from the beginning. I just had not made a report to our leader.]


The dust watch had been a surveillance item Ian left behind. The black dragon had known about it, and why had he kept silent? Ian asked with rising suspicion.


“Do you mean to say you deceived your leader?”

[You can say it happened that way.]

“What’s the reason?”


The situation could be considered a betrayal, and a simple answer followed Ian’s curt question.

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