155 Part 2



“If you cooperate as much as you can this time, I will promise to stop coming to your bedroom and office whenever I want.”

“Are you serious?”

“Do you have anything to lose?”

“That’s true, but…”

“I won’t press.”

“It’s great to work for the survival of mankind! We will do our best to contribute to the cause!”


Also, it was nearly impossible for the Roe Kingdom to refuse, as whatever placations and suggestions Ian would make, they would consider them threats. Ian handed a communication device each to the Coldwood Empire and the Roe Kingdom.


“Discuss in specifics by using this device.”


It was an artifact that allowed communications between nations. Artisan Siram had made it, and while he had refused at first saying that the timing was early by at least a thousand years, Ian managed to rent it by promising the artifact would be used for this incident and then returned.


“That’s that.”


Ian next headed to Siram’s underground workshop, the immense space where the ‘Dragon’s Heart’ was stored. Ian could not hide his admiration as he entered. He had witnessed something massive and heavy under the aircraft lifted in the air by a huge dock.


“Has it been already completed?”


Siram tapped his chest at Ian’s question. While his face, arms, and clothes were covered in all kinds of oil and stains, his expression was bright.


“Of course. While we cannot check its performance due to its scale, it is not faulty nor the error range of its off by any chance.”

“Of course, you have made it.”


Ian could not help but stare at the oval-shaped object under the aircraft, designed to be dropped in mid-air during flight.


“Then, I humbly ask you to continue with the things I have asked.”


Ian politely said good-byes and came back to the manor. Ledio and Douglas’s lab was his last stop for today, and their research would decide Ian’s plans. It was at that moment when he heard a familiar female voice.




Ian welcomed the voice since it belonged to the Fairy Queen, who had come back from meeting with the dragons as Ian had told her.


“Queen, you have come.”

(Hm, I feel a familiar aura from you. Has Atar Haka given you his grace?)

“He has given me some help.”

(He has always preferred to stay in the shadows. He must have taken quite a liking to you.)

“You can say that.”


It was not a lie, since Atar Haka had said words to that effect.


(That means you will welcome an alliance with them?)

“It differs from the answer you have come with here.”


Ian concentrated on the answer from Reseesee Radenju that the Fairy Queen had brought with her.


(She has officially announced her alliance with you to all members. She will not harm or observe you and those around you after this situation has been remedied.)

“Is that all?”

(What more do you need?)

“How can I be sure with only a few words?”

(My life.)


The Fairy Queen answered in a determined voice at Ian’s resistance.


(If she breaks her promise, I will gladly forfeit my life.)

“It is not enough.”

(You’re saying that my life is not enough?)



However, Ian’s voice was firmer. Saying that one would forfeit her life showed will, but it was not important to Ian. What would it matter if he killed the Fairy Queen after a problem occurred?


“I want a sure device. Your life cannot secure the situation, and you know it.”



The Fairy Queen fell silent since she knew that betting her life meant nothing and would not convince Ian.


(However, there isn’t a way. I beg you to trust them by thinking of what I have done for your family.)


A plaintive came after determination, and it was a rare sight from someone who was always arrogant.


“I am grateful for everything you have done now and in the future.”

(That is why I am asking you to trust my words. If you consider them your enemy, you and your family will become my enemies. Isn’t that true?)


The Fairy Queen kept speaking as Ian remained silent.


(I…I don’t know. I have spent only a few years with you, your family, and those who will not live a century, but I cannot abide that we might become enemies like this. So, please trust me, Ian Page.)


It was the first time the Fairy Queen had called Ian by his name. She had always referred to him as ‘human’ or ‘you.’




Ian could not find words to say at Fairy Queen’s desperate plea. A severe quake occurred in his firmly set values. Ian had promised himself that he would trust no one when he had turned back thirty years after being poisoned by Ragnar and had repeated pledge countless times in his mind.




Was distrust the right attitude for this moment? Would refusing the Fairy Queen’s plea bring forth a better result? Ian could not be confident.




Ian slowly opened his mouth after a long silence.

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