159 Part 2


“We have no way of washing away this disgrace! However! Now we have a chance to redeem ourselves at least a little! The method is simple! Pull your reins! Charge! Wipe out all of them!”


The lord of the lands, ‘Kalian Pieric,’ who was more of a head for a charging troop than a leader, was at the first line of the Vanguard Cavalry with loud shouts. As Kalian’s horseback riding skills were the best of the best, he showed that he was at another level amidst the charging cavalry.

The rushing horseshoe noises rang out to the vast lands, and the dust from the charging troops speedily narrowed down from three sides. They then began to mercilessly trample down the zombies of the Eastern Plains according to the planned routes.

Was it because they were laid bare after losing the power of immortality? The zombies of the Plains died out without being able to do anything against the storming troops with the sounds of bones breaking. Their skulls burst, bodies mangled, and as they were pulverized, returned to dust.

Of course, since the number of zombie troops was immense, the cavalry could not annihilate them on their own. Their actual main goals had been ‘confusing the camp’ of the zombie troops, ‘forestalling’ before the main battle, and ‘raise the spirits’ of their ally troops.

Right after the cavalry had stormed the plains, the expected shouts were heard from the portals in the three directions. They were the main troops, infantry units, troops that had not been included in the cavalry, and magicians of the tripartite expedition.


“The brave warriors of Greenriver! Face the monsters in front of us, those who could not die! If we do not win here! Survive here! Those monsters will gather to towns and villages and devour your parents, wives, and children!”


The Crown Prince Hayden Greenriver was surprisingly at the foremost line of the Greenriver main troops with the Second Empire Knights behind him. Not only that, but he was also uplifting the members of the expedition using an enhancement tool for his voice.


“Those who cannot abide such a sight! Those who desire to remove those horrible things from our lives and lands..!”


The Crown Prince raised his sword amidst the protection of the Second Empire Knights and a few magicians. He led the main troops despite everyone, including the Emperor, Ian, and Oliver having tried to dissuade him. It was not a mere competitive spirit, as Crown Prince Hayden had contemplated this issue more seriously and carefully than he ever had and decided to participate by his own firm will.


“Do not hesitate and follow me! For me, for your family and friends! For our country Greenriver! And…for humanity!”


Had the Crown Prince’s intentions been delivered? All of the Greenriver troops began to follow Hayden in earnest, and they began to repeat the slogan the Crown Prince had shouted at the top of their lungs.


“For humanity!”

“For humanity!”

“For humanity!”


The Crown Prince Hayden sheathed his sword without reluctance as he began to run with the main troops the path that the cavalry had charged. While he had learned swordsmanship from Oliver for the past few years, he had not been successful. His talents were below average. However, the Crown Prince recently gained his own special ‘weapon,’ and he found the courage to go on this expedition because of this ‘special skill.’

With a click, the Crown Prince unlocked the special belt he had worn on his thigh. He took out an object long with a handle that had been sheathed there. It was not a sword or a bow, nor a crossbow. It was evidently lighter and smaller than any other lethal weapons, and it was difficult to estimate its use.

A ‘magic missile’ fired from the object Crown Prince Hayden held in his hand with a fleeting noise, which accurately pierced the head of a zombie. While the missile’s size was smaller than an ordinary magic missile spell, its velocity and penetration capacity were peerless.




The object that was hurling reinforced magic missiles was the ‘Boom Stick,’ which had been created by using magical technology and also had been Siram’s masterpiece. The burdensome item that had not been allowed mass production began to show its true colors from the Crown Prince’s hands.




Hayden had thought nothing of the item after Ian had given it to him as a present, but the weapon had felt right in his hand as he practiced during his free time. It was not an overstatement, as he did not miss a shot. It was the first time Crown Prince Hayden, who did not have anything outside his countenance and bloodline, had been drunk by the ‘taste of talent.’




The Crown Prince did not miss a shot even in this chaos, and it was due to the Crown Prince’s ‘unpredicted talent’ that had actually been ‘overwhelming.’


“Charge forward!”


Crown Prince Hayden, the first ‘Boom Shooter’ of humanity, shouted.


“For humanity!”





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