153 Part 2

[A skillful necromancy…]


A purplish spirit approached Ian from above, and it remained calm, unlike other spirits.


[You, who are you?]

“Are you a necromancer?”

[You know us.]


The purple spirit who had been sent from an unnamed necromancer met Ian’s eyes. While he did not even have eyeholes, Ian could feel their gaze meet. The necromancer would be observing Ian through the spirit.


“I am Ian Page. I was introduced a way to contact with you necromancers from Herbert Leon, the former Lord of the Ivory Tower of the Greenriver Empire…”


Ian spoke slower than usual because he wanted to use the ability which he had not shown to Herbert now.


[Ian Page, Ian Page. Isn’t it the name of the current Lord of the Ivory Tower of the Greenriver Empire?]


The purple spirit approached Ian as if it wanted to see him up more closely. Ian took a step towards the spirit until the two were close together.


[The magician who uses power as a dragon, and who uses the white dragon as his servant…]


Ian’s hand reached inside the purple spirit as it continued to mutter.




Ian’s palm let out gold waves inside the spirit, and the purple haze became gold in color.


“Memory eater.”


Memory eater was a ‘ninth class spell’ made by Ian and could read the memories of another being. In the past, Ian could not use the spell even if he knew how to use it. Things were different now. Using the power of language had made him extraordinary on many accounts, to the extent that he had evolved.


[W, what?!]

“You’re in hiding.”


Ian had read the memories of the spirit the necromancer had sent and now knew where their hiding place was in an instant.


“Wait, don’t go anywhere.”


The necromancer instinctively knew that something was wrong and made the spirit disappear. Ian was still composed because it was a place he could go in a flash.


‘It’s the same wherever the necromancer maybe.’


Ian smirked and looked at Herbert’s spirit. He should clean things up before leaving.


“Thank you. You have helped me a lot.”
[Then, you will give me a body.]

“Yes, since I made a promise.”


“Be reborn again.”


“You will have a body no matter what you’re born into again.”


Ian was telling the truth. A body is a body, whether it may be a human’s, a bat’s, or a spider’s. Ian felt generous as he let out the power of language onto the Fairy Queen Dust in the air.


[You bast-!


The former Lord of the Ivory Tower, Herbert met his second death completely now.




With a loud bang, the protective barriers made by black magic were being broken down on the way to the necromancer’s hiding place. The next explosion was more disturbing and wet since some of the necromancers’ bodies had burst.


“How can he…!”

“Is that a person…?”



Ian crushed the hiding place and killed some of the necromancers. Ian had not wanted to carry things this far, but the necromancers’ response had been problematic. He would not have killed anyone if they had resisted only to an extent. However, the necromancers took hostage the innocent people they had used as sacrifices and experiments for black magic to slow Ian down. Therefore, Ian’s forgiving side was washed out completely.


(That magician, the one next, and the one over there.)


The necromancers Ian pointed at met a horrific end. They burst in blood without even being able to scream in the position they were set to run.


“Go inside, and you can get help by saying that Ian Page had sent you.”


Ian opened a portal to the Page Foundation office, and his benevolence was only for the hostages who had been treated inhumanely.


“There’s no time, so hurry.”


Ian sent everyone over the portal and went down to the deepest parts of the necromancers’ hiding place. While many undead servants and necromancers attacked and mana traps tried to harm Ian, nothing could stop him.


‘What’s all this flashy stuff when they live in a cave?’


There was a decorative steel gate that held beyond a massive amount of luxuries in the lowest part of the hiding place. They must be the profits earned by selling degrading information to crazy magicians such as Herbert.


‘They filled the wrong people’s pockets.’


Ian shook his head and went to the steel gate, which seemed to be made of magic and would not let anyone in easily. However, Ian was not your ordinary magician, and he opened the gate to see the final room.

He saw pricy treasures, women drunk on medicine, black magic books holding necromancer’s deepest secrets, and a few necromancers who had made it alive.


“You’re here.”


Ian’s smile looked satisfied. The situation showed him treasure he could take away with him, necromancers he could take care of, people he could help with discovery. Also, there were high-class black magic books everywhere that could lead Ian’s black magic skills to a higher and stronger plane.

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