155 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage

Chapter 155 The Prelude to Counterattack (6)


Now, the two highest officials of the Empire, the Lord of Ivory Tower Ian Page and the Emperor Terry Greenriver, were face to face. A long silence ensued between them before the conversation began. Ian was the one who spoke first.


“There’s a problem in the Eastern Plains.”

“What problem are you talking about?”

“All lives in the plains from natives to monsters have become the undead.”

“What? Are you telling the truth?”

“Without a doubt.”


The Emperor’s expression became complicated at this unbelievable report. He could not make himself believe that all lives in the massive plains had suffered the same fate. However, the Emperor supposed Ian’s account to be accurate and continued to question him.


“Lord, I trust your words more than anyone else’s, but I need to confirm your report.”


The Emperor believed Ian’s words, but the problem was what happened next. He needed confirmation to set countermeasures to act, whether it be personnel or other things.


“Of course.”


Ian agreed and created a massive magic orb in the office. The empty plains devoid of life were reflected in the semi-transparent sphere.


“Is this the state of the Eastern Plains?”

“Yes, while you cannot confirm by sight, they are in hiding underground. If you see the next scene…”


The scene reflected on the orb changed to where the ‘Immortal Troops’ came out of the grounds. The sights were information seen through Ian’s memories.


“Like this.”

“How could this be?”


The Emperor was astonished but quickly calmed himself down. It was one of his strengths and a method of ruling.


“Lord, I would not have believed such a thing if someone else had made the report. I would have considered that scene on the orb to be a manipulation. While I should be sending people to investigate according to the protocol, it seems that there might be a better way.”


Ian Page was the one who made the first report, and the Emperor’s fast and accurate decision-making skills shone based on the meaning the name of Ian Page held.


“You making this report means that this is not a problem you can handle by yourself.”

“You are correct. I have enough resources to only go against the evildoer’s plan, who had made the Eastern Plains a land of death. I want to assign the prairie to everyone else except me.”

“Can I know who or what that evildoer is?”

“Do you know about the first magician?”

“Yes. Haven’t there been rumors that you were his reincarnation when you first became famous?”

“That is true.”


Ian remembered the past, but the first magician had been his bloodline or himself who had gone back to the past. Of course, Ian could not say such things to the Emperor.


“The first magician is the evildoer in this case.”



While it was nonsense, the Emperor could not ignore this statement as Ian was the one saying it.


“That answer probably holds a much deeper background from what I can fathom now.”

“I will not refute that.”

“Is that so.”


The Emperor closed his eyes to think, and it did not take long.


“While I want to ask you many questions and there are things I should here, your face says that now’s not the time.”

“I apologize. However, as you have spoken, the issue is extremely urgent.”

“So, what do you want me to do? Say what you will.”

“I found an enemy of this city, of this state. They are in troops. I request your highness to make the decision when having discovered such an enemy.”

“The decision that I would make…”


The Emperor lightly stroked his beard. It was not a difficult decision to make, as the enemy existed with specific intentions. He even knew their location, and one could not wait in this situation.


“Subjugation is better than a war. What is your opinion?”

“I believe the same.”


The subjugation of the Eastern Plains had been canceled due to suspicious movements from the Coldwood Empire. A troop of a massive scale from the three nations were about to be called into action about now.


“How much time do we have?”

“We have six days.”

“The time is short. I want to request something from you. Summon all high-class officials within the city, military officials from general and above, high-class magicians, knights from leaders and above, and lords and deputies from each region to this office now.”


The Emperor had ordered a summons of the highest class who had the Empire in their hands.


“Would it be possible?”


It was not difficult for Ian, the Lord of Ivory Tower, to use the portal and teleport spells.


“Your wish is my command, your highness.”




“Your cooperation would be appreciated.”


The organization and preparation of the subjugation troops progressed as quickly as time passed. First, Ian requested cooperation from the Coldwood Empire and the Roe Kingdom. Coldwood was not difficult, as the Empire was ruled by someone who was scared out of his wits whenever he saw Ian.


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