152 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage

Chapter 152 The Prelude to Counterattack (3)


[There would have been no reason to send me as an observer if you were not hiding something. Reseesee Radenju, being inflexible, would have classified you as a threat to be removed. However, I wanted to get out of the suffocating place even for a little while and bask in the fresh air and bright sunlight. It is nice out here.]


Ian had not expected what the dragon was saying in a deep voice. One would expect at least a rebellion from the dragon’s black body, fierce aura, and a resounding voice. However, the reason Ian heard was outside air and sunlight, which was something petty criminals would want.


“I think that reason is not enough for you to approach me. Can’t you do that in hiding?”

[You talk a lot just to say to get to the subject,]

“I suffer from those who spout nonsense like a habit.”


Atar Haka slightly smiled as the two did not back an inch.


[All right, I’ll speak the conclusion first. To put things simply, I find you favorable. You seem to be useful in various ways.]


The dragon spoke directly to Ian’s head, and Atar Haka’s voice was so loud that he felt a headache coming.


[Of course, our leader Reseesee Radenju feared the fact you are Fran Page’s blood. So, I had been given the command to remove you in any way possible if you become a threat. However, I like you, which might be a right I could use as the second-in-command.]


The black dragon Atar Haka seemed to the second-in-command of the dragons, right under their leader Reseesee Radenju.


[I would like us to be allies in removing Fran Page rather than becoming enemies. You seem to have discovered something, like the origin of the immortality.]


While it was evident, Atar Haka did not seem to know the origin of Fran’s immortality, since it had not been able to overhear Ian and Fran’s conversation.


“I do, and I’m trying to find a weakness.”

Ian did not say no since the origin was not important. He had only guessed that Fran Page would die if Ian kept on killing him, which was an unrealistic method considering Ian’s opponent.

How many times could Ian kill someone that strong? Fran must have shared his secret because he was sure that Ian would not defeat him.


[Therefore, Ian Page, I have decided to help you.]


Atar Haka stopped speaking for a moment and spurted out black shadows to Ian, who did not find it aggressive or strange.


“What is this?”


The black shadow crawled to Ian’s feet and started to infiltrate to Ian’s, and it was a startling sight.


[Now, try using magic.]



Ian tried using a light spell while asking back. He started with the most basic attack magic, the Magic Missile. However, the scale and power were incomparable to others since it was Ian’s spell.

A massive missile flew to Atar Haka and exploded. Of course, such an attack would not even make a scratch on the second-in-command of the dragons, and Atar Haka waved his claws as the dust spread out in clouds.


[Are you satisfied?]



Ian focused on the subtle flows in his flesh, and he usually would feel the aftereffects of having used magic, whether the scale was large or small. It had felt similar to deeply breathing out, but Ian did not feel a thing now.


“What did you do?”
[Something easy for me to do. Why would I have been chosen as your observer? It is not the power of language, and as you humans use spells, we have our unique powers. What you’re feeling is the unique powers of the black dragons.]


With Atar Haka’s help, everything Ian had wanted was now in place. He would not make his presence known while moving, have stable biometric responses even when he became emotional, and would not leave traces of having used magic after casting spells. Ian could now escape from Fran’s surveillance.


[I know what you believe to be the idealistic conclusion. You would want Fran Page and us to be out of the picture, and just want to douse out the most urgent fire at the moment because you neither have the power or the time.]


The dragon understood exactly what Ian was thinking. Of course, it was not that difficult because anyone who understood the situation and Ian Page’s position would be able to deduce it.


[However, I want to say one thing. You will listen to this since I gave you a nice present, right?]

“I’ll hear it out.”

[Think objectively for once. Fran Page would have threatened you, but have we done so? Have you ever felt threatened by us, without having been deceived by Fran Page?]


Ian hesitated for a moment because he had asked himself whether the dragons have really interfered in his life. Fran Page had deceived him, but what about the dragons?


‘If I suppose the information that I gained were all true…’


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