153 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage

Chapter 153 The Prelude to Counterattack (4)


[Right, this necromancy. Black magic seemed to have allured you. It’s not too late to bring me back. Nothing can stop us when we’re are…!]

“Your answer first.”


Ian cut through Herbert’s words, not because the spirit offended him, but Atar Haka’s present had changed his voice along with his magic.


[Yes, you’re in a hurry. Everyone is at the beginning, and the black magic is incomparably addictive than other forms.]


Herbert spoke like he was confident that Ian was addicted to black magic, and the spirit looked like he was in a good mood because he believed that he could do whatever he wanted to do with Ian.


[You’re right. I could do nothing in the prison named the Ivory Tower since the best I could do was find and read a few old books. So, I found another way.]

“What did you find?”

[A black magician, since there had to be survivors left even if most of them were wiped out. I used every informant I had, and I discovered that necromancers who specialized in undead and souls were active in the dark.]


Ian had heard about necromancers, although he had never seen one before since they would always be mentioned in books and rumors regarding black magic.


“Where can I meet one?”

[I don’t know.]

“Is that so?”


Ian took a leather pouch from his pocket filled with Fairy Queen Dust, which could exterminate demonic presences. Herbert stepped back like he realized the deadliness of the powder.


[Wait! I’m not telling you lies! They had been suppressed and excluded for a long time! Do you think they would tell the Lord of the Ivory Tower their location? They had given me a way to contact them instead!]


Herbert screamed as loud as he could that he did not know where the necromancers were but knew how to reach one.


Ian put the pouch back as Herbert lashed out, and his aggressive response made Ian fulfilled. Herbert hesitated for a while even after Ian had put the dust away, and finally approached him. His hands and expression lowered the guards a little.


“Tell me since I put the dust back.”

[It’s not difficult! Gather spirits as you had just now, enough to stimulate the necromancers’ spiritual sensors! Their sensors are like mana breathing for magicians, and they will approach you first if you manage to interest them!]


Call as many spirits possible by using necromancy until Ian managed to reach the necromancers.


“Is that certain?”
[It’s true! Do it yourself to find out!]

“It sounds like it will take a long time.”

[No! They will not come out when hiding is not enough for them to survive. They will reach you with a spirit they use as servants.]



Ian thought with his arms folded, since using necromancy for once had been overstepping, and what Herbert was saying was too much.


“They really are fallen.”


Ian clucked his tongue, but he had no other way but to try.


“Before that.”


Ian took out the leader pouch again and opened it to spread the Fairy Queen Dust in the air. Herbert flinched at Ian’s sudden movement since it meant that he would be completely removed from this world.




Ian used the power of language to stop all dust particles in mid-air as they started to fall. The dust would remain so until Ian added another command.


[You, what are you doing!]

“You’re going to be eradicated if something happens to me. So, if you had said something false…”

[No! I have not spoken any lies! How many times do I have to say it for you to believe!]

“You’re not a human being.”


Ian did not need to do this since spirits were made of memories and emotions. He could easily look at the spirit’s memories. Ian just wanted to push Herbert to the brink to satisfy himself. He nodded and started using necromancy.


“How many do I have to call?”

[As many as you can!]

“So, how many?”

[Get rid of the dust!]

“I need an answer to decide whether to clean or spread the dust out!”

[The mountain! Get all the spirits out of this mountain! The necromancers will have to come out!]


Herbert screamed out of pain and nerves, and Ian followed Herbert’s advice. He used the power and range of the necromancy as much as he could.




Countless spirits swarmed from everywhere, and the sheer number was unlike when Ian had woken Herbert.



[Help, help me!]

[I will kill you!]

[My son, my only son!]

[Alphoso did all this. I’m innocent!]


The screams of the spirits stormed from everywhere, and men, women, children, mothers, aristocrats, and lower classes all wailed. The mountain where executed corpses were buried showed numerous types of screams.


“How many do I have to call?”

[You have to wait…]


Herbert seemed unable to talk due to the pink powder over his head.


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